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Book 2 Chapter 18: Passion and Underwhelmed


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Daz, having rested for a short while after his trip to the Court of Lords, immediately went to find Sandy in order to deal with the issue of housing his new citizens. Obviously, he didn't want to spend merit points nor base points on this now that he knew Sandy was capable of repairing and building living cabins with the aid of volunteers.

Clearly, since it was late in the evening now, Sandy and the others couldn't start working until tomorrow, so Daz handed out the leftover sleeping bags to the teenaged fighters and the otherworlders.

The previous captives of the Demon Lord still couldn't understand any English, so there was a communication barrier. Daz had hoped that perhaps they came from the same world as General William and his men did, but Daz's luck didn't allow for such a coincidence. 

Thankfully, however, after inspecting the details on these peoples' statuses, Daz was able to get someone unwilling to fight to buy several translation books for the otherworlders so that they could learn English. Mave, the ex-brain surgeon, had volunteered to help them study it since she felt like she had nothing else better to do.

Daz was now sat in his cabin. Speaking of which, he had forbidden entry into it without express permission from its only residents, himself, his sister and Madison. Two guards were permanently stationed outside of the cabin to protect them while they slept.

Call Daz overprotective and paranoid, but he truly loved those two girls, and he wasn't willing to let any harm fall upon them, no matter how slim the chances of that happening actually were.

'I should really be training, but there's that 'Pursuer of Passion' quest, right? I have been a bit pent up lately as it is... I wonder if Maddy is already asleep? She always did love sleeping, didn't she?' Daz thought with a content smile on his face.

"Daz?" A cute and girly voice called from behind the seated Reaper.

Daz closed his eyes and grinned. "Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear," Daz said before he turned around, "Or 'she', in this case," he added as he gazed at Madison who was stood awkwardly in the middle of the room's doorway.

"Bed. Fun?" Madison looked down and kept fidgeting where she stood. Though she was acting very bashfully, she was dressed in a very revealing black-lace set of lingerie that left little to the imagination.

"Oh?" Daz was intrigued. He got up and walked over to Madison before he lightly embraced her. She plastered her body to his almost as if in a way to hide her exposed body. "It's almost always me instigating things since you're so shy about that kind of stuff. What's gotten into you?"

"Quest. Daz. Hate?" Madison looked up at Daz's grey eyes and right at that moment, the young and healthy Reaper wanted to gobble her up for how adorable she was being.

"So you got a quest too, huh?" Daz asked quietly to which Madison nodded. "I don't hate it, by the way," he said in a low voice as he leaned in and kissed her lightly, "In fact, just like you, I love it."

The two had been without the warmth of another person for four months since Madison was the only one of the two that was still in education before the apocalypse and she was studying in a university across the country. Normally, she would spend all of her breaks and holidays with Daz and Rose, but even for her, going to school was lonely if he wasn't there with her. Unfortunately, her family didn't give her a choice.

Daz led Madison to their bedroom and practically threw the young eighteen-year-old on the king-size bed that he had bought from the system for only ten merit points. Truly, non-strength or base-related items were practically handed out by the system.

"Daz... Embarrassing... Light off?" Madison mumbled while Daz was busy taking his clothes off and licking her neck.

"No," he firmly replied. He bent his head down and kissed Madison roughly and with passion before stating, "I want to see you. I want to see all of you when we're making love, okay? You don't need to be shy when it's just me."

"Muu. Lewd." Madison puffed up her cheeks, but she didn't insist further and just buried her face in Daz's nape. The two spent the entire night entwined in each other's arms. Moans and screams rang through the cabin while the two young adults let their carnal desires run free. 

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the personal quest [Pursuer of Passion].
20 Charisma.


And just like that, both Daz and Maddy had completed their personal quests and gained status points.

The two lay in bed and simply cuddled like they used to as children. "Hey, Maddy," Daz said, interrupting the peaceful silence.

The blonde-haired beauty raised her head and looked at him with weary and sleepy eyes. "Mmm?"

"Do you mind if I look at your status?" Daz asked while he ran his fingers through Madison's hair, all the while making sure not to touch her scar that was still, to this day, very sensitive.

"Already. Not?" As per usual, Madison made little sense.

Being used to her way of speaking, Daz replied calmly, "No. I found out the hard way that some people can discover that I'm looking at their system-related things and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or upset anyone, especially if they're as strong as you are."

"Silly. Look." Madison happily gave Daz permission with an angelic smile that contrasted perfectly with her droopy eyes.

"Thanks, Maddy, I've been curious about what class you got since the very start of this apocalypse, to be honest," Daz sincerely thanked her before immediately using Higher Identification on Madison.


Madison McArthur's Status
Basic Information
Name: Madison McArthur Species: Wingless Angel (Beginning Stages of Evolving)
Age: 18 Sex: Female
Class: Divine Swordsman Affinity: Lawful Neutral

Abused at a very young age, the traumatised girl made it her life goal to seduce the young heir of the Hamilio bloodline.

After spending most of her life with him and forcefully changing her own destiny, she fell in love with the young man known as 'Daz'.

After having reunited with her loved one, she is content and only wishes to help him survive this apocalypse however she can.

