The sleep aid worked wonders last night, though the fact that it snowed last night put a damper on my enthusiasm. I made a couple tweaks to it that will hopefully make it better.

Tiddol asked me if there was any way she could get more of the mana berries, apparently they are a key ingredient in most of the potions she makes. It was around that time that I noticed that the mana berries aren’t the only things that have stopped growing, pretty much all of my plants are dormant right now, the only time they grow is when I make them grow.

I agreed to help Tiddol with Mana Berries, I’m not doing much with my mana right now anyway. Normally there would be no point to making mana berries as only about half of the mana I use to make them with ends up being able to be reclaimed, but in this instance there is a pretty good reason to make them.

I spent most of my time refining the Drowsy Clover variants. I made really good progress on the painkiller today, I should have it perfected within three or four days, while the one that makes you energetic is being a little more stubborn. I should really figure out a better name for that.

Anyway, Good Night Diary.

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Antice @Antice ago

Erica is a drug lord trough and through


mjkj @mjkj ago

Thank you for the chapter :)

trekshcool @trekshcool ago

Coffee, it is, Erica the drug lord indeed.

That 50% mana loss should be solvable, Erica hasn't tried to improve this plant in a very very long time so with her new skills she should be able to make that % go up by a lot.

Maybe Erica should try making all season plants for her grove, if her entire system goes offline for so much of the year its really going to suck.

Thanks for the chapter ∞