Xtreme Manly Man Force of Intense Badassery

Xtreme Manly Man Force of Intense Badassery

by KellInkston

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Author Note:

The series has been greenlighted by a publisher! Yes, really!

In light of this, I'm pulling the fiction from Royal Road for the time being. If anything changes you can expect to see it back up on here, but for the meantime, expect to see Xtreme force in ebook, print, and audiobook editions!

All questions and comments can be snuck into my inbox. Love you crazy bastards.

The best,

Kell Inkston (kellinkston.com)

Badass Men of the One Million Realms Unite!

A murderous duo of badasses, bound by the spilling of blood and seared in the fiery infernos of battle, angrily part company in search of man’s ultimate holy grail, The Fountain of Testosterone. Rick Durenor, a stoic mercenary, lives up to his nom de guerre– Ultra Death Graveman, while his former partner and kinda-but-not-really friend, Heart Tearer Outer, seeks revenge for a perceived slight that launches both men down a path that neither may return from.

The quest is noble; a crusade intended for only the manliest of men, set against the backdrop of evildoers, men with spiders for heads, crazy dudes with buzzsaws for arms, and those are the nicer guys! Allegiances are never sure on the road to absolute testosterone driven power. Just as Graveman forms a band of fierce followers, doubts are raised and trusts are questioned. The bottom line in this fantasy, sci-fi adventure is ‘cover your own ass’ – death is coming, and it's probably yours.

Lock and load, raise those fists and move over, bitch: Xtreme Force punts pussies to the curb and dispatches an all-out assault to deliver death, screaming, disgusting misogyny, and virile, ultra-erect audacity. Don't listen to your mom when she tells you to clean your awesome room, don't say "excuse me" when you leave the dinner table, and brush your teeth only once a day. This is the way of men.

Will our badass heroes reach the legendary FOUNTAIN OF TESTOSTERONE, or will they DIE?! Hell fuckin' yeah they will. They'll die AND they'll reach the fountain, because both of those things are manly as fuck. You doubtin' these boys? Shit, kid; you're trippin'.

Oh yeah, and it's definitely not satire, so don't come in expecting social commentary or any other form of meaningful metaphorical dialouge, ya' nerd-ass-dork-butt-wiener-face.

Updated every few days.

(Also https://kellinkston.com/ is where you can get your hands on some more radical fictz. You best show up or I'm giving up your seat to Greg, and we both know you like spare ribs and beer more than that square, so get over there and have a radical cookout with your Crazy Uncle Kell.)

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Fuck that's funny just read the prologue on this page and just for that, I don't care what f the rest of it is shit I'll still keep this 5 stars thank you I didn't know I needed this until now. I really hope the rest of this is as good and with the same level of satire and style.