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Book 1 Chapter 60: Punishment and Thanks


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"Lyle... so this is what all the fuss over the comm was about during the fight," Daz said as he looked at both Lyle and Dorian.

He was now in the bedroom that the two injured men had been brought to along with Sarah, Ger and a third person he had just officially met, Mave.

Lyle was sitting up on his bed with a pale face, but he otherwise looked healthy. Sarah was sitting next to him on a chair with an exhausted expression while Mave was carefully treating Dorian's stump of an arm as skillfully as she could.

"What the hell happened?" Daz asked. Lyle filled him in as best as he could and the more he heard, the more Daz's frown gradually changed from mildly worried to mildly annoyed.

"So basically, Dorian hesitated and almost got the both of you killed, but thankfully, you managed to take control of the situation with the help of Ger and Sarah and then Sarah and Mave were able to keep you two alive and heal you to the point that your lives weren't in danger anymore," Daz said with an emotionless expression.

He then followed up by asking, "Did I miss anything?"

Dorian lowered his head in shame before Lyle replied, "Yes. my Lord, you're correct."  He then decided to ask Daz a question. "My Lord... your arm, what happened?"  

At Lyle's mentioning of it, everyone's eyes focused on Daz's crushed arm. Both Sarah and Lyle looked worried while Mave had an interested expression on her face.

"Oh, this?" Daz asked while he waved his mangled arm around, scaring everyone except for Mave.

"M-My Lord! Doesn't that hurt?! You need to be treated immediately! Sarah, can you heal him?" Lyle yelled in a panic.

"I already used all of my chances to heal today on your back. Daz, can you please stop swinging your arm around? It's really... gross," Sarah said with some mild disgust in her tone, clearly aimed at the wobbly mess that was Daz's limb.

"It doesn't hurt at all, well, just a little bit. No need to worry though, I'll heal it later," Daz said indifferently. 'I'll make sure to absorb that bastard's body when I can resummon Rimmy. I want him to watch the man who nearly destroyed him get his soul ripped out and devoured. I'm sure he'll like that,' Daz added in thought with revenge as a clear-cut goal.

"By the way, where's Ellie? I want to talk to her," Daz asked to divert the topic of his arm.

"Sis? I think she's training by that shelter of yours in some sort of magic that she bought. She was finally able to speak clearly enough to spend her points," Sarah said with a peaceful and happy smile on her face. 

"So soon? Yeah, I definitely need to buy that skill of hers," Daz mumbled in response as he thought of Ellie's Skill, Expanded Mind.

"What?" Ger asked, clearly, he didn't hear Daz properly.

"Nothing," Daz replied. "I'll go check on her and do some base management now that I have some points. All of you, make sure to spend your points wisely," Daz said before he turned to look at Mave and Dorian.

"I don't think we've ever been formally introduced. I'm Daz. Nice to meet you," Daz said as he stretched out his good arm.

"Mave. Pleasure," the short Surgeon replied, completely ignoring Daz's hand, her eyes still glued to his wound.

"Right," Daz said before he pulled back his hand. "Thanks for helping save Lyle's life, I appreciate it," he added. 'She's a bit of an odd one, isn't she? Though I'm hardly one to judge,' Daz thought.

"And you," Daz said in a stern voice to Dorian, which made the man jump in fright. "Don't beat yourself up," he followed up in a far gentler tone.

"H-Huh? You're not angry?" Dorian asked with confusion lacing his voice.

"No, of course not, but you will be punished for putting Lyle's life and your own life in danger," Daz stated.

Ger looked shocked and thought to himself, 'Really, that Daz can be forgiving? It seems he might actually become a decent ruler one day... if we all live long enough, that is. I wonder how he'll punish Dorian? I'll step in if he's too extreme...'

"I'll need to write up some unofficial laws that need to be followed that we can use until I get the lord upgrade, won't I?" Daz mumbled to himself before he dealt out Dorian's punishment. "You will be forbidden from participating in the next attack and a third of your merit points will be stripped from you."

'S-Such a light punishment...' Dorian thought in relief.

"Daz, How will you take his points from him?" Ger asked. Currently, he was leaning against a wooden beam and his arms were folded in front of his chest, creating an atmosphere around him that oozed experience.

"By forcing him to spend them on items that the other Citizens or that Fort Skip can use or need. I'll let you handle that, Lyle," Daz answered Ger with a trusting look aimed at Lyle.

"Of course my Lord, you can count on me," Lyle replied, happy to be of help to his Lord.

Ger smiled, seemingly content with Daz's handling of the situation, so he nodded and diverted his attention towards the shop, presumably he was busy browsing where to spend the huge amount of points he had earned today with his ranged assistance.

"Dorian, I assume you have no issues with this punishment?" Daz asked the man whose age was the same as his own.

"Y-Yes! I-I'll happily use m-my points i-if it means I can be forgiven," Dorian fumbled out.

"Hmm, well, if you behave and contribute enough, I'll think of some way to restore your arm. I'm guessing you won't be able to afford a replacement from the shop for a while," Daz said nonchalantly before he turned around to leave the room.

Dorian bowed his head down and started to cry. "Thank you! Thank you!" he said repeatedly. 'To think that even though I messed up so badly... he's willing to forgive me and even consider fixing the damage I did to myself! I can't disappoint him! Even if his Golem still scares me and he's intimidating, I have to pay back this kindness!'

And with that, Daz left the room to find Ellie. He needed to talk to someone about his current feelings, and who better to have a conversation with, than the woman who had just learnt how to speak for herself?

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