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Good News! + Draft Artwork Of Rose


So, first, the good news.

I finally have my new computer! I am typing this with a keyboard, and boy does that feel good.

Here's a little story in regards to my new computer. First, I had my brother (the good one) drive it back home from the store instead of me carrying it half a mile. On top of that, I could save money by opting out of getting an OS (Operating System) since I could just get my brother to install windows for me. That saved me £35. Oddly enough the motherboard already had windows 10 activated on it, so I didn't need to buy a key.

Now, in regards to that brother, he has a very consistent and strange problem. He is reliably unreliable with his reliability.

What do I mean? He will do what he promises, but only after bailing or pushing it back 2-6 times. I got super lucky with him doing this the first time I asked. I was worried that I'd have to ask the guys at the shop to install windows then phone my dad to get him to drive 20 miles to help me bring my computer back, or - heaven forbid - I actually carry it home or got a taxi or someshit.

Anyhoo, here's a picture of my old pc that my brother got from the skip site for me 2 years ago:

And here's the new £864 computer (that I was only able to buy thanks to the very kind and generous patrons Corwin Amber and Angry Chimp as well as my good friend Kanadaj. Collectively, they paid for half of it) plus my hand and leg as well as my brother's torso:

Now with this, I can resume my writing schedule!

I'll be writing an LTW chapter today, then tomorrow there will be a SIS chapter.

As I've already explained, it will be a long time before you get the due chapters from the hiatus. I plan to fill out the $15 patreon tier first then prepare a backlog of 5 chapters for SIS and LTW for when I reach the $1,000 monthly pledged total goal. After that, I'll start writing the chapters, so one day, several months from now you'll suddenly get 6 chapters for both stories and 3 for LTW's rewrite, so look forward to that!

I'm glad to be back. I was helping my dad do skip runs to tide me over, but living without working comfortably was quite stressful in its own weird way lol.

Rose artwork now, woo!

The initial design:

After some suggested modifications on her expression:

A complete redo with a different style in mind:

Initial attempt at full body and a different angle:

Reduced size to fit her age more appropriately:

An attempt at my requested pose + extra reduction in torso length:

And that's as far as we are. The artist is very busy IRL, so he can't afford much time to this. I have been promised it will be done eventually, but I doubt anytime soon. I plan to get another artist to do this in their own style as we wait, but I'm quite happy with the progress here in all honesty.

Cimmerian, I didn't forget about your kindness! I'll be using the money you gave me to order a backup USB power supply very soon to prevent what happened to my old PC from ever happening again!

I'll be deleting the non-chapter posts save for the poll so they don't bother new readers now that they aren't relevant. I'll keep the Facts About Me up on my patreon for the public to view, so go over there if you want to refresh your memory on my colourful life story.

I have gotten nothing but support from everyone. Hundreds of heartfelt comments go a long way as do the very personal and respectful PMs. I'm tearing up writing this, but I'm a bit of a bitch who cries at his own stories, so no surprises there, really.

Again, thank you all. It's good to be back in action. c:

Love ya all,




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