The house was unlike the dorms the two stayed in. Everything was neat, tidy, and warm and only then did Sally and Tom think that they took it for granted. The both of them had already spent a whole day resting lazily, each with little more to do, then say goodbye to their comfort.

On the sixth night, they packed what little things they had to take: weapons, clothes, toiletries. Overall, Sally was less discriminate in what she packed, including mementos and other things like family portraits. Both knew how little anything bound them to their home.

Sally had a clunky old computer, one she had built herself before college. It was her favorite pastime, and it would have to be left behind because it was also used by her father.

“Tom, don’t you think Dad will be horribly lonely?”

“Who knows, he barely even comes here. I can’t remember the last time.”

I shouldn’t pity him; his negligence pushed us down this path, he almost thought aloud. To deal with him, he would simply say that his own job as a knight would require him to be away throughout, just like him.

With all, the house will have to be left in Watson’s care. There were little valuables left, and all precautions were taking care of. It was one more worry they could shed behind.

A note from Zarelliel

Forgive me. The next chapter is a whopping 4k words long, so I have a short chapter this week.

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