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Book 1 Chapter 90: Meeting and Four


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Before leaving Sandy, Daz had asked if he'd like to have an assault rifle and stand atop the walls to help protect the base, but he refused. Sandy had assisted slightly yesterday at the end, and the experience frightened him.

Sandy knew he could help, but he felt like his time would be better spent working on his new blacksmithing hobby. In his own words, if he could help on the walls, then anyone else could. There were plenty more people to hold a gun atop the ramparts in his place.

Daz respected this choice and said that was fine. He then left to have a meeting with the people he trusted the most in his cabin. Sat around the dining table were Daz, Rose, Ger, Lyle, the twins Ellie and Sarah, Crusher, Heather and the young boy Jorden.

"We've got about twenty minutes until the attack starts," Daz calmly stated. 

Everyone was nervous. It was close last time. Dorian lost an arm, Lyle nearly died of blood loss while Daz and Crusher were stood next to death's door at the hands of Og, the Barbarian Chieftain. They could only hope that Daz had a better countermeasure this time to deal with whatever came at them today.

"I wish I could make an in-depth plan to destroy our enemies without any losses," Daz said as he stood up and started to walk around the table slowly. "But that's impossible. Even if I ask the system, it won't tell me what's going to attack us no matter what I offer it."

Lyle frowned slightly. "Then, my Lord, what is the plan? Is there anything we can do to prepare?"

Daz stopped walking and looked at his advisor. "Not really. At best, we repeat what we did yesterday, except this time, depending on the monsters, only Crusher and I will be fighting face to face. Everyone else will be on the walls with a gun or using other ranged attacks."

Rose had a frustrated look on her petite face. "Is such a loose approach really okay, Daz?"

Naturally, yesterday evening, Rose had introduced herself to everyone present and had familiarised herself with their roles and importance to Daz. Everyone knew she was Daz's younger sister and that she was very intelligent, but beyond that, they felt she was just as weird as their Lord was.

"Do you have a better idea?" Daz quipped back. He was aware of how smart his younger sister was, so if she had some sort of amazing battle strategy, then he was all ears.

"I would if you had some base points left. I can't believe you wasted them on a shop, a mine and houses. More offensive-based Defenses would have been a great help," Rose said with a slight hint of disappointment in her voice.

Daz shook his head. "Those were all necessities. People need a place to sleep and a place to get food."

"And the mine?" Rose responded.

"Are you stupid? Naturally, that's so Rimmy can get a source of gems when we run out of our current supply," Daz said as if it were the most obvious answer in the world.

'Why on Earth is my brother attached to that Golem so much? What's even more suspicious is that I can't even find such a summoning skill in the shop. Something smells fishy...' Rose couldn't put her finger on it, but something felt odd to her about Rimmy. 'I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on that 'Golem' from now on.'

"Now that that's dealt with, any more questions?" Daz asked the people sat around the table.

Heather placed a hand on her chin and a thoughtful look washed over her face. "Lord, are we going to accept other Citizens in the near future?"

"Of course. The more Citizens, the more base points we get and in turn, the more upgrades I can buy," Daz answered.

"I see." Heather felt a bit conflicted. 'But if we accept more people, won't that mean that the attacks will get even fiercer? I should contest him, but he makes a valid point...'

"I already know the answer, but I have to ask," Ger said with a stern look as his gaze passed by his daughters. "You won't be putting either Sarah or Ellie on the front lines, right? Because if you plan to, then we'll be leaving."

Daz's eyebrow rose. 'Ger was really shaken up by those soldiers, huh?'

"Don't be stupid, Ger. You will be on the wall with a sniper rifle alongside Heather while Sarah and Ellie will be there with guns and they can use their skills safely." Daz obviously had no use for the twins in a close-range fight, so he thought Ger's question was idiotic, but he replied kindly enough regardless.

Ger's eyes softened. "Good. I know it's foolish, but I had to ask." 

"I also have a request, my Lord." Lyle looked at Daz with hope. Seeing Daz patiently waiting for his 'request', Lyle continued, "I know I performed poorly yesterday, my Lord, and thus, I wish to make up for it today. I have naturally increased my arsenal of skills, so please, give me a second chance and don't put me on the walls."

"That's fine, Lyle, but if it gets too dangerous, or depending on the enemies, flee to the walls immediately and help the others by using a gun, okay?" Daz replied.

"That's fine, my Lord." Relief washed over Lyle like a tsunami. He had been struggling to think of a way to punish himself for his disgraceful performance yesterday, and this was the only logical solution he could think of. Thankfully, Daz was more than willing to have him help out since Lyle's injury was Dorian's fault anyway, not his own.

"Big bro Daz, can I also fight outside today? You saw what I'm capable of. I can help!" Jorden asked with passion in his voice.

For once, Daz chose to be decisive regarding Jorden's involvement. "Okay. But stay close to Lyle and do as he says no matter what, understand?"

Ideally, Jorden wanted to fight against the monsters with Daz, but this was a step forward, so he happily nodded his head and smiled.

With that, the meeting was over. All of the Citizens had already been moved to the inner area where Daz's cabin was, just in case the first rampart was captured or destroyed. Ger led Heather and his daughters to the outer wall and stood at the battlements, weapons in hand. He and Heather had the two M24 sniper rifles, one each, while Sarah had an assault rifle and Ellie had Ger's revolver.

Daz, Rimmy, Jorden, Lyle and Crusher stood outside of the steel portcullis, just past the trench that Daz had dug out with his best friend, Rimmy. Finally, the moment they had all been waiting for happened. It was twelve in the afternoon.

Day four's attack shall now begin.

Due to the efficient use of your merit points, and by the request of several Gods, the difficulty of your attack has increased greatly.

The attack's difficulty has increased greatly due to the host's number of governed Citizens increasing.

Due to gaining several long-ranged weapons, the difficulty of the attack has increased greatly.

Good luck, Reaper.

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