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Book 3 Chapter 24: Crystal and Rimmy Gets Some Upgrades


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[New!] Master Crystal Identification [B-Rank (Higher Tier)]

Allows the host to identify any and all crystals and jewels. Due to being master rank, this skill cannot level up, but it also cannot be blocked.

Another skill added to the chopping block, I see. 

By saying or thinking 'Master Crystal Identification', all of the relevant information of the identified crystal shall be displayed to the host.


Just like with the Master Tool Identification, this skill was instantly absorbed and merged into Higher Identification.


Congratulations! The host's skill, Higher Identification [SS-Rank (Middle Tier)], has reached level 3!


That was a little bit unexpected, but when Daz recalled how this skill had first levelled up after fusing with the Lesser Crafting Identification skill, he figured that this made sense.

"System, pause showing me the rest of my class skills and show me Higher identification for a moment, please," the young reaper requested.


Higher Identification [SS-Rank (Middle Tier)]

Allows the host to identify anything.

The perfect skill for those well-versed in the arts of peeping. Yup, sounds like you, alright.

By saying or thinking 'Higher Identification', most of the relevant information of the identified item/person shall be displayed to the host so long as the item/person is not as powerful or more powerful than the host. Should it/they be more powerful, then consent is required to view any of its/their relevant information.
By saying or thinking 'Master Crystal Identification', all of the relevant information of the identified crystal shall be displayed to the host.
By saying or thinking 'Master Tool Identification', all of the relevant information of the identified tool shall be displayed to the host.


"Hmm..." He held his chin to think. "The master-ranked identifications clearly have more authority than the overall skill, otherwise they wouldn't get dedicated abilities, would they?"

He sat and thought for a short while longer. "Rose definitely has the Master Identification skill right? The one that costs, what, just over a billion points in the shop? I guess she got it as her god-ranked skill... maybe. It could be a personalised version of the skill from the God of Information..."

He tapped his cheek a few times as he held his chin. "Well, no use thinking over this much longer. System, show me the rest of my class skills, please."


[New!] Astral Crystal Control [S-Rank (Middle Tier)]

Allows the host to control all crystals and move them with but a thought. This skill also allows the host to connect to the Astral Crystal Plane and summon crystals.

This skill... Huh... Well... I guess you could make a light show out of it? Reflections and all of that jazz.

Grants the host the ability to telekinetically control all gems. Limit: Fifty gems at once (regardless of size or weight).
Grants the host the ability to summon gems and crystals from the Astral Crystal Plane. Limit: 2 times a day and this ability scales off of the luck and/or fate stats of the host.


"Wait... scales off of luck and/or fate? Why are my instincts telling me that I badly need to experiment with this skill? Well, I guess logically because it'll lead to some success, huh?" Daz joked as he looked at the next skill.


[New!] Crystallisation [SS-Rank (Higher Tier)]

This skill allows the host to turn themselves or other objects into crystallised versions temporarily or permanently depending on the item changed.

Aha! Now your lifelong dream of becoming a rock and living in peace is within arm's reach!

Grants the host the ability to turn parts of - or their entire body - into a crystal substance. Which substance, is dependent on the host's knowledge of crystals. The more the host knows of a certain type of crystal, the more of their body they can change into the chosen substance. Limit: 10 minutes per crystallisation. Cost: 250 Worldforce per crystallisation.
Grants the host the ability to turn other people or objects into a crystal substance. The rules for the above ability apply here as well. Items which are not organic may retain the transformations permanently. The chance of this happening is dependent on the item's size, the substance chosen, and a mix of the luck and/or fate stats of the host.


"This sounds incredibly strong. So, basically, if I know enough about, let's say diamonds, then I can change my entire body into one made of diamonds for ten minutes? Will Regeneration actively heal any damage to my crystalised form? Also, Rimmy can generate gems, so I can study them personally. And can't I farm this to make different types of crystal and gem shovels to feed to Hamson? Surely he'd gain something from eating something so weird, right? I just need to buy a book or two on minerals, then I'm good to go. This skill was made for me," Daz said to himself.


Grand Summon: Jewelled mountain Golem [S-Rank (Higher Tier)] [Up two entire ranks!]

A skill that allows the host to summon a unique Jewelled Mountain Golem who is loyal to the host.

The description didn't change even after two whole rank ups? Goes to show how weird this skill is, huh?... What? I've not got anything bad to say about Rimmy. What kind of monster would talk poorly of our lord and saviour?

An Incredibly [up from slightly] powerful Jewelled Mountain Golem can be summoned and unsummoned at will.
The golem can be summoned for an infinite period of time.
The golem's base Jewelled Core's capacity has been quadrupled [up from doubled].
The golem can now use energy four-times [up from three-times] as efficiently, reducing the energy costs of all skills.
[New!] The golem's core body now has 3 spare lives (these lives can be renewed for one-million merit points each, but no more may be added above the initial 3).
[New!] The golem now has a chance to gain special powers or base stat upgrades from consuming rare crystals or jewels. The golem will know which crystals and jewels will have this chance upon seeing them.


"Fuck yes!" Daz yelled in excitement.

Reika was startled. Her master spoke to himself often enough, but shout to himself? This was new. 'Did something good happen?'

"You bet it did! Rimmy just regained his immortality!" Daz explained in a loud voice.

'Regained? does that not mean that he lost it? When?' Reika put one of her hands on her hip and the other on her forehead as she strained her mind.

