The Orderly Powergame (Dodeca's Short Stories)

by Dodeca

Original HIATUS Drama Short Story Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Grimdark Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

These are short stories, but they take place in the same universe following the same time line. This is a line of events of a powergame and its effects. Each chapter has a new perspective, no perspective is repeated. Thus every character whether main or background only gets one chapter.

Since I realized that I really like making short stories, I thought I would make a collection of them at one place instead of just spamming standalone fictions onto the website and having about seperate 121 fictions in a year when they're only just short stories ranging from 400-2000 words. If you're into short stories, drama, the harsh yet sweet part of reality and really, really like watching people suffer, then boy do I have the short stories for you!

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Polaris Archon

So creative, with a few errors.

 I'm giving a friendly review (somehow) here. The story well, the stories are nothing short of creativity, and though I'm not a fan of short story collections, I like where this project is starting. Starting with a witch hunt, I like that. 


Some minor issues would be, first, the paragraphs are dense. Maybe it's just me since my writing style tends to give the reader space breaks. It's not that big an issue, it just makes you feel like you're reading newspaper. 

A space every two or three lines probably won't hurt. Probably. 


Next, the grammar is fine. Maybe give each stories two to three proofread runs or more to check for missing spaces and typographical errors. 


Last, though probably the least. The way you close in dialogues is err... Unique? It weirded me out but after a while, I got used to it. 

So all in all, to the readers, do check this collection out. But it's not for those who can't keep their temper down when they see an error. Just point it out and the author will fix it. Like I said, probably. 


PS: I wrote this review during my writing break, which is not a lot of time, so please don't roast me for errors.