Prehistoric Barbarian

Prehistoric Barbarian

by Mangroowe

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The future became a peaceful utopia in the Core Regions. No crime, no wars, no conflicts, even rude behavior is rare.

People became complacent and lazy.

The main character isn’t a hero or a typical protagonist. Calling him an… opportunist would be the least offensive probably. In this age, he’s sticking out like a sore thumb.

Who would notice a few shady happenings when crime is a foreign concept and there is nobody to catch you?

*Book 1 - Done.*

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The Days after Christmas
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Book 1 - Chapter 0 - Prologue ago
Book 1 - Chapter 1 - What? ago
Book 1 - Chapter 2 - Drugged ago
Book 1 - Chapter 3 - Welcome ago
Book 1 - Chapter 4 - She's in my head ago
Book 1 - Chapter 5 - Fake window ago
Book 1 - Chapter 6 - Express delivery ago
Book 1 - Chapter 7 - Warm smile ago
Book 1 - Chapter 8 - Cosmic sneeze ago
Book 1 - Chapter 9 - The most beautiful ember ago
Book 1 - Chapter 10 - Two worlds colliding ago
Book 1 - Interlude - Disobedience ago
Book 1 - Chapter 11 - Lucky? ago
Book 1 - Chapter 12 - Unlucky! ago
Book 1 - Chapter 13 - Rabunde Jalaqua ago
Book 1 - Chapter 14 - Alien animal’s carcass ago
Book 1 - Chapter 15 - Staying alive ago
Book 1 - Chapter 16 - Absolute order ago
Book 1 - Chapter 17 - Don't make Kal angry ago
Book 1 - Chapter 18 - Boredom galore ago
Book 1 - Chapter 19 - Jelly bean ago
Book 1 - Chapter 20 - Retro Ship Enthusiasts Club ago
Book 1 - Chapter 21 - Timmy's morning ago
Book 1 - Chapter 22 - The Menacing Duck ago
Book 1 - Chapter 23 - Thugs ago
Book 1 - Chapter 24 - Piece of **** ago
Book 1 - Chapter 25 - Still in one piece ago
Book 1 - Chapter 26 - Colder than your Ex ago
Book 1 - Chapter 27 - You've got mail! ago
Book 1 - Chapter 28 - How to make a little girl cry ago
Book 1 - Chapter 29 - Rabunde's despair ago
Book 1 - Chapter 30 - Nope ago
Book 1 - Chapter 31 - Looking for a blond ago
Book 1 - Chapter 32 - Advanced Dexterity ago
Book 1 - Chapter 33 - Edgy Space Enigma ago
Book 1 - Chapter 34 - Easy come, easy go ago
Book 1 - Chapter 35 - Smashing ago
Book 1 - Chapter 36 - Spectrum Reality ago
Book 1 - Chapter 37 - Emperor Semwick ago
Book 1 - Chapter 38 - Rabunde goes fishing ago
Book 1 - Chapter 39 - S.C.A.M. ago
Book 1 - Chapter 40 - Sweetie ago
Book 1 - Chapter 41 - Piece of **** 2.0 ago
Book 1 - Chapter 42 - Avatar ago
Book 1 - Chapter 43 - CANDY ago
Book 1 - THE END of Book 1 - Author's notes ago

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Man finds himself in the distant future. Like a fish out of water, he flounders around with his A.I. partner. The strongest part of this story is the interaction between our 'outdated' protagonist and the A.I. in his head. Which is friggin hard to do yet the author pulls off marvelously.

World building is good, I don't think I've had to fill in the blanks when the author describes the world, if you know what I mean. Reference almost every xianxia ever if you dont.

I felt there was really clear plot progression. But the most important part was it didn't feel forced. The only complaint I had was the POV switch to our mad scientist antagonist. I'm assuming he's a mad scientist but not much is known about him since his 'screen time' is very brief. That being said, it felt out of place and unnecessary. I'd of much rather learned about him with the efforts of our protagonist, so as to build a bit of suspense. Same with the 'hunters' or operatives that were sent after our MC. What i mean is, id rather find out about them with the MC rather than with POV. This is very minor but as it transitions from the 'arrival' arc to whatever's next, it feels like this was a missed opportunity to give the story more depth with a slightly serious undertone.

Grammar was fine, nothing to detract from the story or break immersion.

Style: We see the world mostly through the protagonists eyes, with a couple brief POV changes to our antagonists.

Overall verdict: Give this story a shot, its worth it.


A really solid story. Lots of fun both with the daily interactions as well as the premise and overarching plot.

No serious grammar errors, but I saw a few spelling mistakes or misused words. 

Style is good. Fast and fun. It's focused on the main character except for a few flavor chapters which were fun.

Side characters themselves are quirky and kept to the background so far which I honestly appreciate. Main character is developing organically with the story. No icky flash backs or expositions.

Keep up the good work.


Well what can I say.

The story is great.

The style is great.

The characters are great.

The grammar is great.

My english is less than great.

Just read the story [email protected] it. 

P.S. To Author

Increase the release rate and ill boost my rating from 5/5 to 6/5.

Don't know how i'll do it, but i'll do it somehow.


a self proclaimed caveman bludgeoning his AI partner, and it feels good XD

a really interesting start, with the best MC-AI partner relationship i have read so far.

their banter is witty, funny, brillant. There even is an emphasis on moral disparities.

quite interesting, please keep up the good work !


It's incredibly funny

The world construction is great and the characters are extremely funny

Really a decent sci-fi story. The banter between the main characters and the POV's are excellent. Reminds me of John Scalzi's stories with how the MC talks especially. Dude we need an Act 2 asap please!!

Pacing, characterization, dialogue, grammar, humor, drama, plot... all excellently done and very entertaining. This one's a rare speciman, and I'm glad I took a chance on that MSPaint cover.

Seems like it's a timetravel story, which makes the title more sensible.

I'm a bit annoyed that the in-media-res opening still hasn't come back around, despite being nearly 200 pages in.

I'm holding back a half-star because the story's not yet done, which makes it difficult to judge the thematics. But this is far, far above the usual fare I find on this site, and as long as it doesn't take a drastic tonal swerve, I'll probably keep enjoying it to the end.


The world building in this story is absolutely top notch. There is nothing generic or boring about it. The amount/type of creatures and people that inhabit the universe even give it a kind of fantasy-esque feel that I really enjoyed. 

The MC was a little weak in my opinion, but definitely not enough to ruin the story for me. The shenanigans he gets himself into are pretty funny and make the story interesting. There is a decent progression to the story, although I wished it was a little faster with a more clever MC. 

If the next story has more action, and the MC gets a lot more weapons/modifications I would definitely get more enjoyment out of it. This story felt like great world building and build-up, it was certainly fun learning about this universe. I am excited to see where the story goes.


Was scrolling through my bookmarks when i remembered this story. Decided i might as well give my late review on the story.

It was fun story to read. Really interesting and I never lost drive to read a chapter. Pretty much kept me hooked.

World building was on point too. Overall the story was awesome. 


First of all, my English is not native, so it will inevitably have several errors. One of the few novels that I followed and truly laugh a lot, thank you author, sincerely made my days very happy. The synopsis didn't interest me much, but when I came to read I truly loved it.