The city my forest swallowed a couple of days ago has fallen. And I mean that literally. I dropped it into a sinkhole. It wasn't enough to break everything, but it did do quite a bit of damage. Nothing I can't repair and replace given enough time, but it was enough to cripple the city. I'm not sure anything less would have done the trick, the walls almost survived the fall, and the enchantments with them.

This is just in time for us to come across the next city. Well, fortress would be more accurate. I think I'm just going to go right for the same tactic as last time, I don't think anything else would work. I could just counter the enchantments, but a single city isn't worth giving up that element of surprise. I want to try to lure in a large chunk of their army before revealing that card.

So I have started excavating dirt and stone from beneath the city, far beneath the city as the enchantments on the walls stretch deep and I want to be sure of a victory. I have also started rebuilding the other one now that my people occupy it.

While that takes a decent chunk of mana it didn't take much focus, so I started discussing a way to try and lure in as many enemy soldiers as possible with the military-minded people and some of my Paladins. Pretty much everyone is in agreement that the only prize that the enemy would dedicate that much effort towards claiming is my life.

So we need to figure out a way to bait them into launching an all out attack on me. Can't be some kind of decoy, the way I interact with my forest passively alone would be enough to give away any decoy for a fake to anyone that knows how to look, not to mention the sheer quantity of mana that leaves my body every moment. So we need to show that I am vulnerable without me actually being vulnerable.

Based on some information that my paladins have managed to gather, they are actively looking out for me through magical and mundane means. And I'm not exactly hard to find. So really I just need to stay in one place for a little while. somewhere close enough to the front. As scary as the idea of being bait for an entire army is, I think that it will be worth it in the end. I hope.

I spent my downtime building a house. The one that I am going to live in for the next little while. I can normally build a house in less than a second, but I took my time to get it to be exactly how I wanted it, and then add intricate details to everything that I would normally ignore.

Anyway, Good Night Diary.


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