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Book 1 Chapter 93: Plan and Deadlift


A note from Lone

Second and last guaranteed chapter of the week.

Chapter 3 of book 2 took me so much time to write. It was maybe the most I've ever struggled to write a chapter. I wanted so much to happen and it was so hard to write, so that's why there are only two chapters this week. Sorry about that. Hopefully, there will be 3 next week as usual.

Daz saw that the boss Automaton was ignoring him and readjusted its arm before it began charging its laser once more. "Crusher!" he yelled.

"What?!" she screamed back. Just like Daz, she was anxious and felt like the destruction of Fort Skip was imminent.

"Whatever you do, don't kill the last normal Robot! It might turn into a second one of these fuckers!" Daz roared. He was struggling to think up a solution to dealing with one of these Automatons, so the last thing he felt like he needed was another one.

Suddenly, a young and feminine voice spoke to Daz over his earpiece. "Stupid brother. You need to do the opposite. Kill the other one thousand and things will get far easier."

Daz didn't have time for his sister's nonsense, but he replied regardless. "Explain."

"I know you're short on time, so I'll be brief. Allow a second large one to be created and use them to kill each other," Rose stated with a happy tone to her voice.

While normally emotionless like Daz, Rose was still a child and even she couldn't hide it when she was proud of a certain idea of hers.

"I have to ask, but you're not able to use your class to hack this thing and make it kill itself, are you?" Daz asked, clearly not very hopeful for such a simple and convenient solution.

A sigh could be heard over the communication device. "Maybe if I'd focused on that area with my points, but like I said, I'm saving them for my legs. You're a grown up. Just do as I said and you'll be fine, 'kay?" 

"Fine, but if we all die, I'm blaming you when I reach hell," Daz whispered.

"Naturally. Afterall, someone has to take responsibility for your mistakes," Rose replied sarcastically.

Daz smiled and turned to Crusher before yelling, "Change of plans! Kill them all! Kill them as fast as you can! I'll deal with this guy until the second one appears!"

'Well, that's an interesting idea, Rose,' Crusher thought after hearing the prior conversation from her own earpiece and she then licked her lips and grinned. "You got it, Lord! Hahahaha!"

Crusher then began working with Rimmy in perfect synchronisation to destroy as many Automatons as humanly possible with the support of Heather, Ger, Ellie and Sarah.

"I was rushed earlier," Daz mumbled to himself, "but 'that' skill should totally be able to interrupt this guy, right?" he added.

Daz looked at the charging laser and hoped that he was right. He ran straight up to the base of the boss Automaton and pointed a hand towards it. "Stun!"

Indeed, Daz had used his stun skill. That skill had two aspects to it. The first allowed him to stun anyone for five seconds so long as they had no resistance to being stunned with a twenty-second cooldown and the other allowed him to stun anyone even if they were resistant for a single second with a two-minute long cooldown.

Daz had used the first ability of the skill. He held his breath and peered his head towards the massive arm. "Thank fuck," he exclaimed. The laser had stopped charging and had completely reset.

Despite his success though, Daz frowned. "This skill costs fifty death energy per use... I can only do it another fourteen times. Will that be enough?"

"Crusher! You've got four minutes to kill the rest of them unless you want Fort Skip to suddenly disappear!" Daz yelled. He decided to give Crusher a shorter window than needed. Although he would have loved to stun the massive metal construction of doom for a longer time, he needed some Death Energy to actually use the thing to kill its counterpart that he was hoping would appear shortly.

"Heh, so you're stopping it with a skill? Well, time to go all out then, I suppose," Crusher said before she pulled back her sledgehammer and started spinning on the spot.

Daz was mildly confused, but he was busy using his Throw and Retrieve skill which didn't require any energy in order to use so he could help kill the Robots while keeping a close eye on the big one to interrupt it before it could shoot its laser again.

"AHHHHH! SHE SWINGS!" Crusher screamed while she rotated like a spinning top.

"SHE SHOOTS!" Crusher's arms bulged out and her veins could be seen pulsing with blood and energy before she suddenly let go of her sledgehammer's handle, sending it rocketing through the army of Robots.

"... Huff... huff... she scores..." With a big grin strewn across her face, Crusher charged straight towards her still flying hammer. 

She jumped over destroyed Robot after destroyed Robot with glee. That swing had taken a lot of effort, but it was more than worth it. With that single toss, Crusher had managed to kill at least eighty Automatons. She made sure to use her new gloves to help her punch a few more, caving their heads in and rendering them useless as she collected her weapon.

It took her some time, and Daz had been forced to stop the boss again with his stun skill, but she reached her sledgehammer and repeated the same move several times. Every time though, she was throwing the weapon slightly closer to her starting point. 

Crusher didn't have an inexhaustible supply of energy, and even with her regeneration stat, her muscles were getting torn and her arms were starting to feel weak.

Currently, only forty or so humanoid Robots remained and only three minutes had passed thus far, so Crusher was moving rather sluggishly while she and everyone else picked off the rest of them. "Hahaha... to think that all of this damage would come from myself... when was the last time I felt this weak from working out? Maybe the time I deadlifted two hundred and fifty kilos?"

Crusher wasn't even using her sledgehammer anymore and she had settled on using her fists alongside Rimmy. As powerful a weapon as it was, it weighed too much right now, so Crusher couldn't hold it unless she wanted to completely destroy her muscles.

Finally, the last Mark II Automaton fell, and just like before, all of the bodies of the Robots joined together to form another larger version like Daz had hoped would happen. Now Fort Skip was faced with two boss monsters. Crusher was exhausted and she could only hope that Daz had a plan to deal with them.

"I know this sucks, Crusher, but we need to redirect their lasers to hit each other at the perfect time. I'll get this one, you get that one, okay?" Daz said with a serious expression on his face. Clearly, he was very nervous and they didn't have much time.

"You damned slave driver... hahaha... fine. No pain, no gain." Crusher straightened her back and grabbed her sledgehammer which was sat next to her before she activated her blue aura of strength. 'Welp, my arms are fucked. Here's hoping the system can fix them if we survive, hahaha!'

Rimmy stood next to Daz and was prepared to throw him again towards the laser arm at the right moment. Fort Skip's survival would come down to this moment.

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