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Death Drive

Chapter 002 – Beginning

By Skalsar




Name: Race:First Tier – Ghost



HP / s:0MP / s:0.1



You have killed 411 people from the [Faction Of Humankind], including yourself. What a grand opening!


So.. after visiting a friend and flying back home to the states, some fucked up higher being crashes my plane and lets me join his [Faction Of Monsters]..


I'm a stupid [Ghost] now, what am I even supposed to do?!

Does this even count as not being dead?


Calculating rewards..

Experience lost by dying.

Skill granted: [Death's Wail]


Congratulation! You drew first blood! Choose your reward!


Trait: [Adaption] | Trait: [Survival]


'Ugh..', nausea came over me as the windows flashed in front of me.

I don't even know what it does. How am I supposed to choose. Sure, I have played games before, but depending on the game, some traits have negative effects.


Are traits rare? Can I even get more later on?


Damn.. Whatever, I choose [Adaption], as it sounds like it would help me adjust faster. Seeing as I'm dead (or Undead) right now, I doubt [Survival] will help me with my needs right now.



Name: Race:First Tier – Ghost



HP / s:0MP / s:0.1



[Death's Wail]:

Increases the targets desire towards death.




Helps to adapt more quickly.


'No shit, Sherlock.', I thought the moment I saw the description. A skill called [Adaption] helps me to adapt faster, wow! Explaining words with the same word doesn't help at all! How about some numbers? How about some game-like help-windows?


But seeing myself standing here and nothing changing, I thing that's it.

I will have to accept it for now, I guess.


[Death's Wail] on the other hand sounds interesting. Even if it's quite vague, too.


'For now I should... Oh..'


As I try to look around, everything is dark. For a moment, I forgot I'm a [Ghost] now.

It would be weird to be able to see without having eyes, right? But I'm getting blue screens that most likely mean I'm still on earth. Which means, there should be some way for a [Ghost] to interact with the world, otherwise I wouldn't be considered a [Monster], right?


But I don't even have [Health Points].. Do I live on [Mana] alone as a [Ghost]?


Thinking about games, [Mana] is a "all-purpose" energy. It can be used to use skills and abilities and stuff like that. In comics and novels it often is used to enhance vision, isn't it?


With that in mind, I try to get a feeling of my new self. But trying that feels.. disturbing. I kind of reach inside of myself, a weird thing that is without form with a consistence like glue, searching for something that I don't know what it's like..


'No, that's wrong. If I really work on [Mana] alone, my whole self should be considered something like [Mana], right?'


Skill [Lesser Mana Awareness] aquired. 1 point deducted.


'YES!', I shout in my mind.


'But wait. What is this with 1 point deducted? What are points? Shit, this really needs some fucking help-screens. But no point worrying right now.'


I don't have eyes, but I can feel the air. If vision is the interpretation of light reflected in the eyes, shouldn't I be able to use mana to .. "feel" my surroundings? I'm thinking about blind heroes here, like "Daredevil" or "Toph Beifong" from the anime "Avatar". Shit, I'm a nerd.


Skill [Lesser Mana Sense] aquired. 1 Point deducted.


The moment I aquire the skill, the world around me starts to shine. Not really shine, but it's like I just know what is around me. Like being in the complete dark and lighting a candle, but feeling the stuff thats there.. Damn, I'm bad in expressing myself. But this might work for now.





Name: Race:First Tier – Ghost


HP:0MP:29 / 50

HP / s:0MP / s:0 / 0.1



[Death's Wail]:

Increases the targets desire towards death.

[Lesser Mana Awareness]:

Increases the awareness towards ones mana.

[Lesser Mana-based Perception]:

Uses Mana to percieve the world.




Helps to adapt more quickly.


This experiments took nearly half my non-existence. I need to be careful about this. But for now it's progress and progress is good.


Looking around, I notice something new.


All around me are huge boars. They tower at two meters height with tusks as large as an elefants. I don't want to know what happens if they charge at someone.


I have seen boars before, but nothing has been ever so large and I would bet all my money that this is part of the [Forces Of Destruction] that asshole of a blue screen was talking about. Focussing on one of the boars I tried to see what else might be different about them.


>I can feel your presence, but what are you..?<, the giant boar next to me suddenly started talking.


I was startled for a moment. Who would have guessed that this things would talk?


>Hm.. you aren't able to answer?<


Bad luck I guess.


>You are part of the [Faction Of Monsters], huh? I can feel myself being drawn towards your presence. I can feel the will to destroy the ones who are native to this world strenghten.<


'Great for you, I guess?'


>KUOUOUO!<, it suddenly started screaming with a weird sound I never heard before. The air trembled slightly. The mass of boars imitated the screaming and started to herd together.


>We shall tample! We shall pierce! We shall run down the natives!<, they started to shout more and more as if in some kind of frenzy. This might be a chance. Following my earlier experiments, I try to focus my [Mana] into something like hands. I kind of attach myself to the boar as the herd suddenly charges into some direction, with me on its back.


Hopefully, this gets me somewhere. I'm a bit lost at what else to do right now.


I will have to try out more with [Mana] and see what I can or can't do. For now it's good enough to be able to percieve things around me, but I won't like to be stuck somewhere. If this is all to it, I might even be able to see my family again. Thinking about it, it feels weird that I'm still not even worried.


Is this how [Adaption] works? Isn't this more like an indifference? This is all weird. It could be part of me dying, too. Or maybe my monsterfication. Shit, I really need more information. If I could just talk I could...


Looking around I'm stopped in my thoughts. Loud bangs are heard. Shots. This is..?


Around me the boars start screaming. Roaring. Blood is splashing around. I can't see that far with my [Lesser Mana-based Perception], but it sounds like machine guns. But even with all these shots, the boars are charging like crazy.


We are getting near.


>NO! Save me!<

>Hold the line!<

>The left! The left!<


Shouts are errupting.


>Slaughter them!<

>Trample them!<


The boars are shouting, too.


This is messed up. Seeing the boars charge into the ranks of military people, piercing chests and bellies with their tusks. Guts and blood splash around. Two charging boars even pierce the same person and rip him apart in half. The soldier near that guy instantly puked. It's somewhat irritating seeing the soldiers do nearly nothing with all that gunfire.




The air trembles.


>Use grenades!<, someone shouts and explosions start everywhere around me.

The boars are being ripped to shreds.


The most terrifying thing about all this to me..? I didn't care in the slightest who died or lived, as long as I was ok. And luckily, being incorporeal, all this destruction had no influence to me.


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