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Chapter 82: The Movement Around The Continent (3)

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On another place in the continent, there was another conflict that currently happened. This time, the place was in the northern region where the temperature was lower and the place that fully covered in snow.

“Master, there is a group of people comes to this region. From their equipment and their clothes, This disciple assumed that they come directly from the center region.”

A young woman was kneeling in front of an older woman. The young woman reported the situation with a frown on her face. But the older woman whose position was currently sitting on a chair relaxed instead.

“So what is your reaction?” the older woman asked. Apparently, both of them were in the master and disciple relationship.

“Of course to prevent anything that will cause the breach of contract, this disciple send several of our guards to intercept them.”

The young woman respectfully answered. She did not dare to act further than the action she took that was why she came for a piece of advice from her master. She had hoped that her master would decide things better than her.

“Hmm, they better not trying anything funny. Ever since the contract has been made and approved by both sides, I hope that they will remember the contract or else they have to go somewhere else.” Said her master while raising her chin to looked at the faraway place.

“Not good! They are forcefully moved forward. Don’t they know the contract? Or perhaps they are looking for that inheritance.” The older woman said anxiously.

This made her disciple restless too as she was the one who held the responsibilities of everything she had done including the order to send a group of people to intercept any threat.

“Then that’s the more reason to question them. Please let me, this disciple of yours to directly face them. Hope that they will listen and return, never to be seen again.”

The young woman wore a light armor which made her looked fragile but the fact said otherwise because she had the power of Early-stage Culture Core. As for the older woman whose hair now fluttered, she was already a strong Nirvana Body stage cultivator.

“Shall we go together or either one of us will do? But if I do it then you will probably forcefully follow..” after saying that, the older woman moved fast. Even her disciple did not realize that she already moved at high speed.

After some time, they arrived at the place that supposed to be the border between the two regions. That was the border of the central region and northern region.

There were several groups at each of the border’s side. The geographical border between each region was cleanly separated by a giant valley which stretched from northwest to northeast as if separating northern region completely.

One group consisted of beautiful young women. This group belonged to the Northern Ice Palace which was also the group the master and disciple duo looking for.

However, on the other side, there was a large group of people which carried their banner proudly. The one who led this group was a handsome young man that wore a jade -colored armor with some carvings on the armor.

As for the group, one could see that their equipment was one and the same. It was clear that this group was a legion but as for the purpose why they were at that place, only that handsome young man knew.

“Stop this instance! This place is forbidden for anyone from another region. I suggest that you and your group change your direction.”

The warning had been given out but that did not make the legion stopped. The one who said those words was angry to the point that she turned her head while snorted but who would have thought that someone arrived near her position.

“Leader! Eldest Senior Sister!” the woman then quickly gave her respect, cupping her hands.

Soon, everyone in that group followed and also greeted both the master and disciple.

“Greetings to both our exalted leader and eldest senior sister.”

As for the young man on the other side, he narrowed his eyes as his gaze landed on the newcomer.

‘So that’s the current leader of Northern Ice Palace, Shan Rao isn’t it? And on her side probably her direct disciple, Tang Xiu.’

The young man frowned as he called that Shan Rao was a cultivator that already reached Nirvana stage. Although he had heard the legendary thief Nie Yang also reached this stage before but he knew that anyone that reached this level was strong.

‘This is the reason why the kingdom could not even mess with that kind of thief!’

However, he came to this kind of place not without a reason. He clearly understood his objective as well.

Even if a Nirvana stage cultivator stood on his way, he would still accomplish his objective.

“Now tell me who among you is the one called Dong Zheng?” after hearing the circumstances from the group of women around her, Shan Rao asked coldly.

“It’s me. I never expect that the leader herself will come directly.”

It was as the group of women had expected. The one who responsible for the act was that young man.

“It’s important to know that between this region and your center region, there is a contract that still in effect. If you know about it then I suggest you return.” Giving only the warning, Shan Rao then waited for the response.

“Yes, I aware of it. But the situation is not as good as you think previously. Do remember the event some time ago and that also affected the situation on this continent.” Replied Dong Zheng calmly.

“The Stone Door that located in the middle of the continent was affected as well? What do you mean?”

When she heard that, it was as if the news itself was a disaster. If the door was affected then something unpredictable would happen sooner or later.

“The lightest effect from the event is the change of estimation time which the door will open. That is why I, as a representative of the empire want you to help...”

Just as Dong Zheng wanted to continue, he could feel that someone moved to cross the border. His face then turned pale as he had never expected that someone dared to breach the contract.

“Whoever that move in the jurisdiction of the valley, STOP THIS INSTANT!”

He screamed and even his energy radiated to all the people around him. Even the soldiers in the battalion could not utter a single grunt.

“I’m sorry for my incompetence. That person may be related to me.” As Dong Zheng apologized, he stretched his hands as it reached onto nothingness. But then a scream was heard before someone appeared on Dong Zheng’s hand.

“Since he’s a part of your group then you should bear the responsibility for his action.” Said Tang Xiu. Despite she could say that but her eyes showed a hint of surprise. The thing that she had seen previously made her realize the young man’s prowess.

