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Book 2 Chapter 42: Vibrations and Feeling


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"So, you're sure that this is what I should be spending my merit points on?" Crusher asked Daz as the two were sat in his training area with Harriot and Edward nearby.

"Yes, I'm sure," Daz replied as he asked the system to show him the two items and one skill which he thought would best suit the Titan, Crusher.


Weak Gravity Hammer [S-Rank (Lower Tier)]

A hammer designed by a genius inventor of the science-oriented solar system, Rector S386.

It was created with the intention of containing all of the weapon's weight in the head and allows that weight to be adjustable.

The Hammer will always weigh twenty kilogrammes to the host regardless of how much the head actually weighs.

Due to being a weak one, it is limited to weighing five-hundred kilograms.

Durability: 3,000 Attack: 200
Weight Adjustment
Weight Negation
200,000 merit points.


Weight Adjustment
Allows the host to change the weapon's weight via a small dial on the base of the weapon's handle. Limit of 500KG.


Weight Negation
Passively negates any extra weight of the weapon for the host, making it always weigh the base value to the wielder.


Daz had chosen this as a direct replacement for Crusher's sledgehammer. As useful as her current weapon, aptly named after herself, was, it would soon fall behind and become more of a burden. After all, it was only a regular sledgehammer that had been upgraded with a simple gravity enchantment.

Unlike Hamson who could grow almost infinitely thanks to Daz's 'The One Shovel To Rule Them All' skill, Crusher's hammer had a finite limit. The young Reaper wanted his strongest fighting companion to get a more suitable weapon that complimented her well before her current one reached the point that it was obsolete.


Soluteel Steel Anklet and Bracelet Set [B-Rank (Middle Tier)]

A set of soluteel steel accessories created by the world boxing champion Roku, of the planet Sta, with the intention to train her body beyond its limits.

Each bracelet or anklet weights 100KG and is very small for efficient usage. It is recommended that the host only wears one of these accessories until they can no longer feel them before adding more.

The set includes 6 anklets and 6 bracelets.

Durability: 50,000 
Stat Growth [Strength and Endurance]
30,000 merit points.


Stat Growth [Stength and Endurance]
Passively increases the host's strength and endurance stats for every 6 hours that the item/s are worn. An increase of 1 point per 6 hours per item.


Can only be used by the host who purchased the items.


Daz was envious that his body wasn't geared towards strength, or else he would have bought these accessories for himself in a heartbeat had he enough merit points. Unfortunately, it would have to be added to his list of 'things-to-buy-from-the-system-when-the-world-stabilises'.

The young Reaper could see these basic items being an incredibly fantastic purchase for Crusher. It would grant her an option to steadily and passively increase her two most vital stats, strength, which aids in her attack damage and ability to hold increasingly heavy objects like large monsters, and endurance, which helped her absorb damage so she has plenty of time to heal with her regeneration.


Vibration Distortion [B-Rank (Middle Tier)]

A skill naturally developed by the massive Sand Crawlers of The Dunes of Otharis.

This inherent ability has been studied for centuries by the great scholar, Palod'a Muthuun, who was able to recreate it and allow for a more accurate usage of it.

The skill grants the host the ability to create and control vibrations to a limited scope around themselves.

The host can generate vibrations artificially and store them for up to 15 seconds. Limit of vibrations is fixed to the host's strength value. Cost: 200 Stamina.
150,000 merit points.


Daz was extremely excited for this skill and was considering getting it himself after today's attack if he got enough merit points.

Crusher held her chin and looked at the young Reaper with doubt in her eyes. "I'm fine with the items, they make sense, but this skill... what's the point?"

Clearly, Crusher didn't understand exactly how powerful this skill could be if used properly. Daz sighed and simply said, "Use the points and get the skill. I'll show you why you need it then."

Crusher nodded her head. "Sure. I trust you."

She did as instructed and was soon covered in a white light, the telltale sign of having received a new skill. Crusher glanced at Daz and asked, "What now?"

"First, hit the ground as hard as you can without using any skills. Don't worry about any damage, this is my training ground, so it'll just repair itself," Daz said.

Crusher got up and stretched her back. "Okie-dokie, Lord."

She still wasn't convinced, but she knew that Daz was smarter than she was, so she grabbed her new gravity hammer and raised it above her head. With one hand just below the hammer's massive head and the other at the bottom of the shaft, she swung it down with the maximum added weight of five-hundred kilogrammes.

The ground shook and dust flew up everywhere as a small hole was deeply indented into the training area. As soon as Crusher lifted her hammer out, the soil wriggled and reformed to look as good as new.

"Now add the skill's effect, I'm guessing?" Crusher asked as she looked back at Daz.

"Your strength amazes me, Crusher," Daz praised before he nodded, "Yup, add the skill, please."

Crusher turned back around and swung her hammer again, however, this time, as suggested, she added the maximum amount of vibrations she could to the head of the hammer. Two-hundred stamina left her and the moment the tool made contact with the floor, a massive ripple spread out like a tidal wave on the ground and it almost knocked Crusher off of her feet.

A full thirty seconds later, the earth had fixed itself and Crusher turned to look at Daz. "Sorry for doubting you. That was really cool! Hahaha!"

Daz smiled. "Not only that, but once it reaches the max level and you can buy the better version, and repeat that process a few times, think of what you could be capable of..."

