Hello, my name is Erica Kron. and I am just now realising how weird it is to say Hello to a diary, wouldn’t something more along the lines of dear diary be better? Or maybe just ditch the greeting and say my name. But whatever. I am writing this to document my life, I don’t know if it will be useful, or even enjoyable, but I want to try at least.

Now for my current situation. I have just started to grow my grove, the place I will most likely live for the rest of my life, the paper I am writing on is made from the bark of young trees, and I am using charcoal to write, and it is making my hands dirty, I’m going to have to wash my hands after I’m done writing. I guess this is all I’m going to write today, I’ll try to write something every day.


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FOULdragon @FOULdragon ago

Ugh. Now I remember why I stopped reading 5 chapters in. I'm not going to post a review because for all I know, this might actually be a good story. However, I don't care if every single word of this entire story is ambrosial bliss. If I can see the chapter in it's entirety on the screen of my smart phone without having to scroll... No.

I LOVE reading stories. I LOVE immersing myself in stories! I LOVE letting a story carry me into it's world and forgetting about my own world, if just for a little while. You know what breaks that immersion even if it's just for a second? Flipping the page to that story just so I can resume reading. In most cases, it's just a heart beat away before I'm immediately immersed once more. That's not the case here though.

Forget becoming immersed. I don't even get the chance to even to comprehend what is happening in your story before I already have to "flip the page"

You know what this does to me? No matter how emotional you made your character appear... I feel like I'm just reading a text book in class. I don't have the chance to enjoy this story and that makes me sad.

I'm not going to post a review, because I don't want to deter readers from enjoying your story. I would only be able to give this story a half star. With it's current format, there is no feasible way I could possibly enjoy this story. With no enjoyment, there are no merits to award you with in the review I would write. So instead, I chose to remain silent. I'm sorry I don't appreciate this story as much as your other fans do.