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Bonus chapter!

The prologue for book 3 is quite short, and I didn't want to make next week feel a bit empty thanks to that. So, I wrote an extra chapter to justify releasing this as a bonus one this week. Yay me.

Davido awoke from his slumber and stretched his body. He didn't even cast a glance at the foreign beauty lying under the sheets next to him. He simply left the bed, threw on a dressing gown and walked out onto the terrace. He looked down at the sparkling city of Venice. His eyes were full of mystery as he smirked.

A thought that he had been having ever since the very first day of the system's tests entered his mind once again. 'The second the system allowed us to purchase bases, I had one. Yet still, I am only ranked second? Am I really the first to have designs on and almost interfere with the system, I wonder?'

Davido spoke a few more simple words that he'd spoken a million times already in his mind before he returned indoors, got dressed in a black suit and then returned to the balcony and floated down to the city streets. Every Italian knew the Basic Flight Spell skill even if they didn't have a class related to the skill.

Basic-level magic of all types was a gift granted to them for knowing the sacred language of magic.

The middle-aged and handsome man politely returned everyone's greeting as he made his way to the council chamber. He had much to discuss with his vassals. Today would mark the day that Italy was united as one under his banner. It hadn't been too difficult if Davido was being honest, but choosing a path of non-aggression was certainly harder than one riddled with violence.

The hours soon passed by like a flash. Upon stepping out of the town hall, Davido was met by a young boy no older than five. He shared physical similarities with the young boy such as their auburn hair, their dark - almost black - eyes, their sharp noses and a certain charm that they had surrounding them. Getting down to one knee, Davido cast a loving gaze on the child. "Well, if it isn't Little Gia." He scooped the young boy up into his arms. "How can I help you today?"

The toddler laughed happily. "Papà. I missed you," he said in fluent Italian before he kissed Davido on the cheek.

Warmth filled the cynical man's heart. "I'm sorry, Gia. Papà's been very busy."

"I know. Papà's taking over the world!" Venice was a large city. Many of the citizens under the protection of its council smiled warmly at their young lord's attitude. Giacomo Hamilio was a national treasure to them.

A young woman no older than twenty was running through the streets and came to a sudden stop as soon as she saw Davido and his son in his arms. "Lord Hamilio! I'm so sorry! One second I was watching Lord Giacomo, the next he disappeared as if by magic!"

Davido chuckled softly. "It's fine. He is a little trickster, aren't you, Little Gia?" His son stuck his tongue out cutely in response.

The lord passed the young boy over to the woman. "Look after him carefully, Aurora. As usual, I'm busy." Giacomo's face was filled with sadness as he was passed over to his caretaker. "Don't give me that look." Davido rustled his son's hair playfully. "I know how you feel, but please don't use your powers to evade Aurora, okay?"

Giacomo pouted. His face was adorable enough to shake even the heavens. "Yes, Papà."

"Good." Davido smiled warmly once more as he waved his son goodbye.

After that short encounter, he found somewhere secluded and entered the Court of Lords. Of course, he avoided the general court. That place was filled with idiots whom he would destroy or persuade to join his side eventually, but not right now. One thing at a time.

In his private court, he sent an invitation to a certain lord. Twenty seconds passed before another figure appeared out of thin air. It was a young girl of perhaps twenty-two or twenty-three. Not much older than Aurora herself.

"Sir Hamilio, you called?" the girl said very respectfully.

Nodding lightly, Davido replied. "Things have settled down in Italy. It's time for you to start taking over the states while I manage Western Europe. How goes the investigation?"

The girl looked a bit regretful. "Something or someone is blocking us from investigating Waterford. I have been tempted to send troops. Aila is particularly angsty about the whole thing."

"She was engaged to him, after all. Okay. You have my permission to send her and a few men. Make sure she doesn't act with hostility. My instinct is telling me that it's impossible for her to win," Davido ordered.

The woman's face was filled with shock. "Impossible...? But only two days ago you said it was highly like- I do not mean to doubt you, Sir Hamilio! I would never dream of it... But what could have changed for such a drastically different outcome?"

Davido laughed softly. He gently brought his hand to the woman who was easily half his age's face and caressed it. "That's what I love about you, Elizabeth... You always follow my orders, but you aren't afraid to ask questions. Your independence is... admirable."

The young girl's face flushed with a sheet of crimson. "Sir Hamilio..."

Davido pulled back his hand and turned around to leave his wide shoulders facing the girl. "I want news of my children by December. No later. I expect nothing less than perfection from the Cromwell bloodline."

"O-Of course, Sir Hamilio!" The girl bowed lightly before her body faded into nothingness.

Davido lingered for a few more moments. "Darenzo... Why do my instincts tell me that you are far more mysterious than even I could have ever imagined? Oh, mighty system, what plans do you have for my precious eldest? I wonder if they overlap with mine, or if they will have to be crushed into the dirt like everything else that steps in my way?"


Denied. Access to that information is not available to anyone.


Davido grinned from ear to ear. "Sometimes, oh foolish system, a lack of an answer is an answer in and of itself."

A note from Lone

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