Crusher's eyes widened in realisation. "I could easily level a whole city, or destroy a continent, no, wait, even better, a planet! Hahaha!"

Daz laughed alongside Crusher. "I'd rather you didn't destroy Earth if that's okay with you."

Crusher grinned from ear to ear. "Don't worry, I know you wanna lord over this place. I'm thinking bigger."

"Pray tell," Daz said as he looked into the sky that was filled with a biting coldness. He envied Crusher who had a natural forty percent resistance to the elements as a Titan, unlike himself who had to buy his ten percent.

"Well, the items and skill from the system are always mentioning these people from weird sciencey or magical worlds, right?" Crusher asked as she put four of the soluteel steel bracelets on and two of the anklets around her ankles, increasing her weight by six-hundred kilogrammes.

'Jesus Christ... That's a bit much, isn't it?' Daz internally commented as he watched her do this.

"Well, yeah, I know what you're getting at, but you really shouldn't be thinking about destroying an entire world, though I admit, it does sound interesting to watch," Daz said as he lightly shrugged his shoulders.

Reika, who was perched on his head, commented, 'Is that really something a 'Justice Reaper' should be saying?'

Daz ignored her as he waited for Crusher's reply. "Right? Wouldn't it just? Thinking about it is getting me all excited, hahaha!"

"Anyway, Crusher," Daz said, moving away from the topic.

"Hmm?" Crusher moved her arm around slowly as she tried to get used to the added weight of her accessories.

"Put the rest of your merit points into your stats or save them for tomorrow in the bank. It's up to you," Daz suggested as he stood up.

Crusher held her chin and thought for a moment and then decided, "Yeah, I think I'll just use 'em. Not much point in saving 'em if I'm dead by tomorrow, right? Hahaha."

"True enough," Daz replied as he looked up into the air and held his hand out with his palm facing up.

Crusher quickly threw her merit points into her stats and followed Daz's eyes. "Heh... isn't it a bit early for snow?"

"This is the reason that I asked you to get the elemental resistance before you told me you already had it," Daz answered calmly.

"Hmm? This the system's doing?" Crusher asked as she got up and slowly walked towards Daz. it would seem that even for a Titan like her, six-hundred kilogrammes of extra weight wasn't easily ignored.

Daz glanced at her. "Are you going to keep those on all of the time?"

"Yup," Crusher grinned, "Though I'll take them off if we're getting overwhelmed in the fighting," she added.

"... Fair enough," Daz replied expressionlessly as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the snow falling onto his half-burnt face.

The moment he opened his eyes, a grey screen appeared.


Quest Title: Protect Thy People
Quest Type: Main
Quest Difficulty: A
Quest Goal
Protect your base and citizens from the coming attack.
Quest Rewards
150,000 Merit Points
1% Elemental Resistance


Daz bit his lower lip. "A-rank, huh?"

Ger was busy helping evacuate the people into the new dungeon that Daz had created with Heather.

Once they were done and had started filling the side room with food in the event that the combat took a long time, Heather turned to Ger and asked him a question. "Are you going to fight today?"

Ger immediately nodded his head. "That's right. I even got a quest to help out, so I've got no choice, right?" he replied with a light chuckle.

Heather frowned. "I have a bad feeling."

"So do I," Ger said as he put a few tins of food on a shelf, "But we all have that feeling, don't we?" he added.

Heather hesitated for a moment before answering, "I guess you're right..." Heather didn't sound convinced, but she agreed regardless. Now wasn't the time for arguing.

"Besides, the more of us that help out, the easier Daz's job gets. That kid, he's burdening a lot of pressure by acting as our leader and main fighter. I still can't forget how he tried to sacrifice himself to save all of us a few days ago..." Ger noted as he placed the last crate of food in the side room.

Heather followed Ger into the lively bonfire chamber and gave him a hug since he was leaving to return to the surface. "Be careful, Ger."

The dark-skinned man smiled and rubbed his bald head in embarrassment. "Don't worry, I'll be fine. I'm on the walls with the sniper rifle, after all."

With that, Ger left Heather who had decided to no longer fight. The woman found an empty bed and sat down with nothing but her thoughts.

On the other side of the large room, Mave had an unpleasant look on her face as she poked Lyle in his side. "Y'know, just because I'm giving you meds and monitoring your detox period, It doesn't mean that you have to stick to me the same way a flea sticks to a dog."

"I would have... preferred to fight, but someone... said I shouldn't," Lyle replied. 

He was doing noticeably better than earlier in the morning thanks to having had his daily dose of methadone, but he was still quite clearly shaken and suffering from withdrawal effects.

"Well, go out there and freeze to death, sure. Besides, with the condition your body's in, I'd be surprised if shooting a gun or swinging your syringes around didn't make you faint," Mave snapped back as she adjusted her low-riding glasses.

"Hahaha... guilty as charged... I just... I just want to help the Lord," Lyle expressed with a clearly upset and depressed tone.

Mave sighed and rubbed the arch of her nose with her fingers. She then placed one of her dainty hands on Lyle's cheek, surprising him. However, he was even more shocked when she slapped him lightly. 

"You won't be any help the way you are right now. Get through the peak period and rest for a few days. After that, then you can do what you like. Doctor's orders," Mave said with a stern no-nonsense tone.

Lyle laughed a little. "Yes, Ma'am."

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