Par’s minions are starting to bring in some money from selling my plants. It’s a little too early to tell but it seems that Drowsy Clover variants are selling the best, though we still don’t have enough information to determine which variations of it are the best. Par’s minions picked up some mundane plants in the city using some of the money.

I talked to Par about how exactly we were going to divide up the profits. I’ll spare the details but it turned out like this, I get a fourth of everything, I don’t have a lot of need for money and creating the plants in the first place is far from difficult, Par gets around a tenth for personal use, a tenth goes to the ones that actually selling it, and the rest goes to benefit Par’s tribe, which is now a small town in its own right. With the money he should be able to build a proper city, or at least build it slowly.

Talus and I actually talked about it a bit later, and apparently Drowsy Clover is completely illegal where she comes from. It was also from this conversation that I learned what a prison was, I mean, I’ve needed to know about what happens to people that break laws, I wasn’t even aware that was a thing. Talus asked me if I’ve been living under a rock my whole life, I responded with ‘no, I’ve been living under a canopy’

In my spare time, I was working on making a version of Drowsy Clover that might be useful with Thes’s situation, I made very little progress, but I did make progress.

Anyway, Good Night Diary.


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GriefTG @GriefTG ago

Not much of a difference between a forest and a rock apparently.


mjkj @mjkj ago

Thank you for the chapter :)

trekshcool @trekshcool ago

Thanks for the chapter~