“Eldest Sister, that person in the young man’s hand is the person that tried to come here forcefully.”

“Is that true Junior Sister Ning?Master, is that true?” Tang Xiu asked both her junior and her master to confirm it.

‘That person is truly annoying just by his looks. But to be able to come and return is really something..’ this time even Shan Rao did not dare to underestimate that person.

As for the rest of them, they were not able to even breath properly.

“Let me go! Brother, can you just show me some face?” the man kept trying to resist but to no avail.

“Don’t you know the consequences of breaching the contract that The Emperor had established in the past?” Dong Zheng glared coldly at the man.

“But Brother, I’m afraid that something might happen already here. Just a few days ago..” the man wanted to tell something but something made the ground shook.

“...The Crown Prince apparently make some movement some time ago in the city.” Said that man.

This made Dong Zheng wanted to tear that man to pieces but instantly released his hand from gripping as he felt a surge of energy.

“You should’ve told me if that person, in particular, had made his move.”

Dong Zheng already lost his only hope for the smooth negotiation as that particular person arrived. Even the battalion he had brought with him could not do a single thing to that person. And that man who claimed himself as his brother was not reliable.

“What are you doing here, my soon to be brother-in-law?”

But this time Shan Rao gave every one of the group from her side a warning through energy transmission. Her face turned unsightly but she could not do anything to prevent it.


“What should I do?” asked Ye Yingyuan. When he saw that his brother went outside the nest area, he worried about the condition outside.

Even they, including himself, had to swallow an enhancement pill that was Spatial Stabilizer Pill which served as a safety measure when someone whose cultivation was below Nascent Soul to survive inside the spatial crack.

Of course, even with such a pill was consumed still did not guarantee their safety.

“Let him try. I feel that since his bloodline power awakens, he looks stronger and comfortable.” Ye Xiaobai commented.

“Here I go.” Ye Qingcheng could feel it despite so faint, the blood was boiling and giving him strength.

Soon he jumped several hundred meters and when Ye Yingyuan thought that his brother would not be able to change the trajectory, the next move made him dumbfounded.

Ye Qingcheng moved his legs as if stepping on a surface even though there was none! He continued doing this but soon his face started to distort, uncomfortable with each move he had made previously.

Then he saw the middle-aged woman whose body was injured greatly. The woman lost some of her limbs when he saw her and when he looked around, one of her hands was hanging around the net that stopped the nest.

‘This person already lost much of her power and blood. Better bring her back but I don’t know if I can grab her limbs as well.’

Ye Qingcheng hesitated whether to grab the hand or not. He felt that the more strength someone had then the chances for the recovery of their limbs increased as well.

And with strength come resources which were his sources of confidence that the person he had seen could recover.

After placing the woman on his back, there was one thing that he realized. Despite the condition around him which the spatial condition was much worse and pressuring both of them but it did not affect them at all.

‘She’s probably someone influential because I can feel the rich energy around her. Sadly, the sustained energy is at the lowest point already.’

Ye Qingcheng thought while moving back. He had to think about that because he felt the pressure from the space around him started to make his bones trembling.

His heart had also been affected as well and that caused uncomfortable on his chest area.

He moved again and this time, his legs almost gave up because he could not feel it at all. It was a complete numbness!

‘Reach, I must get back to that platform!’ only this thought accompany his move.

As soon as he started to fall, both Ye Yingyuan and Ye Xiaobai instantly moved at the same time. They caught both people but the moment they got out, they felt pain all over their body!

Spatial Pressure! Because they did not have the body that strong enough like Ye Qingcheng, they could feel the effect kicking.

Soon, there was a thin red line appeared on the edge of Ye Yingyuan and Ye Xiaobai’s mouth.

“Quick!” they brought both Ye Qingcheng and the woman as soon as possible to enter the safe zone in the nest.

When they landed safely, they all gasped for breath as if they lacked breadth. Due to the spatial pressure had given to their body, they could not circulate both their blood and their energy.

“Come help them.” When Wu Qing saw it, she had to act immediately. First, she carried that woman to the resting chamber which she already used before.

As for the others, they help the trio to recover their condition.

“Why are you looking at us like that?” when they realized the stare that came from both Li Ling and Yue, the three of them asked at the same time.

“Do you want to die so badly, hmm!?” protested Li Ling.

“If it means saving my family then the answer is obvious, right?” knowing that she would ask, Ye Yingyuan replied quickly.

‘But that was dangerous. I can’t believe that my brother can withstand such pressure.’ When Ye Yingyuan thought about it, he felt his body was pressed from every direction possible!

Ye Xiaobai also thought like that too. But then he gained something that sparked the idea on his head and rather than recover his injuries, he started meditating again to fully absorb the sudden enlightenment.

‘Just when my body inside that pressure, the energy inside my body also pressured. But that pressured energy is stronger than my usual energy.’

He did not know the reason behind it nor he understood its principles but because the opportunity had arrived, he would use it in maximum efficiency to comprehend this.

Yue coldly stared at him but felt helpless inside. She also wondered about the condition outside of their place.


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