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Book 3 Chapter 38: Grand Proclamation and Headache


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'I'd rather not make an enemy out of her considering the fact that she owns an empire supposedly, but unlike Larry, I doubt I can strike a deal with her, right? Not a deal that'll benefit me, at least. Yup, my instincts agree. Well, fuck. Guess I'll just go all in and hope she doesn't hold a grudge,' Daz concluded.

He summoned Hamson from its brand and willed it to cut off Meimei's head. As Hamson was flying over the stage, Daz then summoned his two clones as well as Rimmy's main body.

Meimei sulked as she used her bamboo pipe to blow a large plume of smoke that perfectly hid her body from sight.

"Death Beam," all three Daz's said in response to the smoke as they layered their beams to perfectly sweep through the mist.

Rimmy did his part too. He combined with his main body and then began spamming his skill, Crystal Cannon.

Less than two seconds had passed before the fog had been completely cleared, revealing a slightly worse-for-wear Meimei who was sweating quite heavily.

She was constantly using her bamboo pipe to deflect Hamson, but each time the sharp blade of Hamson's head met the body of her pipe, the bamboo chipped and splintered.

"I'd surrender if I were you. If you don't, that weapon of yours will be destroyed pretty fast. It's an SS-ranked item, so I dunno about you, but I'd personally want to prevent something like that from breaking," Daz advised casually.

Meimei grinned. "I'm not one to give up so easily."

Daz sighed lightly. "Fine. Want me to crush you? I'll crush you then. Justice Chains." He had initially not wanted to stir her up, but his instincts had been screaming at him to deal with her drastically.

Thousands of pale-grey chains rose up from the wooden stage and wrapped around Meimei. The second they came into contact with her, she began shrieking violently as if her soul was being ripped apart.

Daz held his hand out to stop his clones and Rimmy from attacking her any further. At the same time, Hamson flew back into his palm. "You've got thirty minutes to surrender. If you don't, then what you're feeling now, you'll be feeling for all thirty of those minutes. After your mind has shattered, I'll kill you."

Daz shoved his hands into his pockets and raised his voice as he said, "I've not got any mercy for a person who sells children for merit points, but surrender now, and I won't pursue this in the real world."

While the secret that he had seen with his Secret Override function of his skill Crystal Digger's Master Identification was fairly useless, knowing that this woman was covertly trafficking children to otherworlders somehow was actually proving to be the perfect nugget of information he needed to destroy this woman without tarnishing his reputation to the various champions of Earth. It has spurned him into checking her very... interesting crime list.

Meimei had a defiant look in her eyes as she bit off her own tongue and spat it out onto the floor.

Daz shrugged. "Thankfully you have the Regeneration stat, huh? I guess that'll keep you from bleeding out while I tell everyone here every single crime that you've committed, won't it?"

The reaper ignored the woman whose face had immediately paled, leaving his clones to keep a close watch on her as he turned to face the auction hall.

"Before I was an Archreaper, I was a Justice Reaper. Being a Justice Reaper gave me three very useful skills that you all may be interested in," Daz said as he glanced at Pheldorapod briefly to confirm that it was okay for him to talk to everyone right now.

'Oh, please! Don't let me stop you now! This is all far too entertaining!' the octopus yelled internally as he slowly bowed his head to grant his consent.

"The first was the one that you just saw. It's called Justice Chains, and it allows me to bind my opponents for a set amount of time which is dependent on how many crimes the target has committed based on my moral standards. It also forces the target to live through the pain that their crimes have caused. It has a limit of thirty minutes, but with a person like Xiao Meimei who has committed exactly fourteen-thousand-six-hundred-and-forty-one crimes by my standards, I'm pretty confident that her mind will be broken beyond repair if she doesn't surrender as soon as possible," Daz explained very calmly. 'I'll keep the fact that it's pretty much unblockable a secret for now.'

"That leads me to my second skill, Archreaper's Gaze. Now, this skill does a lot of impressive stuff. For a start, it lets me see another person's crimes, which is how I know how many and what crimes Xiao Meimei has committed. Another of its effects makes me practically invincible to people who have committed a lot of crimes," Daz claimed.

He paced along the stage for a few seconds to let that information really sink in. "Were I to undo my Justice Chains, she could attack me all that she wanted, but I doubt I'd lose a single point of lifeforce. Hell, maybe she'd even heal me? I'm not sure. I haven't tested that out."

'Mu negated this skill, but that was when it was only Justice Reaper's Gaze. I should let him hit me with his strongest attack at some point. Either my halo will save me, or nothing will happen. I'm interested to see if he can ignore the Archreaper's Gaze...' Daz thought for a brief moment.

"The third and final skill I'm going to tell you about isn't really a skill. It's a racial trait, but regardless, it's incredibly useful," Daz said with that emotionless voice of his. "It's called 'Eyes of Truth'. Yes, it's as simple as it sounds. This racial trait lets me know when someone is lying. It's not really relevant right now, but it might be soon since my goal is to unite Earth before our 'tests' are over. If we're not united, I believe that we won't stand a chance considering the direction that we're slowly being pushed towards."

