I'm very happy with the Daz artwork, less so with the Rose artwork. Both were done by the same artist, but I never paid for a real background for Rose's one, which was my mistake, so I'll be getting new art for her soon.

I like Rose in the art and her wheelchair, but her laptop needs serious work (like making it look alien and it not having a stupid Apple logo lol) and a good background really enhances artwork IMO.

The next art will be of Crusher in her base eight-foot-tall Titan form, then after that, probably Davido, then Hsiao-han, then Rose's redo.

Anyhoo, I hope you like Daz's art (the shovel's meant to be bent. That's something that'll be brought up in the rewrite of book 1).

Daz [In The Prologue At Fort Skip Just Before The System's Arrival]


Rose Hamilio


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