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Book 1 Chapter 62: Questions and Luck


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"I see... Rimmy did that much..." Ellie muttered softly after hearing out Daz's troubles.

Daz felt lighter after having told Ellie about his stress and anger towards Og, which surprised him. 'She's gotta have some sort of skill that helps sooth people, right? Higher Identification, Ellie's skill list.' He chose to activate his skill just to sate his curiosity.

'Well, fuck me. How did she get a skill like that? I can't even see most of its information. I wonder if she needs to explain it to me herself for me to be able to see it?' Daz pondered while he looked at the absurd skill that Ellie had somehow obtained.

??? ???? ????? ???????? [God-Rank]
? ????? ??????? ?? ??? ??????? ?? ????? ?????? ?? ??? ???????? ???? ??? ????????? ?? ???? sooth ??? ???? ??????? ???? ????? person, ??? ??? ?? ?????? 

"Huh? D-Daz... did you just do something to me?" Ellie asked with a clearly startled voice.

'Fuck, I forgot Higher Identification could be detected. Should I lie here? Hmm...' Daz asked himself before he replied. "No, of course not. You must be imagining things. Are you tired from using your magic earlier?"

Ellie had a confused look on her face. "Did you really not do anything? I could have sworn..."

"Don't be silly. If I was going to do something to you, I'd at least let you know. Your trust is the last thing I'd want to lose," Daz claimed with a flawless smile which somehow made his ordinary-looking face seem very charming.

"O-Okay, if you say so..." Ellie said, clearly feeling a bit confused. 'Did he really not do anything? That was really weird. He doesn't have a reason to lie to me, so I must have been imagining things like Daz said. Silly girl! You shouldn't be doubting him when he healed you!' she chastised herself for her sudden mistrust of Daz.

"Well, thanks for listening to me prattle on about my issues. I really appreciate that. I'm gonna look through the shop and spend my points, so forgive me if I don't reply much," Daz said to Ellie before he started to do as he said, peruse the shop.

Ellie smiled at this and did the same. She still had quite a few points left over from the past three days, so she obviously had plenty of points to play around with.

Daz asked the system a question that he had been curious about for a while now considering the wild variety of items available and the seemingly endless amount of them as well. 'System, exactly how many items does the shop have?'

Confirmed. The system's shop has over a multillion items to choose from with hundreds of thousands being added every second.

'... The fuck? I've never heard of that number before. System, can you please give me an idea of what that number is and how big it is exactly?' Daz asked.

Confirmed. The simplest way to portray a multillion is with this expression, 10^(3*10^(3*10^(3*10^42)) - 9).

'...' Daz was lost. Completely lost. Maths was not his speciality and he had absolutely no idea what he was looking at it. 'Can't you please make it, I dunno, easier for a normal person to understand?'

Confirmed. Trying to imagine this number would be similar to trying to imagine every single molecule of a few hundred multiverses all at once.

"Woah..." Daz was truly impressed by this.

Ellie looked over at Daz's sudden exclamation with wonder. He looked at her and smiled, forcing her to lower her head in embarrassment and refocus on the shop. 'Really, very cute. I wonder if she was a small animal in her past life?'

Daz closed his eyes and tried his best to imagine just the Milky Way as best as he could, despite how silly it sounded. All that sprung to his mind was a vague image of Earth's solar system. Much like maths, science, in general, wasn't something Daz had studied hard in when he was still in school.

'It really is incredible. To think so many possibilities exist in the shop and I guess this proves that multiverses actually exist?... Well, let's stop wasting time and start spending points. If I have time after all of my upgrades, I'd like to visit my home while it's still daytime.' With that thought, Daz asked the system to show him a range of skills, stats and other things he thought might help him.

After an hour of browsing through the hundreds of items and skills that fit Daz's requirements, he had finally settled on what to buy.

At some point, Ellie had left to go talk to her sister about possible purchases since Daz had given her all the advice he could. Unfortunately for Ellie, Daz was only slightly more knowledgeable than everyone else was regarding the system.

Daz decided to check the changes and new items he had bought one final time before moving on to do other things.

Host's Status
Basic Information
Name: Daz Species: Reaper
Age: 20 Sex: Male
Class: Shovel Knight Affinity: Neutral
Lifeforce: 3300/3300 Death Energy: 750/750
Strength: 200(240) Dexterity: 150(180)
Constitution: 200(140) Agility: 200
Charisma: 130 Ingenuity: 510
Defense: 110(3102) Immunity: 12
Soul Power: 5 Luck: 1

The first change was Daz's affinity had changed to just neutral from chaotic neutral, and this had happened after Daz had punished Dorian.

Daz had spent exactly twenty-five thousand merit points on boosting his stats. He hated the way that the stats weren't rounded to a five or a zero before so he purposefully left them on such numbers where possible.

He obviously couldn't round up the Immunity stat due to its expensive price of five-thousand merit points per single increment. He did, however, spend ten-thousand on the single luck point he now owned.

He only bought the luck stat because when he was about to purchase a few new different stats, the system told him that it was only possible to have a total of ten stats at this point in time, so he chose the one that might have been the most useless, or the most useful.

It was a gamble really, but Daz had faith that the expensive price would result in a great outcome. It wouldn't have been so expensive for a single point if it wasn't exceedingly useful, or at least Daz hoped that was the case.

The only regret he had was consuming the souls of the Barbarians before buying this stat, but he figured he'd just spend a little bit of time in the city hunting for bodies to consume more souls to make up for the deficit.

Thankfully, the skills and items that he had bought were far more obviously useful to him.

The total merit balance of the host is now 246,748.
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