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Now eleven-years-old, Daz sat in the playground of his new middle school and simply stared at the sky. It was currently recess and he was waiting for his future wife to find him and fawn over him to gain his favour or for his father's new bullies to come and create some trouble with him.

'I wish Maddy were here... I can't relax without her,' he thought to himself.

Ever since Daz and Madison had taken in Rose, Madison had decided to drop out of school entirely to look after the baby.

Whether fortunately or not, Madison's family no longer paid her any attention since she had already accomplished her goal by gaining Daz's love, so they cared very little about what she spent her time doing as they waited for her to mature enough to bear children.

Just as Daz was lost in thought, a sweet and girly voice called out his name. "Darenzo."

Looking down from the sky, he could see a girl with a long brown ponytail and a cute frilly dress that complimented her equally adorable face. This girl looked a little bit older than Daz, perhaps she was twelve or thirteen, but regardless, Daz didn't care.

"Aila?" he responded to her call.

Smiling brightly, the girl sat down next to Daz and swept back a bit of her loose hair behind her ear before she said, "I'm surprised you remember me. It's been five years since we last met."

"I see," Daz replied in an uninterested manner before he threw his head back and resumed staring at the sky.

He would marry this girl, but that didn't mean he had to care about her or show her kindness. The only people that occupied any space in his heart were Madison and Rose, and Daz didn't plan to change that any time soon.

Aila, feeling a bit awkward after the silence that followed Daz's response, asked him a question. "Do-Do you want to hold hands?"

Immediately, Daz said, "No."

The young girl bit her lip in frustration. 'How am I supposed to make him fall in love with me, Mother, if he won't even have a conversation with me?!' Aila thought to herself.

Naturally, she had no idea what kind of life Daz had been living for the past five years, let alone what kind of personality he had, however, every boy from her previous middle school and even kindergarten had showered her with affection and love, so this was a first for her.

'Maybe I should be a bit more forceful? All the boys back in Ranston said I was a great kisser, so I should go with that!' Set on her new plan of attack, Aila forced her cheeks to flush over and she inched her face towards Daz's.

Without any hesitation, the young boy stood up and left Aila sitting there with her puckered lips. "I've got something to do," he said as if to run away from the situation.


Daz cut her off as she stormed up to her feet and off of the bench. "It would be better for you if you didn't follow me. You won't like what you're about to see."

Aila was going to retort spitefully before she remembered her goal and that it wouldn't be wise to show her true face to her future husband and the father of her future children.

She watched Daz walk off behind the storage shed that held all of the toys that the kids could play with during recess and lunch break. Deciding to ignore his warning, Aila ran over to the shed and peeked her head around the corner.

Stood behind it was Daz and five boys who looked to be roughly two years older than him and they were obviously larger than him as well.

'What... What's going on?' Aila was far more curious than she was worried.

The largest of the young teenagers laughed a bit as he looked at Daz with some surprise in his eyes. "Good job taking the hint, Loser."

Daz's face remained expressionless as he replied, "You'd have to be mentally challenged to not see you pointing to the shed like a raging monkey," with a monotonous tone.

Aila, who was still hiding, felt her face heat up. 'I never noticed that...'

The boy who was easily a foot taller than Daz and had clearly gone through puberty already grew angry at being so blatantly insulted. "Enough talking! Guys, beat him up!"

The five teenaged boys all threw punches or kicks towards Daz and both they and Aila were certain that they would all land on Daz and inflict a lot of damage, but much to their horror and shock, Daz was able to slip between two of the large boys and avoid all of the attacks.

Daz then coiled back his arm and punched the backside of one of the boy's knees as hard as he could. In response, that particular boy cried out in pain and flopped to the ground as he sobbed and clutched the back of his leg. Daz kicked him in the head to knock the teen out before he moved onto the next boy.

Daz moved his fist towards the boy's face and it got aptly blocked, but Daz's target still cried out in pain when the emotionless child used his other hand to grab the boy's genitals and squeeze them hard enough to briefly cripple their owner.

Daz let go and allowed the boy to collapse to the ground. Seeing two more of his attackers reaching for him, Daz lowered his small body into a crouch and grabbed a handful of grainy dirt before he threw it in his assaulters' faces.

Now blinded momentarily, the two teenagers couldn't see anything as Daz used his fingers to jab their eyes, rendering them both unable to fight and wailing on their knees as they clutched their heads in pain.

The last boy and apparent leader of the group hesitated to attack Daz after seeing him almost effortlessly take out his four friends even despite what he had been told to do by his parents.

This hesitation granted Daz the opening he needed, so he grabbed the boy's arm and twisted it behind his back before he pushed his knee into the teen's spine and forced him to the ground.

Daz then used his free arm to grab the boy's hair and slam his head into the hard dirt. "If you guys ever come near me again, I'm going to break all of your bones," he claimed without any hate or malice in his voice, only making the threat seem all the more real.

Daz got up and left the five teenagers to writhe around in agony as he muttered under his breath, "Father really is an idiot if he thinks untrained kids can do anything now after all the adults he sets on me every year..."

Aila remained motionless the entire time, and after Daz had left, she glued herself to the side of the shed as she clutched her rapidly beating chest. "That... That was like something out a movie! So cool!"

Unfortunately, even after witnessing such a side of her fiancé, Aila's true personality would never change and neither would Daz's attitude towards her.

Four years had passed since Daz's first day in middle school and Rose was currently sitting in their apartment with a portable game device in her little hands as Madison cooked lunch from the other side of the room.

Rose frowned cutely as her character died, so she tossed the device onto the sofa and pouted. Madison heard this and turned her head around to see what had happened.

Seeing Rose looking upset, Madison put down her kitchen knife and washed her hands before she walked over to the sofa and picked up Rose before sitting her on her lap.

"Wrong, what's?" Madison asked as she stroked Rose's soft platinum-blonde hair that reached down to her lower back.

Folding her arms, Rose answered, "It's nwot fwair! The fwinal bwoss is too stwong!"

Madison could feel her heart melting after hearing Rose's adorable broken English. She was only four, after all, and no matter how much of a genius she had proven to be over the past four years, she was still an infant and hadn't fully learnt how to speak.

Madison squeezed the toddler a little and kissed her head affectionately. "Cute."

Rose's cheeks turned red as her eyes closed and her lips upturned. Obviously, she would be happy at her mother-figure praising her.

Madison grabbed the portable game device and handed it back to Rose. "Failure. Normal. Giving, up. Bad."

Madison then pushed the 'Continue...?' button for Rose and stayed still as she watched the small child play the game that didn't personally interest her. Lunch could wait. Right now, Madison wanted to enjoy this warm moment.

A few hours passed after that and Rose had fallen asleep after finally completing her game. Daz still hadn't come back from high school yet and Madison was staring at the screen of her phone.

On the phone, a text message from her mother was displayed.

'If you aren't pregnant within the next two months, you will be moving to another state to seduce the heir of the Baldwin bloodline. We need results from you unless you'd rather you were disposed of.'

Tears rolled down the twelve-year-old girl's face. All she wanted was for her peaceful life with Daz and Rose to continue forever, but her family would only ever view her as nothing more than a tool to produce powerful children and acquire bloodlines.

"Daz... Scared..." Madison mumbled to herself as she covered her face and quietly sobbed.

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