A Hero Past the 25th: Paradise Lost

by I'mFiction

Original COMPLETED Adventure Fantasy Horror Female Lead Grimdark Martial Arts Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Gather all and I will tell you a story! A story of how a champion was summoned into the doomed land of Ortho. Of how instead of a champion, they got a woman old enough to be your mother. And what happened after that?

I will tell you how the champion traveled into the Felorn Woods with her friends, in search of her lost youth.
And how instead of youth, what she found was Hell itself.

You don't believe me? Then go on and see for yourself.
But don't come crying to me if it was too much!

* * *

A sequel to this fiction as a thank you for all the encouraging comments and ratings.

And now with ANOTHER SEQUEL!

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Definitely worth reading


More descriptive than is common on RRL, this reads much more like a 'proper' novel than most other works. I do have a bit of an issue with the occasional 'heavy-handedness' in telling something with a hugely dramatic voice, when I'm not always sure the content quite fits such dramatics.

But perhaps that's just me.


Perfect? Can't say I pay enough attention to be absolutely sure of that, but chances are there's very few mistakes if any. Great job.


Although there's also a lot of good stuff, here it's probably not the strength of the novel. It's a bit of a journey-esque/adventuring sequel to the first story, with an added mystery (or two) on top.

The heroine is fairly passive, until she's not. Although there are reasons for this, it seems a bit 'plot-convenient' once or twice. I also felt the conclusion, despite in some ways being quite awesome, was oddly rushed especially compared to the fairly leisurely beginning.


Ah, this is were the novel truly shines! It's isekai, and although the characters are often clearly identified by one stereotype or another (like the naive princess or the veteran military officer and so) they are all much more 'real' and with much more depth than the average character on RRL.

Likewise, their development, if it happens, makes sense, they all have their own goals, and while not necessarily likeable, they are all fairly interesting.

The somewhat jaded heroine makes a great protagonist. Much better than yet-another-random-useless-male-lead-suddenly-getting-OP-powers. That being said, she is (fairly) OP, but at least not invincible. 


It's not perfect, but it's among the best novels I've read on this page. It's fun, doesn't waste time on anything unnecessary, and sees whatever idea it has through to its conclusion.

Definitely recommended.

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Exceptionally good stuff!

Thank you for this excellent story.

Hope you write a sequel!

The world is well thought out and believable. The characters are real. And the writing is good. What more can a reader ask for?

In fact I believe, we few readers of this story, have been treated to a hidden gem.laughing

Omi Nya
  • Overall Score

I gave the first book 5*, I wish I could give this one 6.

To not dive into spoilers I'd only say that while both "plot moves" were predictable, it was still a great read. I wish this story would get more recognition.

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It's pretty safe to say that this sequel is even better than the original story.

Style: I still very much enjoy this writing style. It's very show, not tell, which makes it great in my book.

Story: The story is even better now that they are all moving the story along. There's also a lot more expansion on the lore, and it's pretty interesting lore.

Grammar: Almost perfect.

Character: The new characters are interesting and the old characters are growing as people. Their development feels very organic, which makes this an even better story.