Domain of Man

Domain of Man

by Daybreak

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Isolation is terrible. To feel isolated with your fellow man around you is worse.

What if you were dumped in some backwards cave somewhere, completely nude, maybe with your family, or even completely alone?

The age of pioneers, heroes, generals, and geniuses is long gone. Humankind has become numb to the world around it because of how paltry everything else is compared to the glory of its history, the sheer volume of their accomplishments, and the sum of its innovations. You can interact with people across the world, travel miles in mere hours, and never prepare your own food or shelter, and it's all accessible to even the normalest of individuals. Artificial intelligence is within arms reach in devices and computers and even houses, and neural interfaces aren't exclusive to the rich and powerful at this point.

Someone far in the distance took notice of Earth, saw the multitude of hairless apes swarming its surface. That one went down the checklist to see if humanity had, in fact, beaten the 'game' of Life. Sure enough, they had gone above and beyond the requirements, but nobody had been watching. 'Why might that be?', that one wondered. Protocol was protocol, though, no matter how strange the situation was. They pulled the lever, they flipped the switch.

It's time for New Game +.


Don't be afraid to leave critique or share your support! I really appreciate any feedback you can give. In any case, I sincerely hope you enjoy the story! It's going to be a wild ride.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
001: Cavemen, lizards, and an awful lot of screaming. ago
002: Nerds come in all shapes and sizes; half of them are badly injured. ago
003: Clothes can wait, I've got a monster to slay! ago
004: Ah, wait, what happened to the other one? ago
005: "Catarina and the Temple of Somewhat Intimidating Rectangles" ago
Devoid of Man: Interlude 1 ago
006: Meet-and-greets are great for wayward youths. ago
007: Catfight. ago
008: Sun Tzu is rolling in his grave. ago
009: "Saved" and "Rescue" are very circumstantial concepts. ago
010: It's a great idea, I promise! ago
Devoid of Man: Interlude 2 ago
011: Do you have to pay fare? ago
012: Please, stay the night. I insist. ago
013: "the rocket's red glare," ago
014: "bombs bursting in air," ago
015: "but, deep in the night, the flag was not there." ago
Devoid of Man: Interlude 3 ago
016: Strangers in the night. ago
017: A coin has two sides. ago
018: "Familiar Faces" ago
019: People to meet, places to go, and something actually worth fighting for. ago
020: Jinx. ago
021: "Bird's Eye View" ago
022: Terrible necessity, negotiable sanity. ago
023: "Performance Art & Inside Jokes" ago
024: Far away. ago
025: Pied Piper. ago
026: Invitation. ago
027: Story time! ago
028: Interruptions. ago
029: I almost feel bad for them. ago
030: "Man's Best Friend" ago
Webdomain of Man: Interlude 1 ago
031: Little people fight a little war. ago
032: Happy soldiers. ago
033: "Gorgon & Gen Foresting Company" ago
034: "Ride the Worm 2: Electric Boogaloo" ago
035: Grill & Chill. ago
Webdomain of Man: Interlude 2 ago
036: "And maybe we'll come back," ago
037: Time to Climb (unfortunately) ago

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Some encouragement, and some advertisment

I am writing this little review becouse I wish to give the author some encouragement, and to advertise the story a bit. I know it's been only around 10 days, since the first chapter came out, but this story still deserves far more, than 16 followers.


Style: The style of the author is one of, if not THE reason why I fell in love with this story, right after reading the first few chapters.The detail put into the narrative and descriptions, as well as the authors use of diverse vocabulary, which makes said descriptions even more entertaining, are testimony of the authors skill, and somethong rarely seen on this site. Even more amazing, at least in my opinion, is the way, in which the author seamlessly changes the POV between the different characters, showing us their opinions, and train of thought, just at the right moments.


Grammar: Definitly top notch. The author makes very few mistakes, and the chapters are all either edited, or in the procces of being edited.


Story: Not too much about the story can be said, as of yet, only 182 pages out, but it is progressing very nicely. The main characters got transported to another world, together with 72 thousand other humans. The new world is not welcoming in the slightest, and our MCs have to survive. The sory is ofcourse not htis simple, the author has his own take on the genre, and most importantly, at least in my opinion ( I realy hope I am right on this one), it seems to be turninig into a  'humanity fuck yeah' kind of story. Honestly, who doesn't love those?


Characters: As of yet, we have three MCs, two of whom have been presented in detail, with maybe the third one getting more focus in the upcoming chapters.  Said characters all have their own distinct personalities, opinions, talents and fortes. They all excell in different things, making cooperatin a must, and so they do. My personal favorite, of the three is the General, and I have to say, I can't wait to see him leading an actual army, instead of their little team.


All in all, this story is a very good and entertaining read, with daily updates, and long chapters. I am also giving the story a full five star, becaus I mean this review to be encouragement for the author, and becaus based on my experience on thos site, it deserves it. :)


This is a great survival piece with elements of horror and magic mixed in, and every action is do or die.

There are hints of a greater overarching plot, leaving readers wanting more. The writing style is a bit stiff and not the easiest to follow, but is compensated by the fact that the story is interesting.

Moist Nugget

Whose dick do I have to suck to get this into the top 10? It's honestly been so long since I've read a story with proper grammar, no Gary/Mary Sue, and a plot where humans aren't just garbage sticking to another races shoe.

One of my only complaints would have to be how fast things are moving. Technically the fast pace fits right in with how humans are supposed to work in the plot, but it still seems fast. 


Deserves much more credit

All in all, it's "Humanity, hell yeah!" Y'know, where they must survive? Well, there's tons of stories like that. And they're pretty much the same thing. 

MC discovers that there's some kind of apocalypse/world ending and acts like an idiot. Then he proceeds to get stronger, but everyone underestimates him. Once he beats the shit out of them, they become his followers and kiss his shoes, praising him every second and relying him for even the smalleest thing. Soon after, a harem comes, and it expands. 

Yeah, well this one is definitely different, and much more better. Firstly, there's multiple lead characters, so at the very least you can confirm that nobody will suck up to one person. But the thing is, all their personalities and charcter are so developed and well written. The author does a great job in making them believable. And they actually THINK. They don't make stupid decisions that end up having them injured and maybe getting the one useless background person who was only made to die to, well, die. 

Another great thing we got is how the main characters don't have this super convenient/incredible luck. Every action they do depends on their survival. I wouldn't even be surprised if one of the main characters die; that's how literal it is. 

Normally reviews are made to point out the bad things in stories, but I can't find any. I just say the excellent points in this story. It's incredibly underrated, and I'm wondering why it's not in the top ten. These people are blind. How is this not in the top ten!? It's one of the best goddamn stories in this website! 

Tsk, tsk, people these days are idiots... 

The Vale

Decent "Humanity, Fuck yeah!" story. If that's what you are looking for, enjoy.


Wish this story would get more readers, deserves to be rated much higher than it is.


Good good! Deep characters, dynamic scenes, truly head and shoulders abose most what can be found in rrl.

This is not popular simply because of the way this site works and the autors release rate.