Daz just smiled at her antics. "He lost it when he evolved. He hasn't completely regained it, to be fair, but he now has three renewable lives."

'Hmmpf. Then we are better. We cannot be killed like he can unless Hamson is destroyed! Even though we are a soul, soul-based attacks will only cripple us, but not kill us! Praise us, Insolent Fool!' Reika demanded as she hovered in front of Daz's face.

He sighed softly. "Yes, yes. You're amazing. You keep getting new skills, huh? You should tell me whenever you get a new one instead of saying it randomly. Like how you mentioned that you can stabilise my mind should it destabilise during my conversation with Rose a couple of nights ago."

Reika puffed out her cheeks. 'Why? You can identify us whenever you wish. Why do we need to tell you when we earn a new skill? By the way, we earn them from consuming more souls.'

Daz shook his head. "I refuse to identify my friends without permission nor my potential enemies which my instincts warn me are strong."

'We are your friend?' Reika asked with genuine surprise in her tone.

The reaper gave her a funny look. "Of course you are. Sure, you're bound to Hamson, but I consider you as much of a friend as I do Crusher or Sandy or Dorian or Ellie."

'We see... In that case, you have permission to identify us whenever you please!' the tiny spectral demon princess announced.

Daz grinned. "I will, but for now... Summon Rimmy McShineston."

Rimmy's lumbering thirty-foot tall main body filled up a good chunk of the training room's space, so Daz imagined it being a bit larger to give the massive crystal man some breathing room.

As he was doing that, the humanoid core of Rimmy popped out of his main body's chest and rushed to Daz before hugging him. After that, the cyan man pulled back and petted the reaper on his head. "Rimmy."

"Yeah, yeah. You're welcome. I missed you too, and thanks again for the help against Larry," Daz said as he smiled from ear to ear. "Gimme a sec while I check your stats, okay? I wanna see how much you changed from your skill ranking up twice."

"Rimmy!" Rimmy answered excitedly.

Daz's smile just continued to stretch across his face as he checked both Rimmy's main body and his core.


Rimmy McShineston's Main Body's Status
Basic Information
Name: Rimmy McShineston Species: Jewel Golem
  Race: Jewelled Mountain Golem [Main Body]
Age: 0 Sex: N/A
Class: The Jewelled Pioneer Affinity: Lawful Neutral
The one who got lost on the jewelled path and was consumed by its power. It has been granted a second chance at life by the host, Daz, and due to this host being his summoner and a being who once tread the same path he did, he feels unending loyalty for him.
Jewelled-core Mark-III: 500/500 (2,000) [The doubling effect has been replaced by a quadrupling effect]
Jewelled-core Mark-III: 500/500 (2,000) [The doubling effect has been replaced by a quadrupling effect]
Jewelled-core Mark-III: 500/500 (2,000) [The doubling effect has been replaced by a quadrupling effect]
Strength: 4,000 [+2,000] Constitution: 7,000 [+3,000]
Loyalty: Maximum Defense: 3,000 [+1,500]
Agility: 2,250  
Crystal Shotgun
Crystal Cannon
Jewel Generation
Pummeling Force
Spiked Body Transformation
Great Roll
[New!] Rapid Regeneration


Rapid Regeneration
Automatically regenerates the host's body. Cost: 10 Jewelled Core energy per cubic meter regenerated.


"Holy shit. Not only are your stats insane, but you can even self-heal automatically, and for such a cheap price... I should have upgraded your summoning skill this whole time, Rimmy, not your personal features and stats," Daz claimed.

Rimmy controlled his main body and made it slam its chest pridefully with one hand and salute with its other. "Rimmy!" he shouted excitedly. Satisfaction spread throughout the crystal man's core at the thought of being able to protect Daz and Fort Skip for far longer now that his energy capacity had sky-rocketed and thanks to the fact that he had a regeneration-based skill.

"Hahaha," Daz laughed earnestly at Rimmy's amusing show of loyalty.


Rimmy McShineston's Core's Status
Basic Information
Name: Rimmy McShineston Species: Jewel Golem
  Race: Jewelled Mountain Golem [Core]
Age: 0 Sex: N/A
Class: Jewelled Warrior Affinity: Lawful Neutral

The true core of the Jewelled Mountain Golem, protector of Waterford, Rimmy McShineston.

This being currently possesses the power to sever its bond with its master and proceed on the jewelled path alone, but it has sworn to itself that it would never abandon the Earth survivor, Daz, and has thus asked the system to seal its ability to sever their bond.

The core, unlike the main body, is far more adept at one-on-one combat and has a different class from the main body to help facilitate this difference.

So long as this core exists, the main body can never be entirely destroyed, however, if the core is slain, Rimmy McShineston will lose one of its stored lives.

Lifeforce: 8,000/8,000 [+4,000] Jewelled-core Energy: 7,500/7,500 (30,000) [+2,500 and the doubling effect has been replaced by a quadrupling effect]
Agility: 6,000 (7,200) [+3,000] Dexterity: 5,000 (6,000) [+2,500]
Strength: 3,000 (3,600) [+1,500]  
The host has 7 unused stat slots.


"Wow, you're fast. Aren't you way stronger than me now?" Daz's question had an uncertain answer. Uncertain, yes, at least until he got a new system notification, that is.


Due to having upgraded your class, the system has deemed it fair that your grand summoned being [Rimmy McShineston] is to be allowed to upgrade its class as well for both its main body and its core.


The very next moment, Rimmy's core and his lumbering main body hummed with power as a new kind of strength entered their very beings.

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