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Early Davido Hamilio Art + Minor Announcement


As for the announcement, I will be going on a holiday between the 23rd of October and the 30th of October to Prague with the owners and fellow staff of Royal Road. Last year we went to Italy, this year, it's the Czech Republic. I dunno if I really mentioned the trip last year or much about it, but yeah. Should be fun.

I'll try to backlog at least 1 chapter per story for that, but if I post nothing between those 7-days (23rd should be fine for posting, probably), please don't complain. I'm already really busy trying to find time to add chapters to the patreon tiers as the due reward for hitting the last goal as well as with the chapters I'm still due all of you for the time that I was without a PC for 3 weeks.

Now, in regards to the art, this is a bit early, but please consider me posting this 11 days early as my reward to you guys for helping this story reach 4,000,000 total views.

The artist is the same guy that drew Crusher, and the next artwork will probably be Hsiao-Han (hopefully, after all, her design is pretty complex).

Thanks a lot, and love you all (purely platonically)



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