Ever So Slight Change (Hiatus on Prologue, i hate myself)

by AzraLu - Tobi

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Mana is the key element to this world, even if you are the son of the Emperor, without Mana you can’t take the throne, Emperor is one who is trusted by all sides and its people and is their frontline shield to protect them, without Mana people won’t entrust their lives to you, with mana you can be as much of 10 timese stronger than a normal man with little training.

The one who is born of the Ruler of Capacit'es the most influential Empire in the world of Vaga, is just a cheerful happy go lucky boy who has one slight problem, he who loves adventure stories, exploring the world, fighting monsters, and saving people, wanted to become just like the heroes of the story but he has been  told of his problem...Mana.

This is a story of a boy who held no capacity of Mana


Oh and i also have to add...i am doing this at random intervals, as i have bicycle repair work, my dad optical shop, and...helping my...can't remember what he does this month.

So yeah this will be weird but expect 3 chapter a week...maximum or minimum i don't even know.

oh also here's why maybe some of my english is not up to your standard

I am a guy who has very to little of 2 years of education, when i was 7-10 i lived without school 11-12 is my first two years of education and 12-16 has been me helping my father's business and this is a side product of that.

Oh and that cover (if it loads in) is from somewhere can't remember it's been forever

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AzraLu - Tobi


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Polaris Archon

Might be looking forward to this one.

There really isn't anything yet aside from the prologue so I can't perform an honest review. But the prologue shows untold potential. That's coming from someone who's so not a fan of prologues.