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Book 1 Chapter 76: Shark and Snipers


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"So that's the Military base, Camp Waterford, huh?" Daz mumbled upon seeing the distant steel fences that surrounded the compound. 

He turned to look at his companions and at the nervous soldiers before he nodded his head, seemingly coming to a decision.

"Okay, I'm going to approach the camp by myself at first. We'll use the earpieces from today's attack to communicate if needed. Ger, you're in charge while I'm gone," Daz ordered.

"What? You're not bringing me with you to get Daddy?" Fiona's mind spun. 'How am I supposed to escape this tyrant if he doesn't bring me to uncle Greg?!'

"Of course not. I'm still not sure if the people there can be trusted, so I'm just being cautious. After all, even if you don't like me much, you're still my Citizen and I'd hate it if you got hurt. Okay?" Daz said while using his charisma stat as much as possible.

If he could, he'd really like to get Fiona and her father on his side. Regardless of his personality, her father, the Mayor, must have at least some ability to have gained his previous position, and that could prove to be of worth to Fort Skip.

Fiona stood there stunned for a moment. 'This jerk actually cares about me? He's just thinking about my safety? I guess it wouldn't hurt to wait a bit... he did promise to save Daddy after all, so I suppose I can wait a bit longer now that I know he's alive.' 

While she might have had a feisty temperament, she was still an impressionable teen and a sheltered Princess, so luckily enough for Daz, she accepted his words, even if her father currently wasn't even in any danger.

"I'm going with you," Heather suddenly stated.

Daz turned towards her and stared at her calm and beautiful face for a moment. 'What's she thinking? Her ability is critical for the attacks, I can't really afford to lose her if things go poorly... Damn it...'

Seeing Daz's lack of response, Heather decided to add something to her statement. "I should be able to defend myself from bullets and the like, don't worry. Remember, you're not the only person who got a lot of points today."

Daz closed his eyes and held his chin to make it looked like he was thinking, but in actuality, he was inspecting Heather's status and skills. Just like she said, she did indeed have a way to deal with gunshots.

Heather Maywood's Status
Basic Information
Name:  Heather Maywood Species: Human (Beginning stages of evolving) 
Age: 33 Sex: Female 
Class: Angler  Affinity: Good
A former model and DIY store Manager. Now one of the few elites of Fort Skip valued highly by her Lord for her unique illusion technique. Her only goal currently is to find her younger sister whom she hopes is still safe.
Lifeforce: 1,200/1,200 Stamina: 2,000/2,000
Strength: 50(60) Dexterity: 100(120)
Patience: 200(240) Luck: 3(8)
Loyalty: Low  

It would seem that Heather had invested heavily in the patience stat. On top of that, it would appear that she had bought an item that increased luck by five points like Daz had done, so she invested fifteen-thousand points in it to get three base points, allowing the additional five from whatever item she had obtained, to be applied. The final change that was of note was that her alignment had shifted from chaotic good to neutral good which Daz found interesting.

Call Of The Great White King [B-Rank (Higher Tier)]
A skill developed by the King of Sharks from the oceanic world, Septia. It was created so that his lover, the Mermaid Princess Walzee, could summon his spirit to save her in times of peril.
Passively defends the host from damage in exchange for stamina in proportion to the damage that would have been sustained.

'Interesting...' Daz could see the uses of such a skill, but he was wondering just how much damage it could take before using up all of Heather's stamina.

"Heather, if I was to shoot you in the head, how many times could your skill negate it?" he asked, revealing the fact that he was aware of her new ability.

She looked shocked for a moment before remembering that Daz always seemed to know everything about a person, and Lyle's words from yesterday about him flashed in her mind. "... Depending on the calibre of the bullet, maybe two bullets. Three at most if it's just a pistol and probably only one if we're talking about a sniper rifle."

'Mmm, it's not much, but It'd probably be better for me to accept her request since I need to get a more favourable relationship with my stronger Citizens...' Daz calculated the pros and cons of bringing Heather along before finally deciding.

"Okay, but only you. Everyone else, stay here and look after our 'friends' please," Daz said. Lyle nodded at this, apparently pleased with how Daz was managing things.

"Okay Daz, but if you need help, you contact me immediately. We have all these guns now, so if need be, I'm pretty sure we're all willing to dirty our hands to help you," Ger said sternly with no room for negotiations. Naturally, he wasn't including Ellie in his 'all'.

Daz smiled faintly. "Sure, if I feel things get out of hand, I'll let you know straight away. Well then, let's go, Heather," saying this, he turned around and walked towards the camp with Heather following behind him.

Ellie couldn't help but clasp her hands towards her chest as a pained look flashed across her face. 'Please be safe. Daz.'

Corporal Link, however, wore a relieved and relaxed expression. It might have been troublesome if Daz's entire group had gone to the base, but with only himself and the good-looking woman, Corporal Link was confident that General Miller would be able to capture the two peacefully before coming to rescue him and his unit.

Upon entering the one-hundred-meter range of the military base, Daz could see two small red lights coming from the tower at the centre of the camp. Looking closely, he could see that they pointed at both his and Heather's foreheads.

'Snipers, huh? That's good news. Two more sniper rifles for me when I come back here to collect the rest of the weapons. Now, How do I do this as peacefully as possible? Ideally, I'd like to absorb all of the people here into Fort Skip. Having over fifty loyal soldiers protecting it when I'm gone during the day would be ideal.' Daz was ambitious.

He was dead-set on getting full control of Waterford's city as his first major goal in this apocalypse. Daz had a few ideas of where this apocalypse might be going, so for now, he wanted to prepare for the worst, and having an entire city under his control would be a fantastic step in the right direction.

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" a powerful voice boomed towards Daz and Heather. 

The two stopped and looked at the steel gates that had swung open. Behind them was a ten man unit all armed with assault rifles and a tall, muscular and handsome middle-aged man walking in front of them with his fists held behind his back.

Daz had his hands in his pockets and he looked at the man's uniform with interest. "I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and say you're Greg, yeah?"

General Miller's eyebrows twitched at Daz calling him by his first name. He thought that the young man would be intimidated seeing a unit of soldiers fully armed along with their General, but right now, Daz couldn't look any more relaxed even if he tried.

Smirking, Daz took a quick second to look at the General's status screen and he wasn't overly impressed by it.

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