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Book 1 Chapter 70: Mayor and Miller


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"Are you serious?" the Mayor of Waterford asked the burly man in front of him who was wearing a dashing Military uniform.

"Not me, but you? You're now the Lord of this Military base? According to whom?!" the Mayor screamed in rage at the General that was standing in front of him stoically.

Naturally, he was upset. Just now, after the soldiers had finally killed all of the monsters that had piled up around the Military base, the General had approached him to tell him that he was now supposedly the owner of the Military base and that he was its Lord.

"Mayor Mathers, please, calm down. It was the system that told me. I had no say in the matter," the General said in a monotonous voice, clearly in a weak attempt to defuse the ticking time-bomb that was the Mayor.

"The System?" the Mayor's eyes flashed with greed before he opened his mouth again. "Tell the system to make me the Lord! If anyone is fit to rule us, it is clearly me."

The General frowned at the Mayor's arrogant words. Was he truly unaware of who had actually been leading the people? Of who had rescued as many people as he could, the Mayor included, and fought for almost three consecutive days against thousands of monsters?

"Mayor Mathers, please, can't you see that you're being unreasonable?" The General tried in vain to reach out once more.

"'Unreasonable'? Me? 'Unreasonable'? You are a funny man considering you're all brawns and no brains," the Mayor said with an arrogant and clearly demeaning tone.

"If you don't immediately forfeit whatever benefits the system has given you to me immediately, I will make sure the government hears about this as soon as contact is established. Don't expect to keep your position or rank when that happens." Mayor Mathers oozed confidence.

The General wasn't sure why the Mayor was so sure that the government was still intact, but he had clearly had enough of his antics, as made obvious by his rather annoyed expression.

"Mayor Mathers, I have tolerated your willful words the past few days since we have been far too busy fighting for our lives," the General said with passion flowing out of his voice. He couldn't help but think of his fallen soldiers that died to the monsters even if only to save a single citizen. And now the Mayor, who they also rescued, was demanding things left and right when it wasn't his place to do so.

"I warned you when you tried to use your previous power in office to intimidate Sergeant Smith into giving you his gun, and now you have crossed the line." The General stepped towards Mathers slowly while he kept his hands clasped behind his back, making his chest muscles look particularly powerful.

The General stopped a mere few inches away from Mayor Mathers and he narrowed his gaze before saying, "This will be your final warning before I take action. We are now living in a crisis and your position as Mayor is no longer something you can use to bully others. The sooner you realise this, the better."

Mathers couldn't speak. He was struggling to breathe under the wild and incredible atmosphere that the General was exuding from his very core. 

The two soon parted and went about with their own business, but the words that were spoken here today had left a huge impact on Mayor Mathers, and that impact would soon be seen, whether for better or for worse.

"Sir Miller!" a Private who had an exhausted look on his face called out to the General as soon as he had left the building he and the Mayor were in.

"Hmm? Gregson? Did something at the skip site change?" General Miller asked.

As soon as the skip site has suddenly sprouted walls, Miller had received word from Private Gregson who was part of a squad that had been sent out to save other survivors and he just so happened to catch a glimpse of the tall walls that surrounded the cliff where the skip site used to be, being created. 

Naturally, General Miller had no idea what to make of such a situation, so he told his troops to completely avoid the skip site and to refrain from going near it just in case it was some sort of dangerous new change made by the system to once again test them. He had assigned Gregson to keep an eye on the skip site whenever he could to see if it changed any further.

"Yes, Sir! A second layer of taller and stronger looking walls suddenly sprouted out from the ground, and from what I could see, it seems like the skip site is being used as a base to house several survivors being led by a grey-haired youth of no more than twenty years," Private Gregson informed Miller with a sharp salute.

"Mmm, good work, Gregson. You'll be rewarded for this when we've calmed everything down. Back to your duties," General Miller replied with a pleased smile.

Gregson beamed an innocent smile and saluted once more before leaving. The General had made it a personal mission to rescue the families of all of his soldiers as soon as the apocalypse started and thankfully, most of his soldiers were from Waterford, so besides the exception of a few of his men who weren't from Waterford or whose family he didn't manage to save in time, he was able to rescue most of their loved ones before they were killed by the monsters.

Gregson's family was one such family, and thanks to this, he now had a completely new level of respect for the General. Even the soldiers whose loved ones he hadn't been able to save, still respected the General. He was always known as an amazingly kind and generous General, even amongst his peers, so the soldiers couldn't blame him for not saving their families. They knew that he had tried his best and that it wasn't his fault.

General Miller looked towards the West as a distant look entered his eyes. "The skip site, huh? I wonder if you're there, son?"

Unfortunately for General Miller, he was divorced and his only remaining family in Waterford was his son, but he was working on the western edge of the city when the apocalypse started, so he could never find the time to go so far away from the base for selfish reasons when his soldiers kept finding new survivors and he had to fight against the monsters constantly. This was the first proper breather he had managed to get so far.

"I need to find some time between now and the next attack to explore the skip site... if there's a chance that he's there... even if you're dead, son, I swear I'll find your body and give you a proper burial." The General wasn't stupid enough to believe that his son was certainly alive, but he had hope that he had managed to luck his way to survival.

His son had always been weak, but for some reason, his luck was unparalleled. Miller only wished that his son's luck would keep him safe until he could find him.

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