Lifeforce: 4,000/4,000 Stamina: 6,000/6,000
Strength: 300(360) Dexterity: 300(360)
Patience: 150(180) Defense: 200
Dignity: 16 Agility: 100
Regeneration: 20 Divine Power: 0
Holiness: 70 Faith: 400
Loyalty: Incalculable  
The host has 2 unused stat slots.


"Hehhh... There's a lot of interesting things on here," Daz noted.

"Mmm?" Madison was hardly conscious. Despite Daz's leathery and ghostly body, the young girl had absolutely no trouble finding comfort just by being next to him, so naturally, she was getting drowsier and drowsier by the second.

"Well, for starters, we can ignore your loyalty which is even stronger than Rimmy's. That much is a given, but your class sounds really fancy, so does your species," Daz pointed out.

"Good sword. Save people." Madison was somehow able to compile several sentences into four words, and shockingly enough, Daz was able to decipher them!

"So because your sword is a really well made one, you got that class, and because you saved a lot of people and expected nothing in return, you got that evolution?" Daz aptly deduced.

"Mmm." Maddy was resting her head on Daz's chest and her eyes were already closed.

"Okay, then what about the dignity, holiness, divine power and faith stats?" Even though he knew she was tired, Daz still had more questions.

"Item. Waste. Others, forced." Madison mumbled.

Daz thought for a moment before coming to a conclusion. "So you have an item that gives you a lot of dignity and you invested into the stat slightly to actually access it, huh? That makes sense. That's like my armour and its Defense. But really, a Species that forces three stats onto you? That's kinda shitty. My Species only forced me to give up one stat slot of my ten."

Madison looked up at Daz and asked, "Lucky. Sleep?"

"Sure, I can tell you're barely able to even reply," Daz smiled before adding, "Good night."

"Love you," Madison replied as she buried her face in Daz's chest.

"I love you too." Daz stroked Madison's head and the two went to sleep even if Daz's body no longer required rest, after all, the mood was in Madison's favour, so Daz had no choice but to let himself drift off.

Daz woke up and found himself to no longer be in his room and Madison was nowhere to be seen. He stood up and looked around. "This graveyard again, huh? Well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't expecting this to some degree. Cecil, are you there?"

Indeed, Daz was once again in the God of Shovels' God Garden, the endless and mist-covered graveyard. The last time he was here, he had panicked and ran for hours before finally meeting the person known as 'Cecil' who claimed to be some sort of 'Gravekeeper'.

"Not gonna act like a headless chicken this time, huh?" a crisp and elderly voice said from behind Daz.

Turning around, the young Reaper could see a familiar face. Cecil was sat on a tombstone much like last time and he had his simple shovel over his shoulder and his light blue overalls that complimented his large straw hat hadn't changed since their last meeting.

"Nope. I was expecting this kinda, so I'm a lot calmer this time around," Daz replied after he had seated himself on the ground.

"I see," Cecil said and then carefully clambered down from the grave he was perched on, "I see ya've been through a lot, huh? Death energy solidification... That's nostalgic," he added with a toothy grin.

Daz was wearing nothing more than his boxers and a loose t-shirt which allowed Cecil to see his false limbs in their entirety. "So, you're meant to be my mentor, right? I'm assuming you have something to teach me today."

"Yup, that rig-" Cecil stopped speaking mid-sentence and suddenly arched his back and bent over. "Ouch ouch ouch ouch! Damn back pains!"

'If it hurts that much, then stop sitting on tombstones, you old geezer,' Daz thought to himself.

"Ow ow ow..." Cecil winced in pain before he resolved himself and stood up straight, forcing his back to pop back into place. "Ah... That feeling, Lad, it's always worth the pain. Satisfaction at its finest."

"Right... Anyway, mentoring? Are you gonna teach me a bunch of knowledge or what?" Daz asked a little bit impatiently. He couldn't say that he was a fan of this old man's antics.

"Always in a hurry, you kids are. The big boss summoned ya here properly this time, so we won't get interrupted, but sure, you'll be back here more often than I'd like, so why don't I show ya a skill then ya can go an' learn it in yer spare time?" Cecil smirked mischievously.

"Why not?" Daz replied. He had high hopes. From his understanding, Cecil was very powerful... or at least, he should be since he was meant to train Daz by the orders of the God of Shovels.

"Okay! This old man is going to try his best, hahaha!" Cecil roared a laugh before he moved away from Daz and got into a stance.

He focused his eyes and firmly planted his feet on the ground. Then, Cecil slowly and carefully raised his shovel above his head.

'I wonder what kind of skill he's going to show me? Will it be really powerful? I hope so, the more attack-based skills I can get for free, the better,' Daz greedily thought. 

"OHHHHH!" The image of a massive incorporeal mausoleum appeared behind Cecil after he had shouted, exciting Daz. It only took a few seconds for Cecil to display his magnificent skill. "GRAVE OF THE GODS!"

Instantly, a massive rectangular space of land that was at least fifty meters wide, two hundred meters long and fifty meters deep, appeared in front of Cecil. His entire body was covered in sweat and he was coughing. The old man turned around and looked at Daz proudly before he held his straw hat and said, "Well, impressed, lad?"

"You dug... a massive grave? So that's a really powerful... digging skill?" Daz's voice was exceedingly underwhelmed and it was obvious that Cecil's superb skill hadn't met Daz's expectation even slightly.

Cecil looked furious and yelled, "Hey, Lad! Let me tell you, this skill has many uses and..."

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