Demon of the Darkest Night

Demon of the Darkest Night

by ElectricInTheForest

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

When Mason Nevels is dragged into The Trials, his only priority is finding the means to survive. A single message tells him that he must find the power to ensure humanity's survival before they appear in this isolated plane in several months, and an unknown force equips him with a dangerous artifact capable of making Mason into something more than human: the Staff of Mardun.

The Trials are unforgiving. They pit the best and worst of races from across the universe in a magical battle for superiority, ever-fueled by increasingly scarce resources in a land that can transform in the blink of an eye. But for Mason, a single drop of mana is enough to burn his body from within, and the cost of relying on the abilities of the Staff of Mardun may be the very humanity he's tasked to defend.

In order to forge the strength and alliances necessary to survive the dangers of the The Trials, Mason must balance a growing need for power with the strength of character to retain his identity. 

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Welcome to The Trials.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
The Trials ago
~ Two - Focus ago
~ Three - Mana Sickness ago
~ Four - Hunter-Gatherer ago
~ Five - Practice ago
~ Six - Mana Mine ago
~ Seven - Fireboar ago
~ Eight - Butcher King ago
~ Nine - Bloodbath ago
~ Ten - In Cold Blood ago
~ Eleven - Demon ago
~ Twelve - Capture ago
~ Thirteen - Geralt ago
~ Fourteen - Discussions ago
~ Fifteen - Apologies ago
~ Sixteen - Soulbound ago
~ Seventeen - Beating ago
~ Eighteen - Torysen ago
~ Nineteen - City of Trapped Souls (One) ago
~ Twenty - City of Trapped Souls (Two) ago
~ Twenty-One - City of Trapped Souls (Three) ago
~ Twenty-Two - City of Trapped Souls (Four) ago
~ Twenty-Three - City of Trapped Souls (Five) ago
~ Twenty-Four - City of Trapped Souls (Six) ago
~ Twenty-Five - City of Trapped Souls (Seven) ago
~ Twenty-Six - City of Trapped Souls (Eight) ago
~ Twenty-Seven - City of Trapped Souls (Nine) ago
~ Twenty-Eight - City of Trapped Souls (Ten) ago
~ Twenty-Nine - City of Trapped Souls (Eleven) ago
~ Thirty - Wound Branches (One) ago
~ Thirty-One - Wound Branches (Two) ago
~ Thirty-Two - Wound Branches (Three) ago
~ Thirty-Three - Wound Branches (Four) ago
~ Thirty-Four - Wound Branches (Five) ago
~ Thirty-Five - New Marra (One) ago
~ Thirty-Six - New Marra (Two) ago
~ Thirty-Seven - New Marra (Three) ago
~ Thirty-Eight - New Marra (Four) ago
~ Thirty-Nine - New Marra (Five) ago
~ Forty - New Marra (Six) ago
~ Forty-One - New Marra (Seven) ago
~ Forty-Two - New Marra (Eight) ago
~ Forty-Three - New Marra (Nine) ago
~ Forty-Four -New Marra (Ten) ago
~ Forty-Five - New Marra (Eleven) ago
~ Forty-Six - New Marra (Twelve) ago
~ Forty-Seven - Indiscriminate Force (One) ago
~ Forty-Eight - Indiscriminate Force (Two) ago
~ Forty-Nine - Indiscriminate Force (Three) ago
~ Fifty- Indiscriminate Force (Four) ago
~ Fifty-One - Indiscriminate Force (Five) ago
~ Fifty-Two - Indiscriminate Force (Six) ago
~ Fifty-Three - Indiscriminate Force (Seven) ago
~ Fifty-Four - Refuge (One) ago
~ Fifty-Five - Refuge (Two) ago
~ Fifty-Six - Refuge (Three) ago
~ Fifty-Seven - Refuge (Four) ago
~ Fifty-Eight - Refuge (Five) ago
~ Fifty-Nine - Refuge (Six) ago
~ Sixty - Refuge (Seven) ago
~ Sixty-One - Refuge (Eight) ago
~ Sixty-Two - Refuge (Nine) ago
~ Sixty-Three - Refuge (Ten) ago
~ Sixty-Four - Refuge (Eleven) ago
~ Sixty-Five - Alliance of the Darkest Night (One) ago
~ Sixty-Six - Alliance of the Darkest Night (Two) ago
~ Sixty-Seven - Alliance of the Darkest Night (Three) ago
~ Sixty-Eight - Alliance of the Darkest Night (Four) ago
~ Sixty-Nine - Alliance of the Darkest Night (Five) ago
~ Seventy - Alliance of the Darkest Night (Six) ago
~ Seventy-One - Alliance of the Darkest Night (Seven) ago

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I like the MC and the world so far

Enjoying it so far.  Enjoying all the parts with the MC, though I find his 'friend' pretty annoying almost all of the time. 

I'd say the weakest part are the little side conversations by the 'Gods'? 'System admin'? ('internet trolls'? :) )  I don't know if less of that is the answer or if you just need to condense into larger exposition points that occur more infrequently.

I do wonder how long it will take for the humans to actually evolve or strengthen enough to rise to another level/plane; It has been discussed a decent amount, but are they actually going to leave the current level at any point before let's say book 10?



In the first 2 chapters you have me curious about what's happening. 

I'm looking forward to taking this journey!


keep it up  


Beautiful and logical story

Frankly i alway wondered why when some mc are transported in another world they could use mana so easily after all in theory with the presence of mana. Human from magical world should be biologically different from us.

In this story we see a guy with the potential to be op the weapon necessary to be op but he is not op. Why ? 

Because that how thing are. You can't go without efforts and pain from a normal human without training to someone so badass that even a soldier who fought at the front would feel inferior.

You can't become used to something totally foreign in a matter of few day

Anyway if you want a story about a guy who in one or two chapters become so op that even god tremble and is so manly that all girl wet themselves in his presence , this story isn't for you.

Bjt if you want to read an interesting story and that you're tired of story where the mc become strong without any efforts then read it and you won't be disappointed. 

For the other try reading until the 8th chapter. If by then you still don't like it then better stop reading