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Book 2 Chapter 49: Slap and Absorption


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Six Lizardmen ran up to Daz in a rage after seeing their Chieftain being killed by his companion, Madison.

Normally, Madison would have been the one getting attacked, however, this particular tribe of Lizardmen always valued men as being superior to women so they were under the assumption that Daz was Madison's owner and was consequentially stronger than her and a larger threat.

Daz didn't panic and quietly asked Reika to enter Hamson, which she happily did. After all, Daz had promised her a fifth of the regular Lizardmen's souls and half of the dead Human soldiers' souls, so the small Demon Princess was very motivated.

Spears and swords rained down towards Daz while a few arrows flew through the air in his direction. With a calm and uncaring expression, Daz created several arms on his back and out of his existing arms and used these new death energy limbs to grab all of the tools of death whizzing towards himself.

With that done, he smirked lightly and mumbled, "Justice Chains."

Immediately, almost all of Daz's death energy was drained, but in exchange, every single one of the six attacking Lizardmen was wrapped in a foul-grey chain that almost seemed to be trying to suck them into the underworld. 

Luckily for Daz, the natural alignment for these monsters was set to evil, so his Justice Chains would hold them for a full minute.

With a leisurely expression on his face, Daz left the bound Lizardmen and began mercilessly slaughtering the ones still fighting with the soldiers of Camp Waterford. It only took him roughly forty-five seconds to wipe out enough of the monsters with his various skills to grant the fighting edge to his fellow survivors.

Just before the one-minute time-limit on his Justice Chains ran out, Daz returned to the Lizardmen he had bound and killed them all while they were all still incapable of fighting back. With that out of the way, the rest of the attack was simple.

After five minutes had passed, Daz had cleaned up all of the Lizardmen with the help of the soldiers and he reconvened with Madison and the unconscious General Miller.

From within the crown of gathered soldiers, a short woman with dark skin stepped forwards and looked at both Daz and Madison with confusion and suspicion written all over her face.

"Why are you two here?" the short woman with a striking ponytail asked. There was some fire in her voice and even though she was very thankful for their help, her memory couldn't help but be filled with images of when Daz had forced them to hand over several weapons and two trucks nearly a week ago.

Madison didn't reply and Daz simply ignored this woman who he recognised as Major Kabatay while he crouched down next to General Miller. He looked at the heavily injured man and frowned lightly. "System, fully heal Greg, please. Use whatever level of recovery gel is required."


Confirmed. Desired item, [Intermediate Body Recovery Gel] is required. Price: 15,000 merit points. Confirm purchase?


"Yes," Daz replied without any hesitation.


Confirmed. The total merit balance of the host is now 846,610.


A flash of white light covered Greg's body and all of his wounds slowly closed, leaving him lying there beneath the large swamp tree that had already started to slowly recede back into the earth since the attack had been successfully cleared. His clothes were torn and his body was covered in mud, but now he seemed to be perfectly healthy.

The second that the general had recovered fully, Daz slapped him across the face with enough force to knock out a pro-boxer.

"What the fuck!" General Miller almost flew to his feet in shock and moved his hand in an attempt to grip his missing sidearm.

Daz stood up slowly and walked a few feet away before he reached down into a dark-green puddle and threw a soggy black object towards Greg. "I think you're looking for this."

General Miller grabbed the sticky and gross gun that seemed to have melted a bit. He then looked around to get his bearings. Immediately his eyes caught sight of his soldiers, in particular, Major Kabatay, the short dark-skinned woman.

"I was hoping my eyes were lying before I passed out," Greg sighed as he scanned over Daz's deformed body and Madison's peculiar but bland expression. "Who's this?" he asked as he gestured to Madison who cocked her head cutely in response.

Daz walked next to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "My girlfriend. She's Madison. Madison, this is Greg, the general and lord of this place. He's also Dorian's dad," Daz introduced the two as he checked the notifications he had recently gotten from the system.


Wild Event Cleared!
Number of Participants: 2
Time Limit: 3 hours
Clear Conditions
Condition 1: Kill the 82 C-ranked Lizardmen and the single B-ranked Lizardman Chieftain attacking the citizens of Camp Waterford.
Bonus Condition 1: Make sure as many of the citizens as possible survive. The reward shall be greater dependent on the number of surviving citizens.
Bonus Condition 2: Ensure the lord of Camp Waterford, Greg Miller's survival.
Clear Rating
Minor Ring Of Merit [B-Rank Higher Tier]
Minor Ring of Merit Absorption [A-rated Lower Tier]


Minor Ring Of Merit [B-Rank Higher Tier]

A ring created by the system to aid the survivors of various worlds.

It can only be rewarded to survivors and not purchased, nor traded.

Pretty nifty little thingy-ma-bob. I wonder who made these?

Durability:  5000/5000 
Merit Booster 


Merit Booster
Grants the host an additional bonus of merit points after each completed attack. The boost is 500 x the number of merits performed.


This item is bound to the host, Daz, and cannot be used by any other host or sold to the system.


