Luna made an ugly and threatening sound. She had woken up and wasn’t sure if it was a true awakening, because when she lifted her eyelids, she still felt them over her eyes. There were many extraordinary things that happen to umbrae, and her especially over the last few weeks, so she remained upright and still. This was also the longest return to diurnal living she had, so she didn’t know the time. There were many extraordinary things that happen to umbrae, that it makes it hard to tell whether any particular ailment is the result of their anatomy.

She yelled their names, and yelled, “Help me! Help,” and she could easily tell if there was any noise besides hers. She had to know the time; it would tell if there was anyone to help her. There was no feedback, so she waited again. Her hopefulness left her after a few minutes, but she knew there was no imminent danger, just the unknown of what was happening to her.

Her head filled with a dense and itchy fog as she leaked onto the floor of her tidy room, finally slouching and filling her tired eyes with her fancy analog clock. Normally, when it was a little before twelve o’clock that meant that she would have plenty of time, but this time, it meant noon. Once she had dressed and eaten, she felt much lighter, and put on a lighter façade, if just to escape the last day’s events. She had already lost one and had worried about losing another right after.

She couldn’t remember why she yelled violently after waking up, and in looking for Sally for her medical trivia, ran into Stein and Tom instead, both lazing in front of the Television.

After explaining her situation Tom said, “Night terrors, maybe? I wouldn’t trust Sal to know anything about that. Usually though, you don’t forget nightmares right away. Anyway, I’m good with trivia and I would remember if Sal said anything about that.”

“That is not a good criteria to whether something is trivia.”

“As for her, she went out with Nick,” said Stein. “She said that doing some royal chores would help him normalize.”

“Hey, you two seem awfully calm. What if something had happened to me? Didn’t you hear me yelling?”

Tom took over for his less elegant friend, “We did, but it’s hard to hear from the boys’ wing and you have a history of sleep talking. And we’re feeling awful, right Stein?”

“I do? Ah, my head hurts,” her umbral features flared.

Seeing her in pain, the meager noble characteristics in Tom, as well as the rustic kindness in Stein, both awakened simultaneously.

“Okay,” said the smarter of the two, “Sit down, and ask Stein and me how we feel.”

“Stein and Tom how do you feel?”

Stein spoke first, “I’m still unable to function as a knight, and the doctor said that while I’m free to exercise it, I won’t be at full capacity. But overall, I feel fine and I’m glad to keep my hand. Seriously, Ella is amazing.”

“I’m also feeling all better, since I was not hurt that badly. I can speak for him too, though, that our heads haven’t recovered. Maybe, if we could occupy you with the task of serving us tea,” except, Tom sounded like he had rehearsed.
“That’s, good to hear,” she hesitated, but as the left to actually serve them, reminded that Tom would have a butler, she heard him rise as she turned her back.

“Luna. We need your help with Eleanor. Please get ready as you make us that tea. She’s fine for now, just get your blood flowing.”

From away she heard Stein comment on how Tom was not as good as Sally at imposing on others. Halfway, as she was heating water, she remembered how Sally told her, in her words, that Tom ‘hates tea. It brews up those memories’. That another reason why she only had tea with her.

Ignoring her pun, Luna steeled herself, and decided to bring them their tea and listen to their request fully.
“Right, so what do you want me to do? Where is she right now?”

She went, “Let me in.”

“I’m fine Luna. You don’t have to break the door or anything.”

“Okay then, you’ve been in there for a long time. I’m going to get you something to eat.”

Eleanor relented and let her in.

“I’ve been on my feet since I woke up today. They wanted me to make them tea, and for some reason I did it.” Said Luna.

“You didn’t have to do that. Also, you need to work on managing your sleep.”

“About that Ella, why didn’t you tell me that I was sleep talking?”

She saw how Luna’s features were becoming inflamed, so she had to close her eyes, “It was something you’ve always done. You never outgrew it, but no one told you?”

“No! This time they were night terrors. I am supposed to remember Night terrors.”

“Luna. Just wait for Sally. She might know.”

“Everyone has a lot of faith in her, huh? Well, she is more of our friend than any of those boors. Anyway, why have you been in your room for so long. It always helps when I’m grieving to be with others. You didn’t even have anything to eat.”
“Well, I’m eating now. I am perfectly fine and I’ve been doing all of my work from here,” Ella pointed to her computer.

“When, When did you possibly move that? That doesn’t matter though, you need to leave your room.”

“Would you feel better if I did?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Fine then, give me a while to clean up, and then I’ll come.”

When Luna left to give her space, it was then Nick and Sally got back home.


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