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Book 1 Chapter 96: Struggle and Madison


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"No, don't buy it yet. System, please show me the skill first," Daz replied to the system's confirmation window. The system complied and displayed the skill to Daz.


Death Energy Solidification [A-Rank (Higher Tier)]
A rare skill unique to Reapers which allows them to mould their own Death Energy into a physical substance. It was created by the famous Reaper and Necromancer, Abos Maloy, in an effort to create clones of himself that could assist him in his necromantic rituals.
 Allows the host to solidify their Death Energy. All Death Energy solidified will no longer be usable for casting skills and spells until returned to an energy state.
Allows the host to create a clone of themselves that has 50% of the host's abilities and power. It is made purely out of Death Energy. Cost: 1,000 Death Energy. Limit: 1 clone.


"System, with this skill, I'll be able to recreate my arm and leg temporarily using my death energy as a substitute, right?" Daz asked cautiously. Even if the system had already said that this skill met his requirements, Daz wasn't willing to waste one-hundred thousand merit points only for the system to have somehow misinterpreted what he had asked for.


Confirmed. In exchange for 200 Death Energy, the host may recreate a limb that would match the host's stats.


"Two hundred... I only have seven-hundred and fifty total death energy... Guess I need to increase my points in that energy, huh?" Daz muttered.

He then spent a total of one-hundred and fifty-thousand and fifty merit points. One-hundred thousand went on the skill, fifty-thousand went to his death energy, increasing it by five-thousand points since each point cost ten merit points individually.

The final fifty merit points were spent on a hair regrowth serum. While Daz cared little about the way he looked, he didn't want to be bald. It cost next to nothing and it allowed him to regain his hair instantly, so he felt no shame in purchasing this serum.

He had looked at the burnt and leathery left side of his body, his face included, and decided against fixing the visual damage. 'I need this as a reminder. I'm not invincible.'

Daz prepared himself and shuffled over to sit on his bed's side. He breathed in deeply before uttering his new skill's name in his head. 'Death Energy Solidification.'

All he was thinking of was his left arm and leg. A ghastly green substance leaked out of Daz and slowly formed a new arm and leg for him. They were entirely see-through and glowed with a greenish hue ever so slightly. Daz sighed. "Guess I have to deal with this appearance. Though it's to be expected considering it was the cheapest solution."

Daz wobbled to his feet and felt very unstable due to his new limbs being weightless. He fell forward and caught himself by leaning against the wall. "Well, at least I look more intimidating now...hahaha..."

Currently, Daz was wearing nothing more than a pair of simple boxers. He shuffled along the wall towards his wardrobe and opened it. There were several sets of donated clothes from the Skip Site but his travelling gear of Altros was also in there, looking as good as new.

"Ah, that's right. It had a self-repairing feature, didn't it? Guess a piece of it survived or something..." Daz was happy to have not lost such a powerful set of light armour since he still planned to have it unsealed one day.

It took him roughly thirty minutes to get into his travelling gear due to how inexperienced he was with his new limbs. Once dressed, Daz hobbled unsteadily to the door and opened it. The hallway was empty, so he grabbed the wall and carefully made his way to the living room so he could leave and make his way to the ramparts to meet the mysterious girl that Ger had mentioned.

"Daz!" Ellie was sat on a sofa and she was clutching Mini-Daz. Her eyes were baggy and red. Clearly, she had been crying.

"Were you waiting for me?" Daz smiled weakly. "Sorry I took so long, but I'm kinda struggling to walk here. Would you mind lending me your shoulder? I need to go to the outer rampart apparently."

Ellie stood in silence for a moment. 'His hair, leg and arm are all back! But his burnt skin... Why did he keep that? The system really is magical... Anyway, I'm so glad he didn't give up... I...I need to find the time to explain to him and apologise!'

"O-Of course!" Ellie let go of Mini-Daz who gently bounced around in the air for a moment before he floated around Ellie's head. Apparently, she had upgraded the metal cube again granting him this ability. Ellie allowed Daz to wrap his new ghostly arm around her neck and she lightly held his see-through hand and wrapped her arm around his waist.

Despite how honestly creepy and cold Daz's new hand was, Ellie still couldn't avoid a blush finding it's way onto her face. "Thanks, Ellie. Now then, shall we go see what this woman wants from me?"

Ellie briefly thought about the very beautiful and regal blonde-haired teen that had saved them all and she smiled. It was hard to not idolise someone that managed to deal with the Automaton that both she and Daz couldn't entirely stop by themselves.

The two left Daz's cabin and slowly walked towards the outer wall. Whenever they passed a Citizen, Daz would lower his head in shame. He could see that these people respected him, but he could also detect fear and disgust in their eyes.

"D-Don't mind them Daz... They know this happened to you because you were protecting all of us," Ellie tried to comfort Daz by saying this.

He remained silent and kept his head down. The two moved forward without talking and soon reached the limestone ramparts. It was a unique challenge to climb its stairs, but with Ellie's help, Daz somehow managed.

Right above where the steel portcullis stood, Daz's sister, Rose was sat in her wheelchair and she was happily chatting to a young eighteen-year-old girl that Daz was more than familiar with. Daz gently removed himself from Ellie and held onto the battlements before hobbling his way towards the two girls.

Rose and the blonde-haired teen noticed Daz and Ellie so they turned to look at them. "You've seen better days, huh, Daz?" Rose said with a passive smile on her face.

"I guess. Though I just need to get used to these new limbs of mine, and in no time, I'll be even stronger than before," Daz shrugged in response.

The unknown girl stepped forward and she had a sad look on her face. "Too late. Tried my best. Distance too far. Forgive me?"

"It's fine, of course I forgive you, Maddy," Daz replied in a relaxed and carefree manner. "Afterall, you were on the other side of the country. I honestly didn't expect you to get here for another few days at least," he added.

Maddy walked up to the still struggling Daz and hugged him tightly. "For you. Rushed."

The girl then pulled her head back, and completely disregarding Daz's deformed face, kissed him very passionately. Daz met her kiss with equal amounts of enthusiasm.

Ellie almost passed out. "D-D-D-Daz! Wh-Who is s-she?!"

Rose smirked mischievously and rolled her wheelchair next to Ellie. "That would be Madison McArthur. Daz's girlfriend."

'Girlfriend...girlfriend...girlfriend...' The one thing that Ellie had wished wasn't true, had become a reality. The term 'girlfriend' constantly rang in Ellie's head and it greatly impacted her ability to think at the current moment.

A note from Lone

Sidenote: This story is not going to be a harem, like I've stated so many times.

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