A man walked the Streets of Elodia’s old capital. The official capital was Castle Susan, but by far the old capital was the largest city. He paced by the old palaces. The entire old city was surrounded by skyscrapers. The residential districts were clean and sharp looking. Outside the ideal cityscape, upon huge floating anti-gravity platforms, lie the newer parts of Elodia.

The tallest of the skyscrapers on the ground barely reached some of the floating buildings. This was how citizens were able to avoid darklings. Between the skies, dozens of airships cruised between the buildings. Among the floating streets, hundreds of fountains, flowing with sparkling water seemed to ward away evil.

The man spit at the whimsical city from below. This was the very thing that he wanted to destroy. He walked into a dubious bar; there were no other patrons. The barkeep shooed him until he lifted a cruel serrated sword from under his full-body trench coat. It shined against his black clothing and dark eyes. The sword wasn’t a weapon; the man didn’t need any weapons.

This man was just one of many who shared his fanaticism.

 “Right this way,” he heard the barkeep. A bookcase moved across the floor to reveal a passageway to a large series of rooms. In the largest room, which was at least four stories underground, many similarly dressed young men and women waited for a speaker.

“Hello, my kin. We come here for only one purpose. Our goal is to-

Please excuse me, I forgot to introduce myself. You may all call me Agro O’Caos.”

Agro wore a pure white mask. It didn’t cover his mouth, and it didn’t have any features except for slits for the nostrils and a single gap for an eye. He was rest like the others, with a black trench coat. The very little skin he exposed was deathly pale.

“Our goal is the creation of a new world order. We shall take up arms against the corrupt world. Only when our enemies weep in despair, beg for forgiveness, and accept their inferiority, will be give them mercy through death. The days of humankind are numbered.

Do you not see the injustices that they commit? They brand us as demons, as monsters, as creatures of the dark. If their own children are gifted, then they will even throw them out. Just a few years ago, I was simply walking the streets, and one of them threw a bottle of acid on me. I can never again show my face without my mask.

If I am not just, then I am nothing. Do you not agree that all people should be treated equally? We tried our protest, and we were the only ones who suffered. They’ve become like rats; they're like insects between our feet. We might be few, but we are stronger. The only thing we can do is squish them between our feet.

But do not worry, my kin. We have the upper hand. We aren’t yet discovered, so we can launch a surprise attack. We have far exceeded our expectations as far as our turnout goes. We expected about two hundred members. Thankfully, we already have two hundred members present right now. I’d say we have about three hundred members in total.

That is all for today.”

“What are we?”

“We are umbrae,” the crowd roared.

“Who are we?”

“We are Ragnarok!”

“What will we do?”

“Purify the world”

As the meeting ended, all members unsheathe their identical swords while chanting, “Death to Elodia, Death to Susanoo, Death to the world!”


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