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Book 2 Chapter 68: Rimmy's Fighting Resolve and Unbridled Rage


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Sparing not a single moment, Rimmy's colossal body sprinted across the muddy and broken field. It was hard to imagine that such a large figure could move so fast, but less than a second had passed before he was upon Mu.

Rimmy repeatedly punched the Chinese man's body over and over and over and over again. He didn't stop, no, he wouldn't stop.

Rimmy's assault only came to a halt when his core sensed that something was wrong. Abandoning his main body and making it jump back, Rimmy's core flew into the air and watched the smouldering crater made in the wake of his main body's endless barrage of fists.

A low chuckle could be heard coming from the charred pit. "Now you, you, are very, very cool."

Bloody and torn with bones poking all out of his body, Mu slowly rose from the crater. As Rimmy looked at the man and prepared himself, he couldn't help but noticed that Mu didn't seem like he was moving off of his own accord.

As if to confirm the Golem's suspicions, a tiny red skull exited Mu's ripped and destroyed shorts. A single crack could be seen just below this skull's right eye. Only the skull and Mu himself knew the significance of this new crack.

Mu's mouth moved unnaturally as he spoke again. "The system has not punished you for this surprise attack. That means this incredible... monster? Sorry, I do not know the correct term for it. This monster belongs to you and is considered a part of your potato by the system. Very cool."

Esmerelda, the red skull, sighed heavily. Were she to have a body, no doubt she would be holding her face in her hands. "Mu, it's 'power', not 'potato'. I swear to the All-Lich, I will let you lose this battle if you continue to embarrass me."

"Sorry," Mu apologized.

With that brief exchange now out of the way, Esmeralda controlled Mu's body and raised his hands up.

Rimmy could sense the energy building at the man's fingertips, so he wasted no time. The Golem's core flew to Fort Skip's walls, and with his main body, he faced both of his arms towards Mu and the red skull before he fired an upgraded version of his Crystal Shotgun, Crystal Cannon, which he had gained after his evolution.

Just as the jewelled volley of cannon balls was about to impact on Mu's wrecked body, the quickly accumulating energy had apparently reached its peak.

A ginormous wave of black and evil flames enveloped everything. Rimmy responded in the only way that he could. He used Great Roll.

Defying the very laws of physics, Rimmy's thirty-foot tall body shot up into the sky as he was curled into a ball and was spinning at an unimaginable speed. Once he was clear of the sea of fire, he changed his trajectory and aimed straight for Mu.

"That thing is insane..." Mu found himself muttering in the wake of Rimmy's abilities and versatility. 'Is Daz actually the champion of a higher god? Maybe one that isn't trying to cheat like Senior Death...'

Mu cleared his mind of these thoughts. His body had recovered to the point that he could move it on his own now.

Mu didn't possess any absurd healing capabilities, however, as a Death Reaper, he did have the racial trait Death Absorption. This trait allowed him to consume his soul power and death energy to rapidly heal his body. He did have to admit though that it had never taken him this long to recover to a self-operable state before. This only went to show how badly Rimmy had beaten him.

Lifting his war scythe from the floor, Mu charged it with his soul power and used a simple battle skill, Slice.

Rimmy's rolling body was cut clean in two. Unfortunately for the Death Reaper, Rimmy wasn't so weak as to fall apart just because he'd been cut in half.

Thousands of cyan-coloured gems spewed forth for the wound and connected themselves to the other half of Rimmy's body. Much like glue to a seal, it wouldn't last forever, but it was enough for Rimmy.

His colossal main body found it's target, however, a mysterious power switched the places of Esmerelda and Mu, forcing the red skull to take the entire force of the thirty-foot Golem's attack.

Several more cracks showed up on her skull before Rimmy was finally sliced to pieces by Mu who had now fully healed. Rimmy core was saddened and frustrated that he didn't get enough time to use Mountainous Eruption. Mu's attacks were just too quick for him to react to.

Turning to look at Daz who was now weakly standing up with his death energy limbs, Mu asked a simple question. "Is it over now, my friend?"

Daz shook his head. "Not yet." Once again, he invoked a skill mentally.

Esmerelda and Mu alike both felt their souls shake as the sky darkened. An enormous half-green half-blue skull appeared above them and was laughing maniacally.

"The All-Lich?! No! It's just a projection of a clone! Behind me, Boy!" Esmerelda hadn't ever been this serious in the time that she and Mu had been together, so he immediately did as she said and hid behind her.

Daz watched in horror as the red floating skull erected thousands of ominous-looking wards and somehow managed to brunt the force of the laughing skull before it left a second later.

Of course, Esmerelda was not faring well. She had fallen apart almost completely. All that remained of her red skull at this point was the left eye socket.

"That really surprised me. I need to rest now. You're on your own, Master," Esmerelda said with a weak voice before she stuffed what little remained of herself into Mu's pocket.

"You have surprised me over and over again, my friend. I have a fraction of my soul power and death energy left. That skill, you must tell me about it if you survive my final attack, okay?" Mu asked very politely.