Daz already owned one of these rings and he had seen its effects. Having an additional one would essentially double the merits he would receive every day after an attack from the original ring's bonus assuming their effects could stack. He would have to test this after tomorrow's attack.

What really interested the young Reaper, however, was this new ring that he had never heard of. He gulped in anticipation as he inspected the small band of metal that had a tiny red stone attached to it.


Minor Ring Of Merit Absorption [A-Rank Lower Tier]

A ring created by the system to aid the survivors of various worlds.

It can only be rewarded to survivors and not purchased, nor traded.

Shiny, isn't it? Shame the description is as bland as stale toast.

Durability:  10,000/10,000 
Merit Absorption


Merit Absorption
Grants the host the passive ability to absorb 5% of the merits held by any being killed directly by the host so long as the ring is worn by the host.


This item is bound to the host, Daz, and cannot be used by any other host or sold to the system.


Daz could almost hear his heart stop beating from the shock. 'What a powerful ability!'

While five percent might not have sounded like a lot, Daz knew its true value.

As an example, if he got into a life or death battle against fellow survivors. Not only would Daz now be able to claim their souls for stats, their items and weapons to increase his or his citizens' strength, but now he would even be able to steal some of their merit points before killing them, which Daz valued greatly since most sensible survivors would avoid spending their points until the last minute so they had enough time to consider what upgrades they desired.

There was also the hope that monsters possessed merit points, and if they did, that would only serve to help Daz during attacks even more. The only downside to possessing this ring was the fact that he couldn't share it with his friends nor could he absorb any points if his victims had already used all of them.

With these thoughts in his mind, Daz slipped the merit booster ring on his index finger where his other one was while he put the merit absorption ring on his middle finger.

Greg watched this with a curious expression and he also saw a very exquisite and pleasant looking sword belt and sheath combo appear in Madison's hands which she immediately swapped for her ordinary looking one.

Assuming that the two had been gifted some sort of rewards for saving him and his people, Greg chose not to ask any questions.

He and his men had experienced a wild event during the four-day resting period, so everyone knew that was probably what Daz and Madison had just completed once they saved them and it was also more than likely the explanation for how they became aware of their struggle.

Major Kabatay stepped forward and raised her hand to her forehead in a salute before she reported, "General, in today's attack we lost fifteen soldiers, and forty of our assault rifles are no longer operable while twenty sidearms have also been rendered useless by the Lizardmen and the swamp water which seems to possess some acidic qualities, resulting in the metals of the guns melting."

Daz nodded his head and spoke before Greg could reply. "Swamp, huh? Pretty shitty status field you guys got. It was a near-perfect counter to your fighting strength."

"Near-perfect? The trees blocked us perfectly and the swampy marshes made it very difficult to move. With all due respect, I can't imagine anything being any worse than this," Major Kabatay replied somewhat sarcastically.

"Oh, I wouldn't be so sure," Daz shrugged casually as he imagining the soldiers trying to fight in a raging snowstorm.

Greg shook his head and wore a tired expression at Major Kabatay's usual fiery attitude that had only worsened after the apocalypse. "Daz, I can't say I'm happy to see you, but I need to thank you and this girl. Madison, was it? I need to thank you both for saving my life and the lives of all of the people here at Camp Waterford."

There was sincerity in the General's voice, and despite their past differences and Daz's prior blackmailing and the kidnapping of Greg's son, Dorian, at Crusher's hands, he could only bow his head and offer honest words.

Afterall, had this man that he despised so much not shown up with his girlfriend, then he and everyone he currently cared about and was trying to protect would have died today, of that, General Miller had no doubts.

Major Kabatay seemed to have a bitter expression on her face as she watched her superior and the lord of her home lower himself to some kid who had happened to have gotten lucky, but she knew better than to shout and scream about it... publically at least.

"Don't worry about it. I didn't do it for free," Daz said with a dismissive wave of his hand. "Should we go somewhere more comfortable, or would you rather talk out here?"

Daz waited for a reply and began to slowly absorb the bodies of the Lizardmen whom had already experienced getting their souls devoured by the satisfied Reika. he was only doing this to replenish his death energy in the unlikely event that General Miller decided to attack him and Madison suddenly.

The soldiers' eyes widened upon seeing the grotesque freak that was Daz casually suck away at all of the lifeforce of the monsters and leave nothing more than a pile of grey ash in his wake. Their grip on their weapons tightened and the atmosphere suddenly got very tense.

Greg sighed. "That's a grim ability. Well, I can't really refuse, even if I wanted to, right?"

"It's up to you," Daz replied. "Do you want to die tomorrow or not? I'd much prefer option two, to be honest, but it's entirely your decision."

"... You seem... different from the time that I blew your clone's brains out," Greg noted as he stroked his stubbled chin.

"A lot's happened," Daz said as he finished filling up his death energy. He turned to look at Greg and added, "So, want to have a little catch-up?"

Greg ran his fingers through his hair and smiled a bit wryly. "Sure, I've not really got a reason to say 'no', now do I?"

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