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Book 3 Chapter 23: Class Change and Existing Skill Upgrades


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A/N: Edited the stats on statuses to better display and differentiate class bonuses and item bonuses. I'll fix the older chapters in the eventual rewrite, I'm sure.

Daz had promised to meet up with Rose, Crusher, Dorian, Madison and Vanessa shortly via text. However, first, he went to a training room in the general amusement centre. Naturally, he wanted to use his Class Upgrade Token.

"It's so weird how my instincts are screaming at me to use this thing now. I wanted to think it over a bit longer, to be honest," Daz complained as he sat down cross-legged on the foam flooring of the training room that he was in.

The room was pure white in colour and could be changed into any landscape with but a few words from its occupant - Daz. He could also summon enemies or dummies to act as training partners, but he didn't care about that right now. He was only here for some privacy and some space to think over his coming choice. Training could come after that should the need arise.

Reika floated around lazily and stopped in front of his face. 'Do you know why your instincts are being so loud?'

Daz shook his head. "I have no clue. I'm guessing it's because the people I'll be challenging with my tickets for the skill cap upgrades will be stronger than me? I'm not sure, but that's the theory that makes the most sense."

'Hmm... What if Fort Skip will come under attack the moment this auction is over? Surely then, you won't have the time to choose your class upgrade. At least not with a calm mind,' Reika suggested.

Daz raised an eyebrow. "I'm pretty sure that's impossible. I don't want to say it's entirely impossible, but I'm confident that very little time has actually passed outside. Like, what, just over four hours? And everyone on Earth is in the auction right now."

'True. Hmm... We do not know why your instincts are reacting so violently, then,' Reika said as she shrugged her astral shoulders.

Daz just rocked his head from side to side once more and sighed at the tiny demon princess' actions. "System, I'd like to use my Class Upgrade Token now, please."


Confirmed. Consuming [Class Upgrade Token].


Class Upgrade Options
Additional Weapon: Dagger
Merged Class: Shovel Dancer

Combines the two classes [Shovel Knight] and [Blade Dancer], granting the host bonuses for wielding both shovels and daggers.

All skills from the [Shovel Knight] class shall be upgraded and the host shall be given a new set of skills which are the upgraded versions of the [Blade Dancer]'s base set of skills.

Additional Weapon: Crystal
Merged Class: Crystal Digger

Combines the two classes [Shovel Knight] and [Lord of Crystals], granting the host bonuses for wielding shovels and any weapons created with crystals of any type (only crystals sanctioned by the system count).

All skills from the [Shovel Knight] class shall be upgraded and the host shall be given a new set of skills which are the upgraded versions of the [Lord of Crystals]' base set of skills.

Additionally, the host's B-rank skill [Summon: Jewelled Mountain Golem] shall be integrated into the class [Crystal Digger] and will rank up twice.

Additional Weapon: None
Pure Class: Shovel King

The host's base class [Shovel Knight] shall be upgraded, resulting in each of the class' skills ranking up twice.

The host shall also receive several new skills befitting the new class.


"Huh... They're all actually really good... But yeah, I'm going to have to choose Crystal Digger. That's obviously the best one. What do you think, instincts?" His esper power was silent, which meant that it didn't disagree with him.

The young reaper nodded and said, "System, what do you think? Which class would you personally recommend?"


Confirmed. The system would recommend the [Shovel King] class.


"I wonder why. No chance you'll tell me, will you?" Silence was his only answer. "Guessed as much."

He shrugged and stood up before he stretched. "Well then, Crystal Digger it is. I trust my esper power more than I trust you, system. Though you are very reliable, make no mistake there."


Confirmed. Upgrading the host's class to [Crystal Digger].


The change was immediate. Daz felt something inside of him... click. Like a previously unlit fire was now roaring and blazing wildly in his mind. It felt... peculiar.

"System, show me my status, my new class and all of its skills, please," he requested with his usual manners when talking to the almighty being who was controlling this 'test'.


Host's Status
Basic Information
Name: Daz Species: Reaper
  Race: Archreaper
Age: 20 Sex: Male
Class: [New!] Crystal Digger Affinity: Lawful Neutral
Lifeforce: 7,000/7,000 Death Energy: 20,000/20,000
  [New!] Worldforce: 500/500
Strength: 1,100(1,650) Dexterity: 1,000(1,500) | Item Boost: +50
Constitution: 1,100(1,650) Agility: 800
Charisma: 680 | Item Boost: +15 Ingenuity: 840
Defense: 1,600 | Item boost: +3,000 Immunity: 316
Soul Power: 6,000 Luck: 1,000 | Item Boost: +325
Justice: 140 Corruption: 0
Combo: 200 Wisdom: 700(1,050) | Item Boost: +250
Regeneration: 1 | Item boost: +100 Patience: 200


Due to the host's stat limit having been reached, the class specific stats of [Intelligence] and [Transparency] shall forcefully be applied should the host earn more stat slots in the future.


"Heh... Not horrible. Shame about the future stat slots, but it's not the biggest deal in the world since I already have all of the important stats. Still, the boosts to Strength, Constitution and Dexterity have more than doubled from twenty-percent to fifty-percent, and the Wisdom stat gained the same boost," Daz concluded. As if to answer him, the details of his new class blocked his vision.


[New!] Crystal Digger

Combines the two classes [Shovel Knight] and [Lord of Crystals], granting the host bonuses for wielding shovels and any weapons created with crystals of any type (only crystals sanctioned by the system count).

