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Book 1 Chapter 64: Rankings and Changes


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Your overall Lord ranking is #1, your overall Point ranking is #292 and your overall Kill ranking is #931.

Surprisingly, Daz's kill ranking had increased despite there not being nearly as many attackers today as opposed to the other two days, but Daz attributed this to the fact that it more than likely included the kills he had gained during the event at the DIY store.

The host has entered a new ranking list. The host is rank #43 on the Evolver Ranking list.

This surprised Daz. After a few questions, he found out that this new list was ranked based on how strong your evolution was, meaning that Daz had the forty-third strongest Species on the planet, which made him happy and anxious. Happy at how strong the Reaper Species was, but anxious at the forty-two people who apparently had a better Species or race than he did.

Due to being in the top 1,000 ranks for overall kills, gained the right to select one SS-Rank skill (Higher Tier) for free.

Daz expected this since when he entered the top ten-thousand he had gained an SS-ranked skill except that one was middle tier while the limit on this one was higher tier. It might not have sounded like a huge difference, but Daz had checked the prices and a normal SS-Ranked skill (Middle Tier) cost between one-million and five-million points while a higher tier one cost between five-million and twenty-million. 

Daz would certainly have to think about how to spend this opportunity to best benefit him. After all, the most expensive SS-Rank skill (Higher Tier) might actually be useless to Daz. It would take a lot of consideration to choose what skill he would get.

Due to being in the top 100 ranks for Evolving, gained the right to buy 75% of all available racial evolutions from the shop.

"Racial evolutions?" Daz proceeded to thoroughly inspect the shop, and much to his surprise, there was a new section available. It was labelled 'Evolution'. After browsing it for a while, Daz couldn't help but sigh.

"Astral Form, Soul Shield, Spectral Assimilation. So it seems like it can enhance my Species directly and give it new abilities? How is that different from what I already did to my Harvesting skill?" Daz asked with doubt clear in his voice.

Confirmed. The host was previously only able to purchase enhancements to existing racial skills and traits. The host is now able to guide the direction of his following evolutions by buying new racial skills and traits to mutate your Species, possibly creating a more powerful evolution option.

"Wow... like, holy fuck. That's crazy... so now my Reaper Species, that's only pretty good, can potentially become the best? That's awesome! I hope Heather and Crusher get a strong enough initial evolution to get on the ranking list. I wonder what the cut-off is though to get this added feature? I'll have to talk to the two of them about it," Daz decided.

On his way back to the cabin, Daz checked the evolution shop a bit more and found that he could actually buy resistances, meaning that he could nullify his weaknesses to holy magic and physical attacks.

The only issue was that even the smallest increase of one-percent was ludicrously expensive. Daz was content though just knowing that such options now existed for him.

Upon entering the 'infirmary', Daz saw Lyle with a glazed look in his eyes, but otherwise, he looked very healthy. Clearly, Sarah had either fully healed him or healed him enough for him to only need the basic recovery gel. 

Dorian was missing from the room so Daz assumed he had gotten his stump healed as well and had left the cabin for whatever reason.

"Ah! My Lord!" Lyle exclaimed upon noticing Daz.

"Sorry, did I disturb you?" Daz said with an apologetic smile.

"Not at all, my Lord. I was just looking at my status screen and thinking," Lyle replied happily.

Daz sat down on the bed facing the one Lyle was sat on and looked at his Advisor with a gleeful expression. "I'm glad you're okay, Lyle. You've been a great help to me. I'd hate to lose you so suddenly."

"My Lord..." Lyle quietly said as his emotions started to boil.

"Don't look at me like that. It's creepy," Daz said with a disgusted look.

Lyle wiped the tears that had gathered in his eyes away before he nodded and replied, "Of course, my Lord. My apologies for showing you such a disgraceful expression."

Daz waved his hand. "It's fine. Anyway, did anything from the shop in particular interest you? You were browsing it a minute ago, right?"

"No, Lord, I was looking at my status screen. Something about it is confusing me," Lyle said with an embarrassed tone.

Daz immediately used Higher Identification to see what the problem was instead of just asking.

Lyle Middleton's Status
Basic Information
Name: Lyle Middleton Species: Human (Beginning stages of evolving)
Age: 31 Sex: Male
Class: Novice Syringer Affinity: Good
The unofficial Advisor of Lord Daz, the Lord of Fort Skip. He is an ex-drug addict and suffers from minor depression due to his neglected childhood, but serving his Lord gives him great joy and hope for the future.
Lifeforce: 1000/1000 Stamina: 1000/1000
Constitution: 15(18) Intellect: 15(18)
Wisdom: 15(18)  Loyalty: Very High
Precision: 15 Dexterity: 15

Daz noticed that four things had changed. One was that Lyle's loyalty had changed from high to very high, which made some sense to Daz due to how zealously full of praise Lyle was for him, so he ignored this change.

The second was the change to Lyle's description. It had gotten far less wordy. It no longer stated that he was the owner of the jewellery shop, 'Smile Like Lyle' and it also trimmed down the rest of the details.

Daz was happy with this since it simplified things a lot, but since his Higher Identification skill hadn't actually levelled up or changed, Daz just assumed this had happened due to Lyle himself. He dismissed these two points since Lyle couldn't actually see his own description or the loyalty stat.

The third thing of note was that Lyle's alignment had changed from Chaotic Good to just Good. Daz was a bit perplexed by this, however, he assumed that this was to do with Lyle taking after him since now he had decided to truly be neutral and nothing more, so perhaps Lyle was starting head down that path as well.

A good example of this was how he had punished Dorian and didn't just instantly kill the pitiful man or ignore him like some would since Dorian wasn't actually in the wrong. Daz had his reasons for punishing Dorian and these reasons were in line with Fort Skip's growth, showing his neutrality.

The final point, and most probable candidate for Lyle's confusion, was that he had entered the beginning stages of evolving.

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