The smell of warm forest air was pungent and dizzying. Here I was, sword drawn, fighting side by side with a strange hooded child. Several worgs tightly circles us in a perfectly in synch manner. They had uniquely blood-dyed furs and vicious teeth, and I could recognize such things only from my world's mythology.
There were at least five or six of them, and they were each fearsome foes by themselves. If I hadn't so much confident in the kid's combat ability, I would have been quite afraid. Fighting aggressive fauna was not a conqueror's skills, and I didn't really prefer fighting them with a rapier.
I waited for them to plunge at me, and I would try my best not to die here. Obviously, it was only a matter of statistics that my path would lead me here. I was guaranteed to do something stupid eventually, and I guess now was the time. Right now, I was locked in battle trance, and the past and reasons that brought me here seemed irrelevant.
In fact, when I was back to my senses after being overwhelmed by fear, I had already walked a good half an hour. My feet were soar and my stomach was empty, and it became apparent to me that my one-track trek had been caused by supernatural means. I intended to confront Darius, not run away, so it was only natural that once again I questioned whether that night had actually happened.
The sun had just come up and the city of Magon was becoming lively again. Besides the sudden and disastrous news of the palace burning down, many people ranging from vendors to students continued their daily activities.
Town criers announced the deaths of the King and Queen, and it was only then the city became aware of the significance of the fire. Quickly, the mood in the air changed and became ominous. Darius was to announce the deaths of his entire family and claim succession soon, but I was more interested in remembering the details of my meeting with him.
I didn't doubt that he was responsible, and I couldn't possibly return without the support of the kingdom, so I had to do something about it. Back there, I didn't feel so strongly about it, but I abhorred his ways of doing things, and planned to get him dethroned. For now, our goals became totally disjoint.
I didn't hate him because he wanted to become king. It was only natural that the parents, evidently so, were hedonistic and wasteful, so that their replacement or displacement could be helpful. Instead, he decided to outright kill them, and besides that he involved innocents. Several of the servants at the palace were bound to get hurt, lose their livelihood, or even die.
First, before I could think of any scheme, I had to take care of myself. I searched my cloak and clothing for anything the maids might have brought me, but I only had Heph, the rapier, and a little currency. In fact, it was probably the maid's pocket change and it wouldn't even provide me three meals and lodging.
Before that, there was the problem of clothing. The cloak I was given wasn't that good of a disguise, and if I was somehow caught by one of Darius' men, it was all over. He didn't stop me from escaping, as if he was actively provoking or wished to insult me. Remembering what he called me, it was possible that he had clues.
What I really needed, besides breakfast, were allies. If I was somehow able to get to him and subdue him, I could get all the answers I'd need.
I asked Heph, and he said "I understand. I do have new information to share, but first, you need to decide how you're going to accomplish this."
Before, I had personal guards and mercenaries, and then eventually, entire armies. Now, it was just me and my pal. It didn't feel as good as it should.
"Okay, let me know what you've learned."
"Listen carefully. You want to conserve my charge for emergencies. In fact, The reason I am here with you is because some Summoner thought that I was the best choice to be your companion amulet. However, I had nothing to do with Celine collapsing when you were summoned. They said that there was no trace of magic, but that's the only real reason I can think of."
"Hey, hey, that can't be right."
"Let me finish. Instead, it seemed that when you collapsed, you regained memories you already had."
I was shocked but I did indeed let him continue, out of courtesy, "That's just a hypothesis, but when they took me from you, they were trying to subdue my personality. At that point I was weakened and deactivated, so I don't have much memory, but someone intervened."
I took a breath for a while and finished my food. Heph was heating up underneath my cloak and it made it hard to eat, but I realized that was also a possible truth. Instead, it made me question more just who was Celine.
"I'm sorry. I have no clue. Instead, I'm going to rest now, unless there is anything more that I can do."
"No, that's enough Heph. Keep up the good work."
Actually, when I was king, I could feel when the courses of history are shifting on chance. For example, when I invade a country, there could be a million chance-based factors, and today, I was blessed with yet another chance to advance.
The blonde-haired boy who saw to me when I collapsed, just by pure coincidence, walked over to me.
"Lady Celine. You're alive."
Before I could say more, he ushered me away. Evidently, he was not an active policeman anymore, instead he was roughly dressed and he felt warm as he guided me into a dirty building in a suspicious place.

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