Hahahaha! You actually chose a class that has the word 'digger' in it? I bet that's why the system didn't recommend it. It lacks a certain regality, no? Though then again, so do you.

Class Bonuses
The stats Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, [New!] Wisdom, [New!] Intelligence and [New!] Transparency are increased by 50% [+30%] of their base values.
The skills [Mass Dig], [Ore Collection], [Craftsmanship], [Shovel Earthquake] (Integrated into the host's skill [Shovel Arts]), [Master Tool Identification] (Integrated into the host's skill [Higher Identification]), [Master Crystal Identification] (Integrated into the host's skill [Higher Identification]), [Astral Crystal Control], [Crystallisation] and [Grand Summon: Jewelled Mountain Golem] are granted to the host.
The host has a permanent 75% [+25%] higher base affinity with all dwarven races and all gnomish races.
[New!] The host has a permanent 75% higher base affinity with all fae races and all crystal-born races.
[New!] Most sentient gems and crystals shall regard the host with sincerity and respect initially.


"Wow. That's... That's a lot of shit," Daz mumbled as he whistled in admiration. He'd have to complain to Crusher at some point soon. It would seem that his somewhat impressionable state after regaining his emotions had led to him learning this whistling habit of hers.


Mass Dig [D-Rank (Lower Tier)] [Up one entire rank!]

This skill gives the digging capabilities of an entire workforce to the host.

Huh. Even a whole rank up couldn't make this skill sound less pathetic. Oh well. You can't win 'em all. Better luck next time and all of the jazz.

Increases the efficiency of digging by 60% [+40%].
Makes digging 60% [+40%] easier.
[New!] Grants the host the ability to mass dig in any direction and at any length/depth/width. The resulting dig can - at most - dig up space equal to thirty cubic meters. Cost: Consumes 500 death energy per use.


"Well, this is kinda usable now. I don't think I've ever used this skill before, have I? Maybe for Fort Skip's initial trenches... I can't really remember... I know I used the Grave of The Humans skill to expand them afterwards with the help of Rimmy's punches... Speaking of which, when exactly will that crazy old man judge that I can actually rank that stupid skill up?" Daz moaned as he moved onto the next skill.


Ore Collection [B-Rank (Higher Tier)] [Up one entire rank!]

A rare skill only earned by those well-versed in finding and collecting gems. It is still somewhat common, but it is certainly harder to find a person who possesses this skill than it is to find one with the [Ore Discovery] skill.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Huh. Still no readings... Wait, what? This is an ore detector skill, not a metal detector one? My bad. It was hard to tell the difference since they are equally worthless.

Grants the host a sixth sense that allows them to discover nearby or [New!] slightly distant gems and metal ore vein deposits.
[New!] Automatically collects raw gems and metal ores that enter the host's detection range. They are stored in a fixed subspace of the skill's which can only be accessed by the host or the most skilled of space thieves.


"Oh! Now that is great. Auto-collection and then they go into a specific subspace? I'll need to test the limits of its range, but yeah. I can imagine this being incredibly helpful if and when this whole test shit moves to other planets like it already seems to be," he happily said.


Craftsmanship [D-Rank (Middle Tier)] [Up one entire rank!]

A skill for those who have travelled the path of a craftsman for a short period of time. 

You are now beyond the scope of mere toddlers. Congratulations. Let's whip out the bubbly and throw a party as we all watch your lego-assembling skills.

All crafting done by the host shall be 15% [+10%] more efficient.
The host will have an easier [up from slightly easier] time crafting all things.
The host will have an easier [up from slightly easier] time understanding how something was crafted.


"Nice. Not the most useful skill ever, granted. However, this'll make my hobby more fun, I'm sure. I wonder what rank Sandy's crafting skill is? I'm sure he must have invested some points into a decent version of it, right?" Daz wondered aloud.


Shovel Earthquake [C-Rank (Middle Tier)] [Up one entire rank!]

This skill was created by the hard work and training of a devoted follower of Pala - the God of Shovels. After receiving the gift of [Shovel Smash], Bella Leroux Va La Ida, spent eighty-years of her life honing and mastering [Shovel Smash] before she developed this far more powerful version of the skill.

I'm not even going to bother. This skill will die in a second anyway when your stupid 'Shovel Dancing' absorbs it. 

Allows the host to channel one type of their own energy into the flat side of a shovel's blade as a form of attack.
[New!] If the channelled energy is hyper-focused and above a certain threshold, the host may uproot the ground and cause a violent earthquake by smashing the ground with the flat side of a shovel's blade.
Increases attack power of shovels used by the host by 50% [+40%] when the skill is used.


As promised, the skill was taken into the Shovel Arts skill the very next second and was added to its list of abilities. Daz looked forward to checking the power of this upgraded Shovel Smash soon.


Master Tool Identification [B-Rank (Higher Tier)] [Up one entire rank!]

Allows the host to identify any and all tools created to aid with manual labour. Due to being master rank, this skill cannot level up, but it also cannot be blocked.

Yet another skill that'll be fused with a different one. This is no fun if you just kill all of my pretty little skills. 

By saying or thinking 'Master Tool Identification', all of the relevant information of the identified tool shall be displayed to the host.


Once again, one of his new skills disappeared. This time, it became a part of higher Identification, naturally. Higher Identification didn't rank up, unfortunately, but it did gain a new ability called 'Master Tool Identification'. What it did was painfully obvious.

"All really decent changes. Now, onto the meat of the matter." Daz was eagerly awaiting the reveal of his new crystal-focused skills.

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