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Book 3 Chapter 4: Private School and Racial Change


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Unfortunately, despite how much he really wanted to 'play' with Madison for the full hour, after thirty minutes, Daz had to call it quits. Both he and Maddy had to prepare a few things before the auction, him in particular, so he couldn't exactly run out the clock.

The two had parted ways after a quick shared shower. The first thing Daz did after that was get his merit points from the bank.


The total merit balance of the host is now: 2,564,488 [+437,414].


His Wisdom allowed him to glean from the numbers that he'd been given his keep wage first before the bank interest applied, which Daz found interesting. 'So I can't figure out the calculations mentally, but I instinctively know it's that way without my esper power? I guess Wisdom has a few hidden uses, huh?'

As he was making his way towards a suitable location for the school, he pulled up his ranking list. He was going to put it off until the last day of the resting period to get all of his rewards at once, but since the auction was mandatory, Daz wasn't confident that he could continue to hoard his various rewards and tokens like a dragon considering what things the system might throw his way.


The host's overall Lord ranking is #1, the host's overall Point ranking is #51 [-75], the host's overall Kill ranking is #232 [+37], the host's overall Evolution ranking is #3 [-29], the host's overall Skill Creation ranking is #49 [-2], the host's overall City Owner ranking is #28 [+9], and finally, the host's overall Potential ranking is #3.


Due to being in the top 100 for overall Merit Points, the host has been granted [Platimum-level] access to the shop and system.


Due to having [Platinum-level] access to the shop, the system will now actively recommend the best item/skill for the host when the host uses a relevant token or wishes to buy a specific item.


Due to being in the top 10 for overall Evolution, the host will gain a permanent [75% Discount] for the evolution section of the shop.


Due to being in the top 3 for overall Evolution, the host will gain a free inherent racial change of their choosing (this does not include skills or traits, and must change the host's race in some way, whether for good or for ill. This may result in improving or diminishing one of or multiple of the host's racial skills and/or traits).


Daz nodded with satisfaction. 'I don't know what your goal was when you fucked with the system, Father. I have a hunch you wanted to get caught and were trying to fuck everyone over since each day of an attack cycle survived results in a great profit, but you only helped me by revealing the system's attention of me to Big Bo. I owe these merit points to you, Father,' Daz thought sarcastically.

He stroked his chin and held his elbow in thought for a moment before he spoke aloud to himself. "I have a feeling this auction is going to require as much strength as is possible from me... It's not going to be normal. I guess I should use my S-ranked item tokens from my potential reward, my item exchange token and upgrade tokens from my compensation, this racial change, and all of Fort Skip's base and merit points. Maybe I can save the last one until the auction is over... Hmm..."

"Ah, I also need to get my reward from the Box of Wonders." Daz held his forehead and frowned. "I've really let things pile up, huh?" he asked himself, not expecting an answer.

'Do you know what you'll get with all of that stuff?' Reika questioned out of curiosity.

Daz shook his head. "I'm not sure. I can ask the system, I suppose, now that I have Platinum-level access to the shop. I have an idea for the racial change, but I've got no clue what that lunatic Altros will give me. Last time, you popped out, and you weren't so bad, so we can only hope, huh?"

Reika puffed out her cheeks with pride.

Daz stopped walking and looked around. "Yeah, I guess this'll do." He was stood in an open area of the plains within the outer and inner walls that was between the barracks and the residential area. His thinking was that the school would be close enough to the homes to be convenient for those that still had parents while it would be near the barracks to hopefully inspire some of them to become defenders of Fort Skip in the long run.

"System, please show me the most optimal school for Fort Skip right now. Ah, keep in mind that I plan to get another one for the city later. Also, show me Fort Skip's merit and base points, please," Daz requested.


Confirmed. Displaying [Below-Average Castle Private School].


[Quality] Base Upgrade
[Below-Average] Castle Private School

A school designed to teach Earthian children and adults of all ages.

It is modelled off of a small-scale castle and hosts many various clubs and activities. Teachers are not provided, but extensive courses are available for those who wish to teach, all free of charge.

Hmm... looking at what I've got written in front of me, this kind of school would cost you at least $100,000 to get enrolled. That's per month. Earthians sure are good scammers, huh? You have my undying admiration.

Passively grants and increases the Intelligence stat by 1 point per factual lesson attended being taught by a qualified teacher (only applicable to students).
Passively grants and increases the Wisdom stat by 1 point per thought-provoking lesson attended being taught by a qualified teacher (only applicable to students).
Passively grants and increases the Strength stat by 1 point per physical fitness lesson attended being taught by a qualified teacher (only applicable to students).
Passively grants and increases the Endurance stat by 1 point per school-set physical activity performed that is supervised by a qualified teacher (only applicable to students).
Passively grants and increases the Patience stat by 1 point per lesson or activity taught (only applicable to teachers).
500,000(125,000) Merit Points or 3,000(750) Stone units, 1,500(375) Wood units, 1,000(250) Steel unit, 800(200) Iron units, 60(15) Silver units, 20(5) Gold units, 5,000(1,250) Paper units, 600(150) Sand units, 300(75) Plastic units, 100(25) Chalk units, 1,000(250) Cloth units and 400(100) Water units.
12,500 Base Points


The total merit balance of [Fort Skip] is 3,403,201 [+3,403,201].


