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Book 1 Chapter 61: Mini and Endearing


A note from Lone

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"Oh Efesto! Ascolta la mia preghiera e dona al mio guerriero scelto la forza del tuo acciaio!" A clear and beautiful voice filled Daz's ears.

'Chanting? It sounds gorgeous. Is it coming from Ellie? Now that I think about it, the magical language is totally Italian, isn't it? Strange,' Daz thought.

Moments later, he could see chunks of metal, what looked like steel, appearing in mid-air and immediately coalescing onto a small block of metal. 'Isn't that Ellie's pet cube?' Daz wondered upon seeing the small block slowly gain a pair of arms and legs made entirely out of steel.

"Daz?" a feminine voice called out from Daz's left.

He looked over only to see the very familiar bespectacled woman, Ellie. She had a very happy smile on her face, though she looked somewhat exhausted. She was wearing a pair of jeans that only went down to just below her knees and a simple blue jumper.

"Ellie? I'm guessing that's a new spell of yours? Sarah mentioned you could access the system now," Daz asked while he pointed at the miniature metal man that was carefully walking around.

"Mmm, it's called 'Basic Metal Enhancement'. It lets me increase the strength of anything metallic in nature. I thought it would make Mini-Daz more useful... but it looks like I'll need to practice it a lot more and buy stronger versions of it later to make it helpful to you, hahaha," Ellie explained with a bashful expression as she helped the small metal man back up since he had fallen over.

"Mini-Daz?" Daz asked with confusion at the very odd name.

"Eh? You don't like it?" Ellie asked with a genuine tremble in her voice. Clearly, the pet name for the block of metal meant a lot to her.

"No, it's not that I don't like, but why is it named after me?" he replied. Daz then moved next to Ellie and watched Mini-Daz struggle to walk and keep his balance.

"Well," Ellie said as a blush crept onto her face, "You cured my deafness and didn't make fun of my voice. You've been nothing but kind to me and my family, so I just thought... y'know, I'd name it after you?" Ellie said with an unsure and clearly nervous laugh.

'Her voice really is quite beautiful. Must have been a shame that she never used it her entire life before now,' Daz thought and then replied with, "Makes sense, I suppose. Did you buy anything else?"

Ellie shook her head and said, "Not yet. I wasn't sure what to buy since I don't have many points, so I thought that... maybe... I'd ask you to help me? Hahaha, is that asking too much?" Ellie smiled and supported Mini-Daz with her hands since she was crouched down and he was still struggling to walk.

"Nah, I don't mind at all. I wanted to talk to you anyway. Do you mind if I vent my problems on you? You're the only person I really feel comfortable talking to about stuff like this when Rimmy isn't around. I wonder why. I thought Lyle would be that person, but I oddly feel more comfortable around you," Daz requested with a bit of a shrug, making him cringe since he accidentally knocked his crippled arm against his waist.

Ellie was furiously blushing and her eyes had a certain gleam in them. This gleam would say that she knew exactly why Daz felt the way that he did, but she kept her head down and stayed silent. 

After a few seconds, the girl had calmed herself so she turned to look directly at Daz and replied, "I-I don't mind at al-... Your arm! Are you okay?!"

Ellie jumped up, making Mini-Daz topple over from her sudden movements and she almost pounced on Daz before she carefully cradled his arm, much like how a mother would to her newborn.

'Well, this is unexpected,' Daz thought. he stayed perfectly still while Ellie gingerly looked at his arm.

The two were exceedingly close. Almost to the point that their bodies were pressed against each other. 'Very unexpected. Haha, I wonder what 'she' would think if she saw this?' Daz mused to himself.

"You're not in pain, are you?" Ellie said with a quiet and gentle tone. She slowly raised her head to look up at Daz's face and realised that she was only a few centimeters away from him. They were nearly close enough to kiss. In fact, she could clearly feel his breath against her cheek.

Almost instantly, Ellie's face was dyed in a sheet of crimson before she jumped back like a startled animal. Her heart was frantically trying to leap out of her chest and she waved her hands in front of her in a flustered manner.

"I-I did-didn't mean t-to get so cl-close!" Ellie fumbled with her words and she closed her eyes, fully expecting Daz to shout at her since she knew how easily riled up he could get at times.

Strangely, Daz said nothing, so after a few seconds had passed, Ellie slowly opened her eyes only to see the young Reaper smiling and trying hold back his laughter. "E-Eh?" Ellie said with a befuddled expression on her face.

"You really can be quite cute at times, you know that? I have to forcefully remind myself that you're older than me when you act like this," Daz said with a chuckle. 

He slowly walked away, leaving the utterly embarrassed Ellie, to grab two of the chairs that were sitting next to his makeshift rain shelter and he brought them back to Ellie before sitting on one.

"Anyway, yeah, I'm fine. I'll have my arm healed by tomorrow, so don't worry about it. Take a seat, Let's talk a bit, okay?" Daz asked with an eager expression. Obviously, he wanted to speak about his troubles as soon as possible.

Ellie looked shocked but decided to put a hand on her chest and exhaled gently. 'Silly girl! Why would he get angry at you just because you g-got cl-close to hi-him...' Her attempts at playing the whole situation off had failed. They had failed miserably and her face lit up like a Christmas tree once more.

It took her a few minutes of playing about with Mini-Daz to finally get a hold of herself and finally sit next to the real Daz and hear him out. All the while, Daz was watching her struggle and found the whole thing to be very endearing. He then spent at least thirty minutes rambling on about his best friend, Rimmy, to Ellie, who listened patiently through every word Daz had to say.

A note from Lone

Mmmm...trying to develop characters is tough. Thanks for being patient with me and understanding that I'm still learning how to write. c:

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