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Book 1 Chapter 67: Agreements and Butterfly


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"Save your... father? The Mayor?" Daz asked with a somewhat confused expression. 'Why would she ask me now, of all times?'

"That's right!" Fiona shouted before she lowered her head into a bow and tears started to trickle down her face. "Please, save my father! He's all I have left in this world..."

Daz frowned. He turned to look at Sandy as if to ask, 'Is that it? no other information?' Sandy shook his head and sighed.

"Ha-ah... Do you have any idea where your father might be? You can't expect me to search the entire city for him," Daz said with a gentle tone. Although his first interaction with Fiona yesterday left much to be desired, there was no point for Daz to be overly mean to the emotional teen right now.

Fiona sniffled and raised her head. "I-I think he would have run to the Military base since we don't have a bomb shelter here... can... can you save him?" Fiona asked as she made sure to make her eyes twinkle, accentuating her beauty. 

As it would happen, Fiona's thoughts varied wildly from her words. 'Tch, you think I want your help? As soon as you save Daddy, he'll make sure to take this fort from you, you ruthless Overlord!'

'Scheming little Devil, huh? It would probably benefit the base in the short run if I kicked her out or killed her now, but... if I could get her on my side, her and her father, now that's an interesting thought,' Daz pondered as he held his chin.

"Okay. I agree. I was planning on going to the Military base today anyway, so this is a happy coincidence," Daz said with a reassuring smile.

"Thank you!" Fiona exclaimed with a joyous expression. "When do we leave?" she asked.

''We'? Interesting, well, I'd rather keep her by my side with her current attitude than let her stay in my base when I'm absent, so this'll do fine.' Daz closed his eyes and made it look like he was thinking rather deeply before he opened them a few moments later and said, "In three hours. We'll leave in three hours. Okay?"

"Why such a long time? Father could die in today's attack for all we know!" Fiona yelled with an anxious expression.

Daz shook his head helplessly. "For all we know, he could have died on day one or day two. I have other things to worry about. Don't be so upset, we'll go looking for him in three hours, not a minute later or sooner."

Fiona wanted to retort Daz further, but at this point, he had already walked towards his pile of scrap metal and started rummaging about for parts, completely ignoring the stroppy teen, so she was forced to go back to the centre of Fort Skip since Daz refused to budge on his given time-frame.

Sandy took a seat on one of the nearby chairs and looked at Daz with a smile. "So, Kiddo. Dorian, huh?"

Daz continued to fish about in his pile of random metal items as he replied, "What about Dorian?"

Sandy crossed his arms and said, "I heard about your punishment."

"And?" Daz wasn't sure where Sandy was going with this conversation, so he was being slightly defensive.

"You're smarter than you look, Kiddo," Sandy laughed.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Daz asked with a slightly angered tone to his elder.

"C'mon, you're not gonna try to tell me that you punished Dorian because he deserved it? We both know that excluding him from the attacks wouldn't make a difference with that arm of his, and chances were, he'd have used up all of his points to help the base, or at least Lyle, just to help make up for his mistake," Sandy explained with a smug grin.

"..." Daz remained silent.

Sandy shrugged and stood up. "I know that you did it just to stop him from feeling guilty. I was a Supervisor before, remember? It's not hard to tell that you don't blame Dorian at all."

"What's your point?" Daz questioned as he pulled out a few lumps of iron and an old wooden door from his scrap piles.

"My point is, good job. That Dorian kid is even more unstable than you are, and that's saying a lot," Sandy chuckled.

Daz shook his head. "If you think I pitied him, you're wrong."

"Hm?" Sandy wore a curious expression at Daz's words.

"I only did what would benefit Fort Skip the most. Nothing less, nothing more. A stable Dorian happy at getting punished for his innocent mistake is more useful to me than a ticking time-bomb that could explode at any moment. People can do frightening things when they are desperate to atone for their sins," Daz stated as he stared right into Sandy's eyes.

Sandy immediately felt a chill go up his spine as his hairs stood on end. He didn't see a young twenty-year-old man in Daz's eyes, no, he saw a calculative mind that was endlessly pondering over an infinite amount of possibilities.

Sandy wasn't sure if this look of Daz's was a good sign or a horrendously bad one. What he did know, though, was that he'd have to keep an eye on Daz in the future. A very close eye.

