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Book 2 Chapter 9: Useless and Bullies


A note from Lone

Second and final guaranteed chapter of last week.

As I said on my discord, sorry for the delay, I've been ill since Sunday evening.

This chapter gets pretty dark and involves depictions of child abuse, so reader discretion is advised.

"You useless brat!" a middle-aged woman screamed as she slapped her young four-year-old daughter across the face, forcing the young child's body the slump onto the floor.

"The Hamilio bloodline! The Hamilio bloodline! You waste of sperm! Why did he choose that woman's child and not you?!" Ignoring her daughter's pain and fear-filled sobs, the lady violently kicked the girl across the room they were in.

"... Mommy... Please... Mommy... I'm sorry..." the four-year-old Madison cried in hopes that her mother would stop abusing her.

"Don't speak to me with that filthy mouth of yours!" Rage filled Madison's mother's eyes and she stormed over the room before raising her foot and planting it on Madison's head. "Don't ever speak to me again, you ingrate! I poured four years of my life into raising you so that you could appeal to the young heir of the Hamilio bloodline, but you failed!"

"The McArthur bloodline doesn't need failures like you in it," Madison's mother coldly stated. She then started to apply pressure to her foot. Madison's head was still that of an infant's, so within seconds, her skull was cracking and she was mere moments away from death.

"Mother!" the voice of a young boy shouted. Without her knowledge, her son, and Madison's elder brother, Christopher, had entered the room they were in and he immediately rushed towards his younger sister and his mother.

"Leave, Christopher, I'm busy here," his mother dismissed him with a wave of her hand and her foot continued to press onto Madison's head.

"Mother! She can still be used to get the Hamilio bloodline!" Christopher shouted with anxiety clear in his tone.

The pressure on Madison's head lessened and her mother looked in Christopher's direction. "Explain."

Chris heaved a sigh of relief knowing that his mother hadn't lost herself in her rage just yet, but he knew that his sister wasn't safe, so he remained tense. "Even though the young Hamilio heir has chosen his future wife, it is still possible for him to take in concubines! Why don't we push Madison's education ahead of the previous schedule and enroll her in school early? We'll send her to the same school as the Hamilo heir, and I'm sure father can pull some strings to get the two of them into the same class."

"For once, you've actually suggested a good idea. I guess this useless pile of flesh might be able to prove itself," Mrs McArthur growled before spitting on Madison's broken face. "Get her fixed up and prepared for education. Also, prepare a suitable home for her in the states."

Madison's family was of noble blood and lived in Great Britain, so Madison would obviously have to move to the United States of America where Darenzo Hamilio lived if she was to seduce him and become his concubine. 

"Yes, Mother! I'll make sure she won't disappoint you!" the very happy nine-year-old exclaimed before he rushed towards Madison and brought her to the family doctors. She could hardly attempt to entice Darenzo with a fractured skull, now could she?

A few months had passed since Darenzo had chosen Aila as his future partner, and his father had called him to his office once more.

Sat with his elbows on his desk and his chin held in his hands, Darenzo's father looked down at him with a cold and unforgiving gaze. "It's time for you to go to a public school, my son. Normally I would have sent you overseas to a more militaristic school, but after discussing things with your mother, we've come to the conclusion that a public school would be better suited to temper your will and prepare you for the real world. Be ready by Saturday. You'll be going to Waterford Elementary School starting on Monday. Dismissed."

"Yes, Father. Thank you, Father," Darenzo replied like a puppet whose strings had nearly been cut. He turned around after bowing to his father and left the office.

Darenzo's father lent back in his leather chair and sighed. "He still hasn't awakened either of his bloodlines yet... I'll have to increase his suffering."

He swiftly took out his cellphone and called someone. "Hello, is this..."

"... Yes, that's right. Make sure he gets bullied to the point that he wants to kill himself. He needs to know that the world doesn't want him, that the world doesn't need him. I've already sent you an advance of one-hundred thousand, you'll get the rest after his years at school are over," Darenzo's father said, and ended the call.

Confidently walking into the classroom full of children, the middle-aged teacher clapped his hands to get everyone's attention and to stop them from shouting and playing around. 

"I'm your homeroom teacher, Mr Black, it's nice to meet you all. Now, some of you are younger than the others, but please don't worry about that and I hope we can all get along today and for the coming year. Since this is your first day, we'll just go over what you'll be learning in the future, and if you all behave, we'll be able to have recess early. Doesn't that sound nice?" Mr Black said with a charismatic smile befitting of a teacher.

