Ascension Alphas

by DarkCX

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Drama Fantasy GameLit LitRPG Magic Multiple Lead Characters Virtual Reality

Ascension Alphas: Diomwell

Welcome to your Rebirth.

The first arc of the Ascension Alphas Series.

After seeing a commercial for a new version of the VR hardware that Rue uses he applies to be in the closed Alpha program. Upon his acceptance he doesn't just start a new game, he starts a new life.


~~Author's notes~~

Any reviews before 2/25/19 are for an old version of the series. Thank you for checking out Ascension!

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Entertaining read as of chapter 6.

Good dialogue, plot, and world building from what I see so far.

The game elements seem a bit underdeveloped / inconsistent, detracting from the high quality foundation of the story. 

This definitely needs some polishing before it can be published, but it is a good story with developed plot and dialogue.

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A fun read with interesting characters!

This is a very interesting story so far. It seems to be fairly character driven with good combat scenes. Looking forward to what is coming up. The uploads seem fairly steady so I dont have to wait to long for the next one. 

So I was checking this and saw some people complaining about the way he holds his sword, one it's a game with stats so while a normal human might have trouble holding the sword like this, in game they probably wouldn't have a problem. Two: it's a fiction let the man hold his weapon how he wants.

For fans of rpglit!

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No direction, bad characters

Right, ok the story started out allright. Nothing special but all right.

It all went downhill from there. Garbage illogical characters getting their own chapters after breaking away from the main plot.

Seemingly logical characters making highly illogical mistakes that completely derail said main plot (it seemed the story had a direction for a while but then it crashed and burned)

A protagonist that's too much of a manlet to get angry at a chick for being completely unreasonable for an extended period of time, blames himself instead of acknowledging she is a childish cunt and he shouldn't just take it.

Boring combat scenes and oh the protagonist doesn't know that you should aim the pointy end of the sword at the enemies (he holds his sword in reverse grip as if that's a thing.)

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Currently caught up, and so far I really like this story!

There are a few grammatical errors, but that is something that can be easily remedied.

Now for the content.

The story seems to be one that could eventually happen as technology advances. There was what I saw as a split in the readers after a certain point in the story, when the MC's split. I think people need to remember that characters in books, are people, and people are complex beings with complex emotions. So while some characters may seem "unreasonably written", or "illogical" remember people can be unreasonable or illogical.

I think the combat is well written, and fast paced, to me it has a perfect balance between telling you what happens and letting your imagination fill in some gaps.

And as for the people saying that "its unrealistic for him to hold his sword backwards", it's not that unusual, I remember a certain Lucas Arts character named Starkiller, who dual wields lightsabers in a reverse grip. And while it's not practical it makes Rue unique, and there's also the fact that HE'S IN A GAME, IN A BOOK.

All in all 5 stars!!

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8 chapters in and this novel is moderately tasty.

would reccomend as filler when waiting for your main novels to update.