"I'm glad I managed to push a higher god's champion so far, especially one who's been cheating," Daz remarked sarcastically before he spat a mouthful of blood out onto the muddy ground. "But sure, I'll tell you all about it after I kick your fucking ass."

Mu frowned. "Why are you upset?"

"Why?" Daz glared at Mu. "You come to my home, picked a fight with me, cut my arm and leg off, destroy my best friend, endure my most powerful attack, and you have the balls to ask why I'M upset?! I really hope you don't die from this, because it's the last trick in my proverbial book, and it will teach you that fucking with me was a terrible mistake."

Daz had finally lost it. He couldn't be bothered pretending to be nice to this glorified hitman anymore. Seeing Rimmy's main body get shredded to pieces was the final straw for Daz. No matter how manipulative he was, no matter how much he desired to possess Mu as a powerful pawn, he couldn't lie down and just gloss over Rimmy's defeat with a smile on his face.

Mu just looked confused. He hadn't understood half of what Daz had said, but from what he did pick up, it didn't seem to be all that friendly.

Suddenly, Daz's attitude did a bit of a one-eighty. He was still being heavily sarcastic, but he genuinely looked very happy. "Hey, Mu, have you ever heard of Archreapers before?"

Mu didn't know what Daz was talking about. "No, I have not."

"Shame. You're about to meet one." Daz's voice was overflowing with schadenfreude.

A massive swath of very bright grey light, so bright, in fact, that it almost looked white, enveloped Daz's entire body, blinding Mu.

Three system notifications filled Daz's vision.


The host has used their free evolution chance and has successfully evolved into an Archreaper.


Congratulations! The host has learned two new racial skills and has gained one new racial trait. All existing reaper-related traits and skills have been upgraded. Please refer to the system for further details.


The host's evolution ranking has been updated. Please refer to the system for further details and for any possible rewards.


Deciding to check out all of the system-related changes later, Daz first quickly inspected his body. All of his previously severed and burnt off limbs had regrown in their entirety. His scarred flesh had healed, revealing a slightly more handsome face than Daz was used to owning.

Besides all of these physical differences, Daz could feel something different about... everything. Almost like a sixth sense. He made a mental note to look into this further after dealing with Mu. What he did know, however, was that this new sense relied on the semicircular grey halo that was hovering slightly behind and above his head.

Without wasting any more time, Daz raised his hand and sealed Mu in his now improved Justice Chains. Of course, Mu was somewhat slow to react since the last thing he'd expected was for Daz to go and evolve, of all things.

He simply readied his power so he could break out the moment the chains sealed him. Unluckily for Mu though, this skill of Daz's was far more dangerous now. He screamed out in pain and wanted to do nothing but clutch his head and rip his own brain out the moment he came into contact with the chains.

Minutes ticked by as Mu felt his sanity leaving him. 'Why?! These visions! Argh! Wh... When will the suffering end?!'

Mu had never been connected to reality like most people were, so he hadn't even considered the wrongs he'd committed as... well, wrongs. Now that he was viewing things from other peoples' perspectives, he genuinely wanted to die right now. Anything would be better than experiencing this hellish nightmare.

It was only after a full twenty minutes had passed that the chains engulfing Mu's body finally receded back into the earth.

Mu collapsed onto his knees. He was still fine physically, but his mind was at the edge of shattering. He raised his sweat covered face to look at Daz. An open palm with vast amounts of death energy gathering towards it met his gaze.

"I... I surrender..." Mu's weak words entered one of Daz's ears and exited out of the other.

Rage still clouded the young Lord of Fort Skip's mind. Daz launched a fully powered Death Beam aimed right at Mu's head. the two men watched in shock as Daz's attack was neutralised and made inert by a mysterious power.


The battle between hosts [Daz] and [Shen Mu] has ended in the host [Daz]'s victory. All previously agreed upon terms shall be put into effect. [Daz] is not permitted to kill [Shen Mu] at this point unless he desires to invalidate the contract and go against the system's contract. [Shen Mu] has been granted ownership of [Waterford Camp] and will be made into a citizen under [Daz]'s rule. All previously agreed upon rules shall also now bind [Shen Mu] from this point onwards.


Daz grit his teeth so hard that even Mu could hear the grating sound coming from his mouth. It took him a moment to collect himself, but finally, he spat out, "Western side of town. I'll come to find you later when I've calmed down a bit."

'Why is he so angry? Is it because of how I fought? No, that doesn't seem right... The crystal monster?' Mu kept his thoughts to himself and he nodded his head before he hobbled away.

Many of the people who had been watching the fight from start to finish ran out of the gates to congratulate and talk to Daz, however, in the Chamber of Council, where the higher gods were, things weren't going quite so... peacefully.

A note from Lone

In comparison to the last chapter, I actually like this fight a lot more. I feel like it really highlighted just how powerful Rimmy is, and any time showing off #bestwaifuRimmy is time well spent.

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