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Book 1 Chapter 91: Line and Lasers


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A sea of Robots appeared roughly a thousand meters away from Fort Skip in the grasslands. There were at least two-thousand of these Robots. They all looked identical and stood on two legs like Humans. 'So like I suspected, not only will we get attacked by fantasy monsters, but sci-fi ones as well? Higher Identification.'


Makrov Standard Issue Mark II Automaton's Status
Basic Information
Name:  N/A Species: Makrov Standard Issue Mark II Automaton
Age: 9,712 Sex: N/A
Class: N/A Affinity: N/A
An old standard issue of the Makrov Automaton series. It has been decommissioned long ago and acquired by the system. It holds the soul of a former slave within it who is fighting for its freedom from the system.
Energy: 3,000/3,000 Stamina: Infinite
Intellect: 100 Accuracy: 1,500
Constitution: 600  


"Is there not a boss?" Daz mumbled. While he was shocked by the stupidly high constitution and accuracy of these robots, what he was really worried about was the boss. Thus far, every attack since he became a Lord included a boss, and he couldn't think of a reason for there to not be one today.

"Lyle, Jorden, go to the wall and help with the others. You'll be useless here," Daz ordered with no room to negotiate. It was clear to him that the two of them would be next to worthless with their syringes and daggers against the high constitution and metal bodies of these Automatons.

"But big bro!" Jorden was desperate to prove himself. How was he supposed to do that if Daz forced him onto the wall and made him use a gun or nothing at all? Jorden's narrow-mindedness was clouding his vision.

Lyle quickly pulled Jorden's arm and turned towards Fort Skip before walking away from Daz, Crusher and Rimmy with brisk movements.

"Lyle! What're you doing?! Let me go so I can fight with big bro!" Jorden flailed about like a stroppy child in a supermarket, clearly ignoring the army of Robots that was slowly marching towards Fort Skip.

Lyle swiftly turned around and slapped the nine-year-old boy's face. "This is why the Lord was hesitant to allow you to fight. We'll be useless against those things, so do as he commanded, and come with me to the walls." Lyle had an unusually stern tone to his voice and Jorden was thoroughly shocked.

The boy simply stood there limply. Lyle clicked his tongue and dragged Jorden away with him back to Fort Skip. Crusher had watched all of this with a curious expression on her face. "That was interesting. Well, Lord, got any plans or info about these bots?"

Daz remained silent. His eyes were narrowed and he was constantly scanning the enemies to see if he had somehow missed the boss somewhere and he hoped that his growing premonition of something horrible happening was just his paranoia getting the better of him. 

"Lord?" Crusher had no idea why Daz was wearing such a serious look. Sure, there were more attackers than yesterday and they were bound to be stronger than the Barbarians, but was it at a level that Daz had to be worried about it?

"For once, I hope my instincts are wrong. Anyway, to answer your question, I think it would be best to use blunt attacks, so you and Rimmy will probably be doing most of the work while I support you. From what I can see, these Automatons don't have any open wiring or anything like that which I can cut easily," Daz explained.

"Simple enough. So I just have to smash 'em? Know anything about what kind of weapons they might have? Y'know what robots are like in movies. They always have another bigger and badder laser tucked away in their body somewhere, hahaha," Crusher chuckled.

"Maybe. They have a stupidly high amount in the accuracy stat, so it wouldn't surprise me if they had guns or lasers," just as Daz said this, the front row of Robots all unanimously raised their right hands and a hole opened up before a nozzle poked itself out that new orifice.

"Get behind Rimmy! Now!" Daz shouted before he ran into Rimmy's shadow. Crusher immediately did the same even if she wasn't sure why.

What followed was pure silence a blinding ray of light. "What was that about, Lord?" 

"Look behind us," Daz had an annoyed look on his face. He was pissed off at the Robots. This was definitely going to be the hardest fight yet.

"Whatcha mean... .? What the hell?" Crusher gaped when her eyes saw that the tall and sturdy limestone rampart now had a huge line spanning across it. This line was maybe one inch deep and it was perfectly cut, almost like it had been built into the wall.

"Those fucks shot my damned wall with lasers. Fucking lasers! Thank god Rimmy is reflective..." Daz grumbled as his mind spun to come up with a solution to deal with these Automatons. It took a few seconds for Daz to come up with a basic tactic.

"At least I have a plan now. Rimmy, charge at them. As far as I can tell, their lasers aren't powerful enough to crack your body, so shield us please, buddy," Daz asked.

Rimmy nodded his head and slammed his fists together before running straight ahead. Daz and Crusher followed behind him closely. Daz held his ear and focused on the communication device that was hooked on it and gave some orders to the other people with matching devices.

"Ger, I need you and Heather to snipe as many Robots as you can. They have really tough bodies, so I don't know if you can deal any damage but try your best. Sarah, try to grow some vines and enter the Robots' bodies. It'd be really helpful if you could destroy some of them like that. Finally, Ellie, you're a Machinery Sorceress, yeah? See if you can control or destroy some of these things with your skills." Daz could only hope that this was enough.

"What about Lyle and Jorden?" Ger asked. Daz didn't mention what the two should do, so Ger was curious if they could help somehow.

"Get them to evacuate to the inner wall. I'm pretty sure the assault rifles won't have enough force to puncture the Robots' metal bodies. They have a really high constitution stat, so it'd be a waste of bullets that we might need for Humans later on," Daz replied coldly.

Ger acknowledged Daz's orders and not a few seconds later, two sniper shots could be heard. It was hard to tell without focusing, but two Automatons had certainly fallen. 'That's a relief. We have about one-hundred 7.62×51mm bullets, so hopefully, they can destroy a good chunk of these fucks.'

Rimmy, Daz and Crusher were now only about two-hundred meters away from the marching army that had fired their soundless lasers a total of three times now, when suddenly, a roaring sound of the air being split filled Daz and Crusher's ears.

A massive ballista bolt flew through the air and slammed into the army of moving metal men. At least two were instantly destroyed by the impact while another ten were damaged heavily. "Damn. That's really cool. Hey Lord, after today, you gotta buy more weapons for the base. Hahaha!"

Daz couldn't agree more with Crusher even if he tried. Finally, after having used Rimmy as a shield for the past thirty seconds of running, they had reached the army.

A note from Lone

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