"Ah, by the way, that Wasp Queen body you left to Bobby and me, I somehow managed to make some really shitty equipment out of it and Bobby has already started cooking her meat. Surprisingly enough, it's pretty tasty. If there's ever any more monsters that you think might be edible or that might be useful in creating some gear, let me know," Sandy said with a rather proud smile on his weathered face.

"Hmm, I don't mind, but why? Food won't be an issue from today onwards and we can buy decent equipment from the shop, so if it's too much of a burden, there's no need to waste your time on it," Daz said.

"Ah, well, Bobby said he really enjoyed cooking the meat of that Wasp Queen and he even bought a cooking related skill with the few points he had, so it's no bother, he'd really appreciate the chance to cook more strange things," Sandy explained before he scratched his head in embarrassment.

"And, um... I figured I won't be doing any fighting on the front lines. It's just not for me. At most, I can help from the wall with a ranged weapon. However, I really had a lot of fun making some gear from that body and I bought a blacksmithing skill and a crafting skill. So, if it's no bother..." Sandy had a hopeful expression on his face while he looked at Daz.

Sighing, Daz nodded his head. "Sure, I don't particularly mind."

Sandy clapped his hands in joy before laughing. "Thanks, Kiddo. Us normal people that don't wanna fight need something to entertain ourselves with, right? Hahaha!"

Sandy left after that, so Daz stuck his head down and focused on crafting. Little did he know how important the decision he had just made today would be in the future. The butterfly effect was a really amazing thing, and today, it had started Sandy down on his own journey to greatness.

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prajit3 @prajit3 ago


not sure this can be called "The butterfly effect" it applies a bit but.....................

The butterfly effect is used in relation to time most of the time...............................

u get what I am trying to say?


    Lone @Lone ago

    It's usually used for affecting the past, but it can be used for the future as well. Daz agreeing to Sandy's request has created a butterfly effect that will ripple out endlessly from this point onwards.


      Lone @Lone ago

      Maybe a ripple effect would be better wording? I'll look into it a bit.

      prajit3 @prajit3 ago

      try "Daz unknowingly started a chain reaction that day, it had started Sandy down on his own journey to greatness"

      Krimety @Krimety ago

      I didn’t see anything wrong with what you said.

      I mean... usually “the butterfly effect” is used in reference to changing the past and affecting the future or something, but your using it to mean one small decision making a huge impact on future events works just as well.


      carry on Lone-sama :)

      sad_acorn @sad_acorn ago

      Alright this is going to sound super nerdy, but it's my rant because it's my major in uni:

      1. The butterfly effect has nothing to do with time, that's from a book called 'a sound of thunder' where a guy steps on a butterfly in the past and changes the future.

      2. The term butterfly effect came from Edward Lorenz, a mathematician who was describing the chaos theory and said that a butterfly flapping its wings could cause a hurricane in another part of the world. It's a mathematical proof more than anything else but it's key is that all change is limited. So Sandy being a legendary great blacksmith is fine.

      Also Thanks for the chapter Lone!!

      Avarath @Avarath ago

      Ditto on your explanation for butterfly effect.

      as for becoming a legendary blacksmith, according to the mechanics set previously by the author, I'd be very careful if I were you on maneuvering around that Lone. Sandy is currently a novice farmer due to holding a hoe. I'd be more willing to believe him becoming a legendary farmer, although supposedly any surviving humans were supposed to be holding items considered as weapons and their classes should support that.


      Lone @Lone ago

      Indeed. I have a lot of planning to do for the side characters.

RedDragonyte13 @RedDragonyte13 ago

Thanks for the chapter Lone-sama XD

ShiroSandstrom @ShiroSandstrom ago

"Lone said with a reassuring smile.". Pretty sure Lone is not in this novel.

SkrmnMrgsm @SkrmnMrgsm ago

That's too tempting a death flag for me, I'd kill him off next chapter


    Lone @Lone ago

    Lol xD Deaths will happen, fear not. I'm just undecided on whom and when.

      Dragonsword @Dragonsword ago

      Noooooo. I am wanting the tragedy tag to become a misnomer. Thanks for all the great chapters. Wonder whether he will find his gf or Sean first? Please don't make Sean be the lord/ leader of the military base thus making it so the mc has to defeat him or so that Sean wants to beat him so he can get higher on the leaderboards.

vulcan @vulcan ago

Thanks for the chapter

Flammenwerfer @Flammenwerfer ago

Thanks for the chap.

Can't wait to see the look on Fiona's face when this blows up on her lol