Wizard in the new world, I think

by ariesnightmare

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Historical Gender Bender Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Reincarnation Secret Identity Strategy

Why can´t protagonist be just normal guy? Also without any special talent. Just knowledge from his previous live together with his best friend. Enemys are witches how have all the knowledge from their lives. As for protagonist he doesn´t know why he knows all of this from his live. Everything tells that he is weaker than them, but he has friend and people how he trust.

When one story end then new one begins. World contains more than one person. Everything is connected. Difference between witch and wizard is bigger than a word.

Is there any correct path to go? Are we going right direction? If so what wait for us? Let´s find out.

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3rd Anniversary
Group Leader (II)
Word Count (X)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Before beginning ago
Chapter 1. fairy tales and birthday part 1. ago
Chapter 2. fairy tales and birthday part 2 end. ago
Chapter 3. Fishing and hunting part 1. ago
Chapter 4. Fishing and hunting part 2 end. ago
Chapter 5. Second prince and dew part 1. ago
Chapter 6. Second prince and dew part 2. ago
Chapter 7. Second prince and dew part 3 end. ago
Chapter 8 The start of war part 1. ago
Chapter 9 The start of war part 2 end. ago
Chapter 10. Border war part 1. ago
Chapter 11. Border war part 2. ago
Chapter 12. Border war part 3. ago
Chapter 13. Border war part 4. ago
Chapter 14. Border war part 5. ago
Chapter 15. Border war part 6. ago
Chapter 16. Unveiling and fraud ago
Chapter 17. The first meeting part 1. ago
Chapter 18. The first meeting part 2. ago
Chapter 19. Border war part 7. ago
Chapter 20. Border war part 8. ago
Chapter 21. Border war part 9. ago
Chapter 22. End of border war part 1. ago
Chapter 23. End of border war part 2. ago
Chapter 24. Two brothers part 1. ago
Chapter 25. Two brothers part 2. ago
Chapter 26. Cotton candy ago
Chapter 27. Nothinghill part 1. ago
Chapter 28. Nothinghill part 2. ago
Chapter 29. Talk in middle of night part 1. ago
Chapter 30. Talk in middle of night part 2. ago
Chapter 31. Hidden truth part 1. ago
Chapter 32. Hidden truth part 2 end. ago
Chapter 33. Strange place ago
Character list ago
Chapter 34. Group up part 1. ago
Chapter 35. Group up part 2. ago
Chapter 36. Margaret ago
Chapter 37. Sudden meeting ago
Chapter 38. Where future will take us? ago
Chapter 39. War exercise part 1. ago
Chapter 40. War exercise part 2. ago
Chapter 41. War again (Nothinghill war) part 1. ago
Chapter 42. Wizard (Nothinghill war) part 2. ago
Chapter 43. Retreat and counter (Nothinghill war) part 3. ago
Chapter 44. Firing arrows (Nothinghill war) part 4. ago
Chapter 45. It is ####### army leaded by ########. (Nothinghill war) part 5. ago
Chapter 46. Businessman (Nothinghill war) part 6 end. ago
Chapter 47. Rumors ago
Chapter 48. Sight which I saw that day ago
Chapter 49. Bandit, mercenary or neither ago
Chapter 50. Bar ago
Chapter 51. Diversion (1/2) ago

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I personally hate it when people leave half star reviews, I mean you have to work really hard to honestly deserve that.

Whelp, its not a half star review, but it is a 1 star review. This is bad, just bad.

I thought that the synopsis was just poorly written, nope, story is worse.

This, ladies gentlemen any other assorted beings, is why you don't write a story using google translate.


So many typos bro. It make the story hard to read.

At the beggining of chapter are quite confusing.

The deails are lacking make the reader become cofuse.

Please try avoid many typo

Please edit the word before you post it.

Keep working hard..


Could u fix the font?

Could u fix the font? Its hard to read if its crumpled like that. I got dizzy just from looking at the paragraph

Martyr Longinus

 Step One fix your gd spacing... i took one look and i gave up, can't do it man.