The children clattered and whispered, clearly quick pleased with how easy today was going to be. Most of the children were five or six-years-old-while a handful were four-years-old, like Madison who was sat in the back and intently staring at Darenzo's back.

The induction lasted an hour and a half and the kids were all set loose on the playground to have some fun for half an hour before a school-wide assembly would be held. Darenzo was sat by himself on a bench and he was staring at the sky with a blank look on his face.

"Hey, you!" a tall and fat boy rudely said to Darenzo as he walked towards him with two other boys. They all looked to be nine or ten and were clearly from a higher grade than Darenzo was.

"Yes?" Darenzo answered cooly and without any hesitation. He wasn't stupid, so he had a feeling that he knew where this was going to go.

The overweight boy outstretched his hand and had an expectant look on his face. "Your lunch money. Give it to us!"

Darenzo sighed and fished about in his pocket before pulling out a few dollar bills. His mother had made sure to give him just enough to survive and no more, which honestly shocked the young boy. Darenzo was convinced that his family would force him to earn money on his own, but he now understood. Darenzo wasn't stupid.

He got up and handed the money over to the boys and tried to walk away, however, his shoulder was roughly grabbed and he was suddenly slammed into the ground. 

Darenzo didn't make a single sound and just curled himself up as the boy kicked and punched him. He was used to pain at this point, so he simply waited for it to be over.

The three boys left Darenzo with a burst lip and a bruised body after beating him for fifteen minutes straight. His body was tougher than most due to his 'punishments' back home, but even he could hardly move after such an assault, so he simply lay there. 'They had no reason to just attack me like that. Bullies need a reason to pick on someone, even if that reason is because they're only slightly different, but I haven't given that reason yet. Not to mention that no one bothered to check after all of the sounds. Like I thought, Father arranged another hell for me...'

Darenzo wanted to cry, but he couldn't. He never felt anything except for despair and pain. Why was he born into a life like this? He wanted to die. He was powerless to stop the abuse he suffered day-in-day-out, and if this was going to consume the rest of his life, maybe it would just be better to end it all early? These were very disturbing thoughts for a six-year-old to have.

He took his time, but finally, Darenzo was able to gather the motivation to raise his body. Unexpectedly, he wasn't alone. "You are..."

A familiar four-year-old blonde-haired little girl was crouched next to him with a banana in her hand. She outstretched her hand and offered the fruit to Darenzo.

"For me?" he asked with confusion clear in his voice.

Madison nodded her head. and handed the banana to him. "Food money. Stolen. For you. Eat. Stay Healthy."

"You talk strangely. I'm Darenzo, who are you?" Darenzo frankly said. 

Obviously, he remembered the odd girl that had given him that strange feeling a few months ago when he was choosing his future wife, but beyond that, he had no idea who she was or anything about her.

The girl's face remained blank as she sat next to Darenzo. "Madison. Words. No value. Keep short."

Darenzo peeled the yellow fruit in his hand and couldn't help but notice a few stitches that were discreetly hidden in the girl's hair. Clearly, her head had been badly damaged recently, and Darenzo was fairly certain that it wasn't caused by an accident.

"I see. So you've been tasked with seducing me by your family since you're useless to them otherwise, or something like that, right?" Darenzo was wise beyond his years, and that was a very unfortunate result of his living environment.

Madison's eyes shook slightly and she opened and closed her mouth. She was far more normal than Darenzo was intelligence-wise despite having suffered similar abuse, and she failed to withstand the pressure of Darenzo's question before bursting out into tears. She was only an innocent four-year-old after all.

Darenzo heaved a sigh and bit into his banana. It was sweet. "Okay. You can seduce me."

"Eh?" Madison raised her tear-stained face and looked at Darenzo.

"It wouldn't hurt to have a reason to keep going..." Darenzo mumbled under his breath. "You probably already know this, but I'm Darenzo. Please call me Daz though."

"Maddy..." the young girl introduced herself again but with a nickname instead.

"Well, Maddy," Daz said with a clearly happier tone to his voice, "Could you prepare food for me every day? I have a feeling this wasn't a one-time event."

'Maybe she's working for father, but for now, I definitely need a source of food. I can't survive and grow properly off of just breakfast and dinner, which after today, will probably be tampered with by Father as well.' Due to his upbringing, Daz's mind was dead set on mistrusting anyone and everyone. His only goal was to reach a point where he could escape the abusive grasp of his father.

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