With that shocking proclamation out of the way, Daz cracked his neck and smiled. "Well, I guess I'll start listing off all of Xiao Meimei's crimes now."

Human trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, murder, assault, sexual assault, coercion, bribery, you name it, Xiao Meimei had probably done it.

As Daz was busy listing all of these crimes, Meimei was slowly being changed. Not only was her mind being viciously attacked by the Justice Chains, but the effect of Archreaper's Gaze and Daz's racial trait - Reformer, were slowing making her regret her prior actions.

Daz hadn't mentioned it, but Archreaper's Gaze still held the ability to make his words more persuasive to those who had committed crimes.

After ten minutes had passed, all Xiao Meimei wanted was forgiveness. Tears covered her youthful face as her aged soul shifted and morphed to conform to Daz's words.

Archreaper's Gaze was a very subtle skill, but it was incredibly powerful and held a nigh-infinite potential.

Seeing the change in Meimei's expression, Daz stopped talking and approached her. "Your tongue's regenerated already, hasn't it?"

She hesitated, but every fibre of her being told her to answer him truthfully. She nodded her head very slowly.

"Good. Surrender and then repent for your wrong-doings. No amount of action can make up for the crimes that you have committed, so live the rest of your life trying your fucking hardest to make up for it as much as possible, got it?" Daz demanded in a threatening manner.

A haziness filled the woman's eyes before she once again nodded.


Congratulations. Thought seed [Strive to better all of Earth and its people] successfully implanted into the host [Xiao Meimei].


Daz lowered himself into a crouch and placed his mouth right next to Meimei's ear. "When I next see you, which I will see you, by the way, if you haven't done as I've told you to, then mark my words, you will never live another moment free of my Justice Chains," he whispered monotonously.

Bobbing her head up and down almost maniacally, Meimei said, "Yes! I-I won't disappoint y-you! I-I surrender!"

Daz ran his fingers through his hair as he got back up and watched both his Justice Chains and Xiao Meimei vanish into thin air. He turned to Pheldorapod and smiled at him. "Thanks."

"No, no, thank you, Daz. You are the gift that just keeps on giving," Pheldorapod replied as he bowed grandly and returned Daz to his private suite.

Congratulations! You have won the challenge created by the silver ticket.

Your rewards: 39,000,000 merit points and a [Limitless Fruit of Evolution].


The total balance of the host is now: 122,085,395 [+39,000,000].


On top of the absurd amount of merit points that he had won, Daz's ranking had finally gone up by a single digit, moving him from third place to second place on the merit ranking list.


Due to being in the top 2 for overall Merit Points, the host will gain [Emerald-level] access to the shop and system.


As a reward for being in the top 2 for overall merit points, the host has been granted an [SSS-rank Item Token].


If Pala knew that Daz would have managed to gain so many merit points on his own, he might have vomited blood in regret since it was essentially unnecessary for him to have made such a demanding deal with the system. He could have also put fewer restrictions on his spade were Daz to have received it as an SSS-ranked item instead of an SS-ranked one.

Unfortunately for Pala, very few people in existence had the power to predict the future, and even fewer could do so accurately.

Daz reclined himself back into his sofa after he had put his new fruit and token into his pockets. He rubbed his neck and sighed heavily.

Han was staring at him warily while both Mu and Crusher were looking at him like he was the coolest thing in existence right now. As per usual, Rose was too busy to bother with her brother, however, Vanessa looked a bit worried.

"Um, that was, er, something? Was that, um, smart?" Vanessa asked, earning a set of narrowed eyes being pointed her way. "Uh, what I mean is, isn't she uh, the owner of a city with more than two-million people in it?"

Crusher just laughed before Daz could even respond to the German teen. "Fuck 'em. Uriel, that was fuckin' awesome! Man, that sent chills up my spine when you treated her like your little bitch. Hahaha!"

Rose scoffed. "More work for me to do. Just because Daz used his skills and traits to win over that woman, that doesn't mean that the people back in Chongqing can't reverse what he did. Don't worry though, your genius little sister can at the very least keep the thought seed in her head from being tampered with."

Daz frowned. "I never considered that. Well, my instincts were telling me that she was the type to hold a grudge, so even if I didn't do that and just beat her normally, she'd try to take it out on Fort Skip eventually. Understandable, I guess. I'd be pretty pissed off too if I lost a little under forty-million merit points."

He held his chin for a moment before his frown deepened. "What really worries me was her affinity. How could a woman as baseless and lacking in morals like her be chaotic neutral, and not chaotic evil?"

Mu felt like he could answer that question. "Is it not like with my case? She does not see herself as evil. Perhaps she saw all of her crimes as necessary evils in the face of her personal justice?"

Rose's jaw almost hit the floor. "Wow. You're not a complete idiot. I'm shocked." Mu grinned sheepishly in response.

"Is it really that simple?" Daz asked more to himself than to anyone in the room.

Rose just shook her head. "It hardly matters. Anyway, you're gonna piss off a lot more people with the next items, aren't you?"

"Indeed I am," he replied as he rubbed his head lightly. 'This headache again... It's gotten worse... I didn't even know that Archreapers could get headaches...'

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