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Madison Artwork + Poll For Next Artwork

Who or what do you want art of next? (normally I just commission whatever I personally wanna see, but I think I'll ask you guys from the four things I want commissioned for this story the most)
Daz (This will take a long time and be pricey since it'll be four different commissions. Human Daz, reaper Daz, half-burnt Justice Reaper Daz and Archreaper Daz)
48.65% 48.65% of votes
Rose (Probably the easiest, cheapest and fastest of the four)
20.03% 20.03% of votes
Crusher (Like Daz, but one less variation. Human Crusher, Titan Crusher and Titan Form Crusher)
13.13% 13.13% of votes
Fort Skip (Probably the most expensive since it'll be very detailed. I'd estimate a few hundred dollars which will take me a while to scrape together)
18.18% 18.18% of votes
Total: 594 vote(s)

A note from Lone

Thank you to Sinpathy for doing this commission and to Shu for doing the name on the second one.

This took upwards of five months and way too much effort. Eventually, I stopped complaining and took it as it was. It's not my ideal Madison, but I suppose I got my money's worth.

The theme was Madison forcing her expressionless face to smile with her fingers. The sheer amount of drafts, changes, and revisions this has gone through... It's frightening.

Less Refined, But Better Body (Legs In Particular I Feel)

More Refined But Weird Knees And Ever-So-Slightly Big Feet (In My Opinion)

A note from Lone


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