The total base balance of [Fort Skip] is 1,087,000 [+1,084,300].


[Day 3 of Cycle 2] 542,200 points were awarded due to a [Below-Average Base] having survived an attack and 100 points were awarded for each surviving citizen.


[Day 4 of Cycle 2] 542,300 points were awarded due to a [Below-Average Base] having survived an attack and 100 points were awarded for each surviving citizen.


"Wow. Okay, that's a lot of unit requirements, a lot of merit point and a lot of base points... Hmm... System, is there any way for me to transfer my base's merit points to my city's merit point balance?" Daz asked. 'Since my instincts are still shouting at me to improve Waterford, it'd be incredibly helpful to have over three-million points to help me on that front.'


Confirmed. The [Privilege] base upgrade [Territory Funding Transferral] is required.


"How much does that cost? And does it do anything special beyond swapping points between places I own?" Daz asked. He'd rather avoid reading another snarky remark from the person writing the descriptions, if at all possible. He felt like he got enough of that from Rose as it was.


Confirmed. The [Privilage] base upgrade [Territory Funding Transferral] costs 100,000 merit points and 10,000 base points. It does nothing beyond letting the lord of multiple territories swap their individually generated funding of merit points to one another. There is a transaction fee of 5,000 merit points every time it is used.


"Hmm... Useful. System, I'd like to buy both the Territory Funding Transferral and the Below-Average Castle Private School. The school with merit points, not resources. Ah, and before you ask, yes, I confirm the purchase," Daz announced.

Immediately afterwards, the ground rumbled. Emerging from the soil and grass came a towering building that rivalled the keep in size and design. If it wasn't for the large plaque above the wooden double-door entrance reading 'Fort Skip's Private School: All Ages Welcome!', no doubt Daz would have assumed that someone had plopped a castle in the middle of his base.


The total merit balance of [Fort Skip] is now 3,178,201 [-225,000].


The total base balance of [Fort Skip] is now 1,064,500 [-22,500].


"Okay." Daz nodded. Now that his promise to Sally was out of the way, he was free to upgrade himself personally with all of the things he'd been collecting over the past few days except for his merit points which he assumed he'd need for the auction. "First thing's first, system, please use my racial change to make my semi-halo a full-halo."

It was a simple line of logic, but Daz's reasoning was that his new sixth sense which was easily overshadowed by his esper instinct would actually become better and far more integrated for combat situations.

He could have given himself a big resistance, or perhaps made his skin tougher to cut. Hell, he could have even made it so he required sleep again or removed the need for food. On the extreme end of things, he could have changed his race beyond recognition, but he didn't want to do that. Most importantly, his instincts were yelling at him to change the halo.


Confirmed. The skill [Halo of Judgement] has been upgraded to the God-rank skill: [Halo of Absolute Judgement].


"Excellent," Daz said as he smirked. "More than I thought I'd get, that's for sure. It could have easily gone wrong. Once again, instincts, you've saved me. System, show me my skill, Halo of Absolute Judgement, please."


Confirmed. Displaying [Halo of Absolute Judgement].


Halo of Absolute Judgement [God-Rank] [Up one entire rank!]

A skill unique to the Archreaper, Daz.

The base skill was gifted to the very rare and powerful race of reapers, Archreapers, by the first God of Death, Bàs.

This skill draws upon the death energy of the universe to restore any damage dealt to the host.

Not as half-arsed anymore, I have to admit. I wouldn't mind having a glowing donut surrounding my head at all times as well. It really sends a powerful message to all of my enemies: I LOVE FOOD!

Heals the host's injuries and restores the host's limbs if lost. Limit: Up to 200,000 [+100,000] lifeforce points' worth per day.
Significantly [Up from slightly] enhances all of the host's perception-based senses.
[New!] Will passively take control of and move the host's body out of the way of danger twice per day when the host has no way to dodge or block a fatal attack.


Daz whistled in admiration much like how Crusher would have done. "Wow. God-rank skills are such fucking cheats. Makes me wonder, how strong are the people at the top three of all of the other ranking lists?" He couldn't help but laugh. "Then again, I doubt anyone has two God-rank skills like I do. I guess I'll find out soon enough."

Meanwhile, Reika was standing on the edge of her bed, Daz's halo, and she dived into the centre like it was a swimming pool. After repeating this a few times, she got bored and treated the almost-divine part of Daz's being like a rubber floating ring.

Daz, of course, left her to her own devices. "I guess next is this," he mumbled as he took the S-rank item token out from one of the pockets of his Travelling Gear of Altros. "Mu had some crazy items, while all I have is my gear, my earring, and Hamson... Hmm... System, what do you recommend I get with this token?"


Confirmed. The best item for the host at this point in time from the system's point of view would be the [S-ranked (Higher tier) Fruit of Luck].


"Oh? Is it a consumable? That's new. Show me its details, please," Daz requested. His curiosity was definitely piqued. Why did the system think that he needed something luck related, of all things?

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