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Book 2 Chapter 2: Gestures and Broken


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Dorian tossed and turned in his bed sheets. 'I can't sleep.'

He was naturally too anxious. It had nearly been two and a half days now, but he still couldn't fall asleep. His mind wouldn't allow him. Dorian finally gave up trying and he threw his duvet across the room in anger. 

His strength was low, so the bed covers barely made it a few feet away from him. Dorian sighed and looked down at his crumpled up bedding. "What am I going to do?"

Suddenly, the loud sound of a siren filled Dorian's ears while he was lost in thought. "What the hell... An alarm? Is the camp under attack?" Dorian mumbled to himself with uncertainty in his tone.

He wasn't given much time to consider this change before the door to his containment unit was opened and a tall woman who looked frighteningly familiar to Dorian entered. She was dragging a man behind her by his face and he was constantly struggling to free himself, obviously to no avail.

"Dorian, I'm glad to see that you're okay. It's so weird. Why would a father imprison his own son? Hahaha," Crusher giggled. Something about her laugh seemed more feminine now than it did before.

"W-Who are you?" Dorian stuttered.

He was confused. Who was this person and what did they want? Why did they know who he was? Dorian was scared.

"Can't recognise me now that I'm so tall and pretty, huh, Captain Ahab? Hahaha!" Crusher roared. Her laughter filling the air.

Dorian was dumbstruck. "C-Crusher?" This eight-foot-tall, muscled and slender woman was Crusher? The woman that looked like a body-builder not two days ago? What the hell had changed?

"We can catch up later, but for now," Crusher said and threw the man she was holding across the room. He slammed straight into the wall and slid down it pitifully. Clearly, the impact had knocked him out. "Let's get back to Fort Skip, 'kay?"

Dorian, for the first time since he was kidnapped by his father, smiled. "I'd love that."



"DAMN IT! DAMN IT! DAMN IT!" General Miller yelled. He and forty of his men were all stood outside of the building that housed the containment cells. All of them had nervous looks on their faces and were holding their guns with anxiety.

'I should have killed her! To think she had that much strength... And her appearance, how did it change?!' Greg was panicking.

Without warning or any signs, Crusher had escaped her room and knocked out every soldier she had met. Thankfully, she hadn't killed anyone yet, but Greg knew where she was going. It was plain as day to tell that her plan was to free his son, Dorian. 

Greg grit his teeth and tried his best to not rush in immediately. The hallways were too constricting and he knew Crusher would have the tactical advantage there, so instead, he'd opted to surround the building and wait for her to exit.

'She won't harm him, and she isn't killing anyone... So rationally speaking... Yes, waiting here is the right decision,' General Miller convinced himself.

Everyone was on edge, and despite being highly trained soldiers, they would be lying if they said they didn't fear for their lives right now. Crusher was clearly very powerful and no one knew the full extent of her abilities. Some even doubted that guns would have an effect on her after seeing her defeat the Drake that was desperate to kill them all only a day and a half ago.

Ten minutes went by at what felt like a snail's pace, and the door to the containment cells' building slowly opened up. Greg held his breath and prepared himself for the coming encounter.

Crusher leisurely walked out of the doorway and she held Dorian with a vice grip around his neck. 'I'm not very good at all this blackmail stuff, but this should do, right? Sorry, Dorian, but we kinda need to get out of here without me killing anyone. Hahaha!'

Dorian was a little bit short of breath and he was walking on his tip-toes due to how rough Crusher was being and thanks to the height difference between the two of them.

"Let him go!" General Miller shouted from his position. While he did that, he stealthily made a hand gesture behind his back.

"I'm sorry, but I'll be snapping his neck if you don't let us out peacefully, oh, also, return my sledgehammer!" Crusher yelled back as she tightened her grip on Dorian's neck.

"You... You're just as bad as that damned Daz!" General Miller spat on the ground. he raised his hand and shouted, "Bring her the hammer."

The soldiers didn't like giving in to terroristic threats, but they had no choice. No one knew if Crusher was going to explode and madly attack them, so they fully agreed with their leader. It took a few moments, but a bulky man approached General Miller with Crusher's hammer, Crusher, held in his arms.

"There, now return Dorian to me, and we'll let you go," Greg said calmly. He made another hand gesture outside of Crusher's view.

"You think I was born yesterday? Have someone bring it over to me, then I might consider letting your precious son go," Crusher replied. 'This is kinda fun... Maybe I should blackmail more often? Hahaha.'

"Release him first. You have my word we won't stop you from leaving with your hammer afterwards," General Miler said with a trust-worthy tone in his voice.

"And you have my word that I'll return him as a corpse if you don't give me my hammer now," Crusher laughed in response. She then whispered to Dorian, "This is gonna hurt a bit, so sorry in advance."

"Huh?" Dorian responded in confusion.

Crusher quickly grabbed Dorian's only arm and twisted it so hard and fast that it instantly broke, shattering the bones. 

"AHHHHHHHH!" Dorian screamed in agony. To add insult to injury, Crusher let go of his neck and dangled Dorian by his now broken arm like some sort of doll. The young man was crying and wailing. In fact, he was only a few seconds away from passing out from the pain.

"Don't push me, Military Man. I will kill him and everyone present if you don't give me my hammer and let the both of us leave. I've been nice so far since we're all fellow survivors here, and it would be for the best if we all got along." Crusher was grinning from ear to ear. Obviously, she was fully enjoying her villain role.

She didn't like talking about it, but Crusher actually used to be a pro-wrestler. She was, however, banned in almost every country that she had ever fought in for being too violent. In fact, she had nearly killed an opponent on four separate occasions. If she didn't want to be thrown in jail, she had to give up her wrestling career and focus her strength on body-building.

General Miller had made a mistake in provoking such a woman, and he'd see that despite his thoughts, he was most certainly not in control of the current situation.



Daz and Madison were peacefully walking through the city. Madison was carefully supporting Daz who was still having a little bit of trouble getting used to his new ethereal leg. Surprisingly, it wasn't the easiest thing to get used too since he couldn't feel anything from the limb and had to sense where he was stepping via his agility stat.

"Crusher. Strong?" Madison asked Daz.

The Reaper laughed a little. "Yeah. She might even be stronger than me. You still didn't tell me how you beat that stupid robot, though."

"Altered. Easy once, twice, not so easy. Lucky it was weak." Madison's speech was always a bit broken, but Daz had no trouble understanding her words.

"I'd love to learn this 'altering' of yours one day," Daz replied nonchalantly. He had a suspicion that she was an esper after having recalled memories of the past that he'd rather leave behind him. Perhaps this 'altering' was her power? No one should be strong enough to defeat that Automaton with a single sword slash, or at least Daz hoped that was the case.

"Soldiers, holiday?" Madison cocked her head cutely as the two of them approached the military base. 

Just like she had said, no one was present. Daz and Madison could see the corpse of a fifty-foot-long Drake of some sort and about one hundred slightly smaller bodies that looked similar to the large one, but there were no guards or soldiers nearby.

"Weird. Let's go in. Protect me if things go a bit south, okay, Maddy?" Daz was confident that he could look after himself, but it wasn't beneath him to accept that Madison was stronger and more capable than he was. That was the case for now at least considering his new leg and arm.

"Daz's knight! I protect," Madison replied with excitement clear in her voice despite her flat expression. She unsheathed her longsword and the two of them entered Camp Waterford with cautious footsteps.

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