Chapter 000: The World



It’s the year 2020. Since the beginning of the New Year, the world has gotten more and more chaotic with each passing day. The Seven Major Powers of the world have become antagonistic towards each other. The very air we breathe has become thick with malevolence. Peace was non-existent. The streets have become rivers of blood; the scent – nauseating. There was so much blood that even the rain was stained red. War was upon us all… 


Across the globe, the death rate for each nation skyrocketed after a few months. Old, young, men, women even children were being killed. There were no exceptions. It was as though the heart of man became shrouded with a veil of evil. Grievances were no longer settled with mere words and paper, but with spilled blood and metal against metal. Even the state of civilization started to swiftly revert to its most simplistic form where strength determined everything. Whether or not you could continue living to see another day completely relied on whether you had the strength, or ability to preserve your life. In this war, thousands of people were being killed daily, and those who died were either too weak to protect themselves or were just unlucky to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. 


The reason for the high death toll across the globe was due to the weapons used initially in the war; hydrogen bombs, bioweapons and the like. There was even a case where America used an orbiting weapon against North Korea rumored to be called O.D.I.N which could level mountains and make lakes in an instant. The result was the death of a vast number of people, merely thinking about the number made one take a deep cold breath. From the American’s display of power, the other nations became hesitant and decided not to – “foolishly attack overtly and share the same fate as North Korea.” 


In the beginning, those who were opposed to the war were left with no option other than to participate. Their captors would force them to participate using any means at their disposal, even going as far as holding their family’s hostage. Those who were adamant about not participating were disposed of and used as an example. In the end, the oppressed were left with no other choice other than to join the war or die. 


The more fortunate ones hid away in the most remote areas they could find in the hopes of escaping this calamity. But escape was just an illusion, they were all trapped like fish in a barrel with nowhere to run to. In truth, all that they could do was to just wait to be picked. However, among them, were those who had a strong desire to live – to fight back and protect those precious to them. They refused to live passively and be treated like a lamb to a slaughter. Over time, such persons with similar ideologies started to gather and formed an underground resistance against the Seven Major Powers, they called themselves Darelius. 


Together, they fought relentlessly against the many armies, often engaging in subterfuge. They quietly infiltrated many enemy bases, assassinated important personnel in the various armies, and even hijacked military intelligence networks to save as many people as possible. Their aim was to put an end to the atrocious war. Every member of Darelius shared one thing in common; they all despised those in power from the Seven Great Nations. This was a hatred that was deeply rooted in their bones. One that would not subside even after a thousand generations! Why? Some countries have already disappeared, and many were on the verge of being wiped from the face of the earth. Several islands, along with their many inhabitants, have long since sunken to the bottom of the sea, never to be seen again. Many died without even knowing how they died. The ones who are responsible for this cruel, bloody war have made life on Earth a living hell. They had to be stopped. No, they needed to be killed! Mercy to one’s enemy is cruelty to one’s self and family, they had to die! 


After three harsh years of intense fighting, the global population fell by almost 50 percent. One could only imagine the sheer number of corpses that littered the earth. The sight of it was unbearable. It was at this point that a critical juncture was reached in the war where the Seven Major Powers were threatening to use nuclear missiles and other warheads to eradicate one another in one final strike. The remaining few billions of people on all fronts became terrified! Everyone was thinking the same thing. 


“This is it, the end of the world! If the missiles don’t kill us directly, then the radiation surely will!”


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