Day 1

Hello, my name is Erica Kron. and I am just now realising how weird it is to say Hello to a diary, wouldn’t something more along the lines of dear diary be better? Or maybe just ditch the greeting and say my name. But whatever. I am writing this to document my life, I don’t know if it will be useful, or even enjoyable, but I want to try at least.

Now for my current situation. I have just started to grow my grove, the place I will most likely live for the rest of my life, the paper I am writing on is made from the bark of young trees, and I am using charcoal to write, and it is making my hands dirty, I’m going to have to wash my hands after I’m done writing. I guess this is all I’m going to write today, I’ll try to write something every day.

Day 2

I just realized that I completely forgot to tell you what's going on, although now I think I’m being weird, talking to a book, back to the point. I had to run away from my home a while ago because it was burned down, a real tragedy, that grove was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, which isn’t saying much as I have only seen fifteen years. but now everyone I have ever known is dead, I have already grieved for them, but now I must move on lest I follow them into reincarnation.

Day 3

Again, I haven’t told you something, diary. Still pretty weird to me to be talking to a diary but oh well. I haven’t yet told you what I am. I am a sprite, a forest sprite in particular, I thrive in wooded areas and can’t stay long outside of them.

I realize now that I should probably start talking about what I’m doing. I am creating a grove to live in, I may not be able to leave my grove again. Hopefully, I will attract sprites like myself and maybe some other creatures, I have always liked beasts, I hope some fluffy beasts move in with me.

Day 4

Today I have recorded the progress I have made over these last two weeks, I have managed to grow sixteen trees to my shoulders. It is very taxing, using my natural gifts like this, but these trees should start to rejuvenate me soon, but until then I want to sleep. I may not be able to write all I want today, diary. But one thing I want to say before sleep takes me is that I am finally able to relax, something I haven't done in a long time. I must put my diary down now lest I fall asleep mid-sentence.

Day 5

Today a small gnome visited. Reading that sentence makes me think less of myself, of course a gnome is going to be small, all gnomes are going to be small compared to me. Anyway, back on track, the gnome was a dungeoneer, apparently looking for a dungeon in the area. They asked if they could spend the night in the comfort of my grove, when they offered a type of seed I had never seen before I accepted. I can’t wait to see what type of plant will grow from this. After the gnome falls asleep I will plant the seed and spend the night feeding it my mana, I should have some idea what it is in the morning.


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FOULdragon @FOULdragon ago

Ugh. Now I remember why I stopped reading 5 chapters in. I'm not going to post a review because for all I know, this might actually be a good story. However, I don't care if every single word of this entire story is ambrosial bliss. If I can see the chapter in it's entirety on the screen of my smart phone without having to scroll... No.

I LOVE reading stories. I LOVE immersing myself in stories! I LOVE letting a story carry me into it's world and forgetting about my own world, if just for a little while. You know what breaks that immersion even if it's just for a second? Flipping the page to that story just so I can resume reading. In most cases, it's just a heart beat away before I'm immediately immersed once more. That's not the case here though.

Forget becoming immersed. I don't even get the chance to even to comprehend what is happening in your story before I already have to "flip the page"

You know what this does to me? No matter how emotional you made your character appear... I feel like I'm just reading a text book in class. I don't have the chance to enjoy this story and that makes me sad.

I'm not going to post a review, because I don't want to deter readers from enjoying your story. I would only be able to give this story a half star. With it's current format, there is no feasible way I could possibly enjoy this story. With no enjoyment, there are no merits to award you with in the review I would write. So instead, I chose to remain silent. I'm sorry I don't appreciate this story as much as your other fans do.