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Book 2 Chapter 59: Mountainous Eruption and Greater Telekinesis


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Daz's immediate instinct upon seeing the ten warships flying through the air was to see if they could resist or nullify ranged attacks.

He pulled his pistol out from its holster on his waist and aimed his shot. The distance was far, but due to his high Dexterity, Agility and Ingenuity stats, Daz was easily able to hit a target from five hundred meters away with seventy-percent accuracy in normal conditions.

The accuracy sharply declined after the five-hundred-meter mark, but Daz had plenty of bullets, so even if the flying galleons were roughly a mile away, he didn't care.

Unloading the pistol's full magazine, Daz focused carefully and saw that two of the bullets had hit the mark. A large transparent barrier appeared around the vessel that he had aimed at and it turned the bullets into dust the moment they touched it.

Daz reloaded his gun and summoned his clone before tossing the firearm at him. "You might need this later. I'm fairly sure the ships are less dangerous than the people on it are."

"Yes, Original," the clone obediently replied.

"So, what's the plan, Lord?" Crusher asked as she put her hand to her forehead and squinted her eyes. "We gonna wait for them to get here, or what?"

"No. I'm not confident that we have the firepower to take one of those down while the shields are active, but we still need to take the initiative," Daz replied.

Edward gave him a meaningful gaze. "'He who strikes first, wins', or something?"

"Or something," Daz replied emotionlessly.

The young Reaper looked at Rimmy's core and said, "Let's see if those shields are immune to raw physical damage, shall we, Rimmy?"

"Rimmy." Replying calmly, Rimmy raised his hand and manipulated his main body.

The thirty-foot tall giant sprinted across the desert, forcing the sand to fly up into the air.

Daz could see that there were quite a few people on board the warships. He counted forty per, so five-hundred at least if he assumed that there ten below deck operating the galleons.

These men and woman were wearing light clothing and had masks coving their tattooed faces. They all had strange-looking rifles in their hands and they immediately began firing at Rimmy's lumbering figure.

Bullets that had a distinctive and clear blue trail floating behind them peppered Rimmy's main body. Thankfully, however, Rimmy had gained several new skills along with his evolution. One such skill allowed him to ignore these peculiar ammo rounds.


Jewelled Deflection [A-Rank (Lower Tier)]

A skill unique to Jewelled Mountain Golems.

This ability was never learnt, taught, or gifted to any Jewelled Mountain Golems, as it is entirely inherent.

If you ever run into a big shiny rock that's trying to smush you like a bug, but this skill isn't triggering, it either; A: isn't actually a jewelled Mountain Golem, or B: Thinks your attacks are far too weak to even bother wasting its energy on activating this skill.

Allows the host to consume Jewelled Core Energy to creates offshoot shields of jewel to deflect incoming attacks. Cost: Varies on what is being deflected.


Daz was barely able to see the bullets, but with his high stats, he was able to catch a glimpse of them as they were raining down on Rimmy, so he identified one.


Low-grade Ethereal Rifle Bullet [C-Rank (Lower Tier)]

A product so cheap that it might as well be a knock-off.

This bullet was made with the scraps and leftover materials during the production of Middle-grade Ethereal Rifle Bullets.

It'd be impossible to penetrate a bunker with this, but I suppose a tank might be possible? Hard to tell since they're so cheap.

Attack: 50 Penatration: 250
Spirit Killer


Spirit Killer
Deals some damage to souls if hit and deals critical damage to spirits, ghosts, apparitions and other things that do not possess a physical form.


Daz frowned upon seeing this. "Reika, make sure you don't get hit by any of those blue bullets, okay?"

'We never planned to, so there is no need to ask such a silly thing from us,' Reika replied as she puffed out her cheeks adorably.

"I see." Daz smiled before he looked at Rimmy's core. "What's your plan?" he asked as he glanced at Rimmy's main body that was quickly closing the gap between itself and the warships.

"Rimmy." Daz nodded at the Golem's response.

Crusher asked, "What'd Sapphire say?"

"Sapphire?" Daz wasn't sure who Crusher was referring to.

"Rimmy. He's blue and sparkly, so Sapphire. I like gems, so it's a compliment. Anyway, what's his plan?" Crusher explained.

Rimmy gave the Titan a small thumbs up in response. Daz didn't care if she had decided to call him by a nickname so long as Rimmy was happy with it.

"Rimmy knows that his main body will probably be destroyed in a few minutes, so he's going to lower their numbers a bit for us first. Apparently, even though he's blocked every bullet so far, there are at least four-hundred people shooting at him, forty per ship. He can't last much longer," Daz replied.

"Will he be fine if his body gets destroyed?" Of course, Crusher knew that Daz could resummon Rimmy once he was killed, but she wasn't sure if that would apply considering the fact that he had evolved and now had a separate core.

"It'll be fine, he had a skill that lets him reform his main body every six hours." Daz looked at the charging Golem and the approaching galleons as he clenched his fist.

He was calm on the surface, but in truth, he hated this. The young Reaper was aware that Rimmy's suicide attack would help infinitely with the assault overall, but it still left a bitter taste in his mouth.

Rimmy was finally upon the ships, so, while he was suffering innumerable gunshots and slowly being chipped apart, he grabbed one of the massive flying machines with both of his hands and spun around.

This was tough to do in the sand, but he managed nonetheless. With the flying machine acting as a club of sorts, Rimmy smashed it into a second warship with incredible speed and power. The two exploded violently, killing all of the people on-board.

Rimmy noticed that his main body was nearing its limits, so he ordered it to jump with all of its strength. A second later it landed in-between two more vessels. With a thought, he triggered one of his main body's new skills that it'd gained after evolving.


Mountainous Eruption [SS-Rank (Middle Tier)]

A skill unique to mountainous beings.

This skill's a funny one. Ever wanted to go out with a bang? This skill's for you!

Seriously though, some of the bigger guys that launch this skill can even blow up planets. Scary stuff. Shame it's a one-time skill... for most beings.

Grants the host the ability to self-detonate their body. The explosion size is dependent on the host's body size. Minimum explosion size is 100 square meters.


Rimmy's size was far larger than the requirements for the minimum explosion, so his body created a massive cyan-coloured flash of light, and a split-second later, both Rimmy and three of the warships vanished.

Not only did Rimmy hit the intended two targets, but he even managed to consume a third one completely unintentionally.

Daz was starting to have a nagging suspicion, so he shouted in a loud voice, "I'm pretty sure that this attack has multiple stages! I don't doubt Rimmy's power, but he alone wiped out half of the ships, so I don't think that it'll end once we finish the other ships. Stay alert and try to conserve your strength for the next wave of enemies!"

He wasn't going to make the same mistake he had made with the Frost Phoenix. Daz was fully intent on letting everyone know everything about the attacks that he knew about or suspected. It was his error on assuming that everyone was aware that Phoenixes resurrected once, and he would sooner die than let that mistake repeat itself.

On top of the wall, Ellie's eyebrows creased. "Another wave?"

Images of the fourth day of the first cycle filled her mind. She remembered how she had hesitated to use her full power and how that led to Daz losing half of his body.

Even if her godly skill did activate randomly when she needed it, Ellie still harboured a great amount of guilt in her heart from that incident. 'Daz said to conserve our power, but it should be fine so long as M Destroyer can still fight...'

Ellie had made her decision. Mini Daz had gained a few basic features along with his ring that enhanced him, and one of these features allowed Ellie to put him on autopilot. It was far less effective than if she was manually controlling him, but it was certainly a great ability if she was ever unable to directly manipulate the floating metal cube.

Ellie activated the autopilot and focused her mind. She held her hands out and pointed them at two of the remaining ships, the one to the far left and the one to the far right.

Then with a thought, the young woman used a new racial skill.


Greater Telekinesis [S-Rank (Middle Tier)]

A skill unique to beings with a great amount of telekinetic energy.

A great trick for children's birthday parties, just make sure you don't accidentally slam a kid into the wall and turn them into paste or something as you're juggling them.

Allows the host to move objects that weigh less than 45 tonnes which are a distance of, at most, 300 meters away from the host. Output can be tripled at the cost of all of the host's energies.
The limit of the amount of objects movable at once is 2.


Initially, nothing happened, but just as the warships were entering the three-hundred-meter range, suddenly and without warning, two of the galleons, the ones that Ellie was pointing at, crumpled up on top of themselves and became ball-shaped hunks of metal and flesh.

The people on board the other vessels were greatly confused. What the hell just happened to their warships? They had never seen or heard of anything like this before.

Their shock only doubled as they began fearing for their lives. Like tracking bullets, the two destroyed galleons turned midair and slammed into the ship closest to them.

The transparent shields tried their best to endure the force of the attacks, but Ellie had tripled her output by sacrificing all of her telekinetic energy, worldforce and stamina. The warships she was controlling were unstoppable.

Ellie only collapsed after she had successfully destroyed all three of the remaining galleons. With gaping holes in them, the three warships fell to the sand along with the two crippled and unrecognisable balls of machinery and blood.

Daz was obviously aware of what had just happened. He was sad to lose Ellie so early on in this fight like with Rimmy's main body, but he understood her decision. With this, the major danger of the first wave from this attack was over. All that was left was to clean up.

"Everyone! Get ready! There's going to be survivors I'd wager!" With that said, Daz gripped Hamson who was now cloaking in Reika's aura and prepared for the incoming attacks.

As he had predicted, several dozens of men and women crawled out from the burning wreckages of the warships which hadn't been turned into grotesque spheres. They were wounded and bloody, but other than their surface injuries, they actually seemed to be rather healthy.

Several of them took a small disk out from their pockets and clicked the centre of it. A large board of energy similar to the transparent ship barriers extended out from these small disks and hovered over the sand. The survivors got on these boards and began racing towards Daz's group with rage and bloodlust spewing from their entire being.

It was now time for the real fighting to begin.

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