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Agro waited to give his final commands. This time, Ragnarok’s meeting was held deep within an empty cavern. True, it was a little far from the old capital, but they had to avoid suspicion.

First, he addressed the crowd. “My true followers, I’m afraid that I bring bad news. You have only known me for a short time, and I hope that I am not the object of your hatred. Today, our fair lady could not be here. That is just one grievance. Our hatred must be taken care of; our fated incursion has been delayed.

We will not unsheathe our hearts yet. These are directions from straight from our great lady. She has honorably asked me to collect more information about our foes. Is there anyone gallant enough to come to my aid?”

Two people among the crowd raised their hands politely.

“Good, I would like to talk to you afterwards. Perhaps our fair lady wants to be on the cautious side. In fact, you two, I want to see you right after today’s announcements.”

As they nodded, water dropped eerily from stalactites. It seemed no one liked the new hideout, but it must be tolerated. 
Agro burst into life, “Don’t fret. We shall have our vengeance. If all goes well, we shall be done with our righteous war in a matter of months. If anything, our lady knows best, and I humbly ask for your cooperation.”

When Agro mentioned her, the crowd went silent.

Everyone left, leaving Agro and his two subordinates. “I beg your pardon, but I'm not familiar with all of our valiant brothers and sisters yet.” Agro pointed to one of them, “You’re Captain Tsukuyomi. And you, you’re Captain Douteux. Forgive my intrusion, but only we three have that rank, correct?”

Both of them nodded again. After fiddling with some papers for quite some time, Agro finally said, “Your mercurial forms are perfect for the assignment. I want you to infiltrate Susanoo’s and Lodestone’s military. I want you to get as much information as you can: the numbers of their knight corps, their weapons, Special Forces, prominent individuals, security details. These are all vital to our success; take all your time, but I would prefer to have them within the next month. If you need help, our kin will be happy to lend a hand. I myself was advised by our lady not to reveal my powers yet, but I will do all that is necessary to your success. I’m really sorry. If we had our old hideout I could’ve gotten you something to drink. Dismissed, farewell.”

Douteux and Tsukuyomi bowed as they left.

“Yo Douteux, I’ll take Lodestone, so you can have Susanoo. Well, I’m not really asking you,” Tsukuyomi retorted.


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