I begin to get bored of my daily activities, as interesting and varied as my schedule was. I really started to worry my 'parents' by exercising so much. No matter what, I would probably never regain my athletic prowess, and it hurt so that I would probably never have the satisfaction of defeating a strong opponent again.
I didn't enjoy fighting at all, but indeed physical triumph was its own joy among those allowed to a conqueror. Instead, I worked as hard as I could, improving my body to the point where my health would not interfere with any of the new activities that I would start. As Alexander, there were certain things that I had to do, and things that were not allowed to me.
There were two reasons that I assumed that new activities would enter my daily life. Now that I had the opportunity, I would have to do them in order to adjust to this life. Secondly, I didn't know how to return to the other world, and the proper ritual required could be strenuous, or even physically taxing.
Between that, I had to continue to act as Celine in order to act auspiciously in front of my family, so besides that, I also performed dainty actions fitting of a princess. Of course, between these two schools of thought, I grew bored and imagined other things to pass the time.
For one, I studied as much as I could, about the local geography, fauna and flora, about the cultures of this world. Magon was a city of artificers, and while it was not very powerful, it was an important waypoint for traders and a place for elongated study for aspiring magicians. I saw magic first hand as Heph's amulet, and I remember that the physician who first attended to me uttered something about it while I was in a stupor, shortly after arriving in this world. Artificers work with technology in order to create lasting objects of use, but it seems that there's more to magic than just that.
Besides that, the reason I was able to learn a fair deal was that the top grade research and learning cooperatives, like my world's "colleges" often have branches in Magon, and I have the privilege to hire any number of them as private tutors.
Judging from the King and Queen's enthusiasm, Celine was only ever slightly educated, and I jumped on the chance. Even as Alexander, I was taught by Aristotle and never passed on a chance to learn from local thinkers.
I also wanted to learn the necessary street knowledge of this city, and this time, I earnestly followed though with the charity work that Celine was known for. In life, I did not possess the necessary skills, nor the time, to properly serve others. It's my greatest regret and I went through to rectify it to the best of my abilities. My head was heavy with new information, and my body sore from exercise, but I found work that wasn't to intensive on either.
From reading to orphans, or volunteering at clinics, 'my' reputation always proceeded me, and I was respected, but doing these things, I felt like I was doing something of more value. Since I skipped out on these aspects of conquest, I can only hope that my kingdom survives as a united and peaceful realm. Between Persians, Greeks, and the other nations I control, there was enough life for me to never become bored.
At night, my will to sleep slowly returned, and I felt more and more like myself. Every day, I also tried to learn about my condition, but I couldn't find any useful information. In particular, I was troubled that there was no documentation from reliable sources of any other world existing. I queried the intellectual elite of Magon, and read through all the literature available to me, so I took a break to examine the rest of my query.
Some Magicians were skilled in the art of Summoning, which involved invoking certain eidolons to servitude. I only saw illustrations, as magic was not really something seen on a daily basis, and summoners were rare even among magicians. Those eidolons, though, were clearly amazing.
I've seen a good portion of the world, and I've pretty much conquered the entire map, but I never saw such fantastic creatures anywhere else. My world's mythology even, came nowhere close to the strangeness and coolness of the summoned beasts, eidolons. Some of them were even intelligent and replaced the companion amulets for some users.
At any rate, Summoners were my next clue, and I tried my hardest to schedule a meeting with one as soon as possible. Truth be said, I could only find one, and it was not a very reputable name, but nonetheless, I aimed to move forward as fast as possible, in order to save the princess and my body. In truth, I was already working as fast as I could without drawing unwanted attention to myself.
With great satisfaction, I slept my last night at my chambers, not knowing that my tribulations here exceeded those of my previous life. Recently, I had no need for my passive awareness, while usually I slept with one eye open. I regretted not doing that.
It seemed to only be a few hours when someone sprinkled cold water over my face.
"Princess, Princess," a maid repeated. It smelled heavily of smoke and dust and I struggled to comprehend as she handed me shoes and cloak.
I heard the shuffling of more feet besides just hers and my own. I had never panicked since, but now I was indeed worried. My chambers were on the second floor of the palace and it was possible that the exits could be blocked.
When I opened the door, an entire team of maids and other attendants waited in the smoky hall. They sincerely ignored the danger in order to help me, something that would never happen to Alexander, but I had no time to be sentimental. Instead, the gravity of the situation slowly crept up on me, and I grew fidgety.
Before, leaving, I grabbed a decoration piece from the wall. It was a rapier, but at that time, I neither knew the word from my past life, nor did I remember it from my studies.
"Your excellency, that's merely a decoration," said another maid, as she handed me another of the same type of weapon. I didn't question exactly why she had that with her.
The fire originated in the next story up, so while I was safe and could exit freely, I grew anxious because that was where my parents were. Seeing how their duty was done, the maids who were escorting me finally came to their fears, and seeing that I was okay, left me at the courtyard to get help.
I would have went with the girls too, except that I saw none other than brother Darius exit next. I went to him to see if he was alright, but actually, it was as if he was too okay. I couldn't not see through his façade.
"You're responsible for this."
He slowly replied, leisurely taking his time, despite the flaming palace behind him, "Once you ceded succession, this is what you asked for."
I clenched my teeth because I had no idea whether it was true. Instead, when he saw me briefly confused, he whispered, "After all, this is what's best for Magon. We can't have a subhuman in charge either."
I was ready to fight him, but his aura was increasingly dangerous, almost inhuman. I felt my eyes sting, and an invisible force beckoned me to leave